Dryad Terraria Guide

Dryad Terraria Guide

Introduction The Dryad is an NPC that every player will eventually encounter during their playthroughs of Terraria. She appears as a female character with green hair and green clothes, similar to the way dryads and druids are portrayed in high fantasy fiction. She provides useful benefits to a player’s world and sells an assortment of …

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Tunic Review

Tunic Review (PC)

I’ve always found Zelda games to be expertly well-rounded in how they encompass everything I enjoy about video games. The Souls series? Well, let’s just say that those titles scratched the difficulty itch I’ve been trying to get at since completing my first run of DOOM on the Ultra Nightmare difficulty setting. Tunic, then – …

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Among us tasks guide

Among Us Tasks Guide

Among Us is the multiplayer social deduction game that captivated gamers all over the world. It has hundreds of millions of players and is hugely popular on streaming sites such as Twitch. But while the main purpose of the game is to catch the Impostors (or to kill if you are the Impostor), tasks also …

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