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When you think about it, it’s incredible how Toby Fox’s Undertale has grown into the fan favorite we know and love. He didn’t just create one of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed indie games of all time: Undertail is easily one of the biggest indie franchises to take flight outside the game industry.

From animated shorts to graphic novels, the game has seen an unprecedented amount of fan content, and so far as merchandise, the IP is positively booming. As a huge fan of the series — and the owner of several prized pieces of merch — in this Best Undertale Merch Guide, I’m going to give you a rundown of the best Undertale products you can buy today.

Bottom Line Up Front

I’ve covered a lot of products in this article for a broad range of Undertale audiences, so if you’re in a rush, here’s a quick rundown!

  • Below you’ll find 16 items that will appeal to fans of Undertale: the categories include clothing, mugs, wall art, toys, ornaments, books, and collector’s pieces.
  • If you’re having trouble choosing, use the FAQ at the bottom of the page for some extra thoughts on the items discussed.
  • If you want an even more narrowed-down consensus, the list also contains my personal top three at the bottom.
  • For concise information on the strengths and weaknesses of each product, see the Pros and Cons section beneath each description.


Can be Official or Unofficial

Sometimes, we only stick to official merch for these lists, but in this case, that would be to deprive you of some of the most outstanding pieces available. All will be welcome for this article.

No Specific Theme

The Undertale name has been used to create an extensive variety of items of clothing, mugs, figures, artwork, and more. In this list, I’ll be sure to include all categories to provide a broad spectrum of potential products you might be interested in.

Won’t Include Fan Fiction

Where the internet has taken the concepts of Undertale is truly astounding, and while some fanworks could be defined as merch, I think that’s taking the definition a little far for this list.

If you’re interested in that stuff, though, I highly recommend Super Eye Patch Wolf’s video on the topic for an in-depth introduction.

Will Include Items of all Budgets

Whatever your budget, large or small, I aim to have something for everyone on this list.

Clothing and Wearables 

Undertale Human souls T-Shirt

Undertale Human souls T-Shirt

First up on this list is a simple but effective shirt that’s sure to appeal to any Undertale fan. The game is an emotional, philosophical rollercoaster, and this item perfectly encapsulates that sentiment with its seven virtues.

Each heart and phrase represents one of the previous seven children which fell to the underworld before the protagonist’s journey. It’s a poignant yet subtle tribute to one of the main contextual elements of the game.

I tend to favor simple T-shirt designs over complex ones, and this multicolored, pixel art aesthetic is as versatile as it gets. Even better, the shirt is available in 27 distinct background colors.

Undertale Character Morality Hoodie

I’ve always been a big fan of segmented clothing designs like this, especially those that are all-encompassing for a specific game or series.

This one is great because it covers each of the key characters in the game, along with an inscription denoting where they fall on the morality spectrum. After all, Undertale is a game all about virtue and philosophy.

This hoodie is a great choice for someone who appreciates the game’s cleverly written characters and also the subtext beneath each character’s persona.

You also get plenty of buying options with this hoodie. Not only does it come in an uncommonly large range of sizes, but you can also choose between five different hoodie types. I can’t count how many times I’ve liked a hoodie for it to only come in zip-up style when I like pullovers, so I’m sure others will appreciate this. You can also pick between seven different colors.

Undertale / Sans (Eat, sleep, repeat) Socks

Undertale (Eat, sleep, repeat) Socks

Socks aren’t usually considered a fun item to buy, so you may as well spice things up a bit with these cool Sans Eat, Sleep, Repeat ones. I don’t know what it is about the manufacturing process of socks, but intricate designs never really seem to work — they always just end up looking pixilated.

For Undertale-themed socks, though, that’s perfect! Sans and his repetitive mantra look fantastic here, making for one of the coolest pairs of socks I’ve seen.

The design uses a high-quality printed finish instead of the imagery being knitted, and they have reinforced toe and heel areas to ensure they don’t prematurely get holes in them. They’re also unisex, so will fit nearly every adult foot.

Seven Piece Undertale Heart Pendant Set

Seven Piece Undertale Heart Pendant Set

This seven-piece heart pendant set is a great find: I’ve already bought mine as it’ll be the perfect gift for one of my friends.

The set features an adorable assortment of colored heart pendants representative of the game’s seven human virtues, and they’ll go on a necklace, chain, or keyring. I particularly like subtle attributions to games like this; they look great on their own irrespective of whether or not they’re from a game, but they’re a unique hat-tip all the same.

I’m also really fond of how they’re presented in the velvet-covered box — they each look so appealing, and you just know that anyone receiving this as a present will light up when they lift the lid.

Undertale Print Dress

Undertale Print Dress

Here’s a cute little dress I found that’s a great option for a party. You have the option of ten different colors, but the design that stood out immediately was the Sans print peppered with the character’s cheeky grin and cartoon hotdogs. It’s not a design that sounds like it should work, but check it out!

The colors work perfectly in a way that makes it bold enough to stand out but not so loud you couldn’t wear anything else with it. 

I also love how the print captures each of the character’s lively facial expressions, and with the full range of sizes from XS to 4XLL, I’m sure many will appreciate this adorable design.

Collector Pieces

Undertale Official Art Book

Undertale Official Art Book

Undertale’s 8-bit graphics are great and all, but if you’re a super fan like me, you’ve likely spent ages pouring over the official concept art (as well as plenty of fan creations).

It’s such an intriguing world, and this official art book caters to that curiosity perfectly.

It’s brilliant to see Toby Fox’s vision for the game from his mind instead of solely in the game, and the creations found in this book are nothing less than stunning.

It features a super interesting commentary from Fox on the design process, and we can see a lot of that specific Undertale-branded humor coming through in his words, too.

This is a must-have for a serious fan, and I think it makes for an excellent gift as well.

UNDERTALE Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

UNDERTALE Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

This product is most certainly one for the Undertale superfan; it screams high quality and is the optimal way to enjoy the game’s sublime, emotive soundtrack.

The item features a sliding decorative box that houses a total of five vibrant and colorful vinyl records, and in total, the entire package includes a whopping 109 separate tracks for you to enjoy in all their analog glory.

Each record includes its own stunningly decorated sleeve, and there’s also a booklet to read through including notes and comments from the games creator and composer (the book even includes liner notes from famous Pokemon composer Go Ichinose!).

It’s a wonderful product through and through. Every element of it exudes the quality we know and love the series for.

Undertale collectors edition — Nintendo Switch

Undertale collectors edition -- Nintendo Switch

Here’s a real showstopper of an item: the Undertale Collectors edition for Switch. This fantastic package will get you the game, an actual sheet music booklet with annotations from Toby Fox himself, a 14k gold music box, and a cute little storybook to accompany your adventure. 

It’s all wrapped up in a study sliding box that displays the heart-shaped music box in the center, making this the ultimate Undertale display piece worthy of a prime place in your gaming room.

This is an expensive product, but naturally, it exudes ultimate quality. I don’t have one myself, but have picked through a friend’s set last year; each item has been crafted with the utmost care, and any fan is sure to cherish this box of Undertale treasures. 

Legends of Localization Book 3: UNDERTALE

Legends of Localization Book 3 UNDERTALE

Now, this is certainly one of the more specific and tailored items on this list. It won’t appeal to everyone, but as someone who’s learning the Japanese language (and loves collecting Undertale-related display pieces), I can’t wait for this book to release in January 2023.

Yes: this book is currently on preorder, but with it launching very soon, I had to include it in this definitive list of top-tier Undertale products!

The book is written by Claude Mandelin: a professional translator for games, animes, movies, and more. Having read some of his other books, his insights on what at first seems like quite a dull topic — translation and localization — are honestly captivating.

I can’t wait to read about his insights into how Undertale’s weird and wacky script was translated for the Japanese audience. It’ll be really interesting to learn what had to be changed and altered to make the game as a success in Japan as it was in the west.

There will also be an accompanying Passport to Undertale book releasing alongside it. This aims to be a companion for those using Undertale to learn the Japanese language (which I’ll most certainly be using as an adjunct to my Japanese learning).

Don’t sleep on this one: It’s most certainly going to be a fascinating read!

Wall Art

Undertale 5 Panel Canvas Print Wall Art

Undertale 5 Panel Canvas Print Wall Art

If you’re looking for something that stands out, you can’t go wrong with this stunning five-panel wall art piece.

It’s one of those pieces of art whereby the more you look, the more detail you see. It pops with beautiful muted colors and features each of our center characters as gorgeously rendered digital drawings.

I particularly like the mirrored, eerie hill of bones representing the underworld — our protagonist stood between two paths of good and evil. Everything about it excellently captures the off-kilter tone of Undertale, and the jagged split between the two scenes looks so striking against the five separate panels.

This is easily one of the best artworks I’ve seen, and any fan with enough space is sure to fall in love with it.

“Despite everything, it’s still you” Poster

Despite everything, it's still you poster

There are a ton of quotes from the game you could choose to adorn your walls with, but for me, the famous line as your character looks in the mirror, “Despite everything, it’s still you“, is the ultimate.

This quote embodies the game’s overall message, and the line alone has been said by many to have helped them through dark periods of poor mental health.

Even if you’re not struggling at the moment, it’s a grounded reminder to reign yourself in from overthinking when things get stressful, and the simplicity of the black text box and white font makes for a bold statement. If you fancy getting this, I’d also recommend framing it as advertised.

Undertale AU Killertrail Wall Tapestry

Undertale AU Killertrail Wall Tapestry

Society 6 has always been known for producing some of the best hanging tapestries around, but this Undertale design is one of the coolest I’ve seen on the site.

The art depicts an eerie path metaphorical of AU’s daunting journey.

Besides the art style, what I love most about this piece is the colors it uses. Muted browns and beiges make the scene perfect for a large tapestry, as the hues are not so imposing as to take over the room, but bold enough to make for a great centerpiece above a bed or exposed chimney breast.

Undertale Cartoon Canvas Print

Undertale Cartoon Canvas Print

Whilst on the hunt, I was always on the lookout for products that offered something a little different, and this canvas is exactly that. 

We see four of our titular characters angularly segmented into quarters in a sharp comic-book style. The art style perfectly encapsulates the common fan-art styling we’ve come to appreciate as Undertale has become a cultural phenomenon. It’s full of disturbed lines and expressive and somewhat sinister scenes.

With this piece in particular, I enjoy how each character has its own color palette of three or four shades, but how somehow, the whole thing gels together as one piece. 

This item also has the most customizability I’ve seen so far as buying options. As well as having the option of a vast array of different sizes, buyers can choose between a large selection of different materials to have the image printed onto. You’re even able to select the shape of your desired canvas!

Undertale Anime-Style Poster

Undertale Anime-Style Poster

If you’re in the market for a cheap poster to add some character to a bare wall, this is your best option

These posters from AliExpress may only cost a small amount, but there’s a piece of high-quality Undertale art for everyone here. I have two of these myself, and I spent ages deliberating over which design I wanted out of the 40 available artworks.

Most of the art is in the style of 90s and 2000s animes, making for impactful, action-filled stills. These also make for an excellent cheap gift for a friend or loved one, and with such a large selection of art (and sizes), you can’t go wrong. 

None of them are framed, however, so get yourself a nice one to display your new poster in with what you’ve saved!

Soft Decoration

Zhongkaihua Undertale Plush Toys

Zhongkaihua Undertale Plush Toys

Plushies are all the rage these days — particularly Undertale ones! There are loads of these to choose from, but my pick is the Zhongkaihua ones. You can pick from a range that includes all of the game’s key characters, and they’re cheap enough that you’ll likely want to get more than one.

My favorite would have to be the Cuphead one, which has been faithfully recreated to include his signature neckerchief.

Whichever you choose, though, the reviews speak for themselves. This is a great high-quality option if you’re after an Undertale plushie for you or a loved one, so save yourself the hassle of a long search and just go for one of these!

Napstablook Pattern Throw Blanket

Napstablook Pattern Throw Blanket

I tend to steer clear of decorative video game-related bedding: I find most stuff can be a bit too busy, and a ton of detail and color is the last thing I was to see when trying to wind down.

I do love this Undertale blanket, however. It’s tastefully decorated with Napstablook sprites, and the black-and-white color and speckled appearance give it a dream-like aesthetic that is perfect for a bedroom.

This is a great choice as a throw-over for your bed if you have solid-color sheets as I do, and to pull from the back of a sofa when it gets chilly in the winter months.

Thankfully, it’s also available in several sizes: small, medium, and large. I went with the medium, but make sure to check out the dimensions for yourself before buying.

Undertale Adventure Throw Blanket

Undertale Adventure Throw Blanket

To my surprise, I came across a lot of Undertale bedding and throws when researching for this list, and this is one which particularly stood out to me. 

The majority of Undertale character design either copy directly from the art assets of the game or the concept art, but these stunning renderings of the game’s cast have a completely unique look.

To me, they look like they could be straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon from the 90s; I love how the use of solid colors with little texture makes the entire image pop, and this also has the knock-on effect of blending in well with a more minimalist room setting. 

It’s versatile enough that it’ll fit anywhere, and all Undertale fans will be sure to love this unique depiction of their favorite characters.

Crying Napstablook Pillow

Crying Napstablook Pillow

Here’s another novel design that, once again, features our favorite ghost from the underworld. Although very simple in its design, this is a lovingly detailed vector drawing that works great for the small pillow it’s printed on. 

Napsta appears to be falling from a height as tears well from his eyes, which glisten like jewels as gravity takes effect. Undertale is full of juxtapositions between happiness and sadness, cuteness and cruelty, and much more across its spectral emotional rollercoaster.

If you appreciate its nuanced explorations as much as I do, you’ll love this addition to your bed or sofa. What’s more, it also comes in seven different colors (I particularly like the burgundy one!).

Undertale dancing Flowey plush

Undertale dancing Flowey plush

Here’s an oddly designed plush if ever there was one, but it works! Forgoing the traditionally inanimate nature of soft plush design, this 14-inch Flowey plush dances to four separate tunes when you press the flower pot!

If you follow the link to the product page above, you’ll also find a video demonstrating Flowey’s mesmerizing moves. I would say I was surprised to see such a strange item released as an official piece of Undertale merch, but given the overall unpredictability of this series, I can’t say I am! If you’re in the market for something weird and unusual to add to your collection of Undertale merch, you can’t afford to miss out on this one!


Undertale 3D night light

Undertale 3D night light

I couldn’t get enough of this 3D night light when I came across it a few months ago. Its wire-frame neon design pops fantastically in the dark, and you can choose from seven unique character designs. The lamp also comes with a remote control enabling the user to change between sixteen colors and different brightness models, making this a truly customizable product to fit whatever mood takes you.

I also really appreciate the option to power via USB or batteries; it means that you have the choice to put it anywhere, and the remote control means you don’t have to faff around to switch it on and off if it’s sat on a high shelf. This would make an excellent gift for a fan who loves their neons and themed lighting!

Undertale Sans Pattern Clock

Undertale Sans Pattern Clock

Clocks are always a great opportunity to inject some functional hanging art into a room, and while I’ve come across a lot of Undertale models in the past, this one is my all-time favorite.

The standard numbering is replaced with twelve expressions of the beloved Sans, and in the center, the seven soul hearts stand out boldly against the dark background. I don’t know what it is about Undertale’s artwork, but it just fits in so well with a modern home aesthetic. As you can see from the promotional image, the clock’s crisp artwork and smooth overall finish look timeless.

You’ve also got the option here of three different trims for the outside and can pick between four separate hand colors. I think black trim with black hands fits the best. That is Undertale’s most dominant color, after all, and it’s also going to be the most versatile!

Sans Skeleton jokes mug

Sans Skeleton jokes mug

Sans Skeleton is a fan favorite for many reasons, and one of them is his proclivity for the best dad jokes ever! This mug features one of my favorites encapsulated in the classic pixelized text boxes from the game and depicts Sans with his signature wink.

I have my mugs hanging from hooks beneath a kitchen cabinet, and if you’re anything like me, you’d rather not have busy designs offsetting the clean look of the room. This mug and ones like it are great to display thanks to their minimalist color pallet, and for that matter, it’s also a good bet for holding stationary on a desk if you’re so inclined.

Undertale 3D cube diorama

Undertale 3D cube diorama

Put this on your desk or mantlepiece, and whether the person who sees it is an Undertale fan or not, you’ll garner interest. This ornament makes a 3D cube diorama out of the classic mirror scene featuring the famous quote, “Despite everything, it’s still you”.

I was surprised at how well the game’s pixel-art aesthetic translates to the third dimension; the designers have done a superb job at recreating the scene and encapsulating it in such a unique way, and they’ve lovingly recreated every element down to the letter.

There’s nothing else quite like this item, so if you’re in the market for something Undertale-related that’s wholly unique, this is a perfect choice.

UNDERTALE Little Buddies – Series 1 Complete Set

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 Complete Set

As an official set of high-quality figurines, this is a go-to collector set. Series 1 of Undertale’s Little Buddies figures is a product perfect for spicing up a room with some of the game’s charming characters.

This set includes five figures featuring Toriel, Lesser Dog, The Human, Papyrus, and Sans. They’re perfect display pieces as each has been meticulously hand-painted; the soft colors and matt finish are beautifully done. If you wish, you can also purchase each individually from the same site — simply click the link for the character in the item description.

Surprisingly, Undertale figures are pretty hard to come by, and these are by far the highest quality ones on the market. It’s also piece-of-mind that they’ve got the official seal of approval.

My Personal Top 3

UNDERTALE Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

We’ve covered a vast variety of items throughout this list, so here are my personal top three picks!

  1.  Undertale 3D cube diorama: My top pick goes to the cube diorama. It ticks all the boxes for a piece of Undetale merch: it’s physically attractive, cleverly unique, and features one of the game’s best scenes.
  2.  Seven Piece Undertale Heart Pendant Set: There’s something inherently appealing about this cute little pendant set, and whether it’s the presentation, detailed and crisp design, or the variety, it’s easily one of my favorite Undertale-themed products (let’s hope my friend feels the same way!).
  3.  UNDERTALE Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set: There isn’t anything on the market quite like this product, and it’s a true love letter to the hardcore Undertale fan. It’s not often you come across authentic, quality memorabilia for indie games, but I guess Undertale shattered that expectation just like it did with every other! In terms of both artwork and music, there’s so much to enjoy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m Looking for Something Undertale-themed to Give a Friend as a Gift. What do you Think Would be the Best Choice?

Answer: If I were to pick one item as a gift from this list, I’d go with the art book. Of course, if they’re big Undertale fans, they may already have it, so make sure that isn’t the case first!
The book is a great extension of the game and a perfect play companion, making it an excellent gift choice. Other than that, I think something like the heart pendant set or Sans mug are also excellent options.

Question: Are there any Good Undertale Products on Etsy?

Answer: We don’t use Etsy for our articles: Because the stuff comes from individual creators, and products tend to go out of stock quite quickly.

That’s not to say there isn’t a ton of good stuff on there, though, and I’ve seen plenty of cool Undertale-related creations. Have a browse as an adjunct to this list if you’re interested!

Question: What Would be Your go-to Moderately Priced Item? (not Cheap but not Expensive)

Answer: For something right in the middle, I think the clothing items are the best — either the human souls’ t-shirt or character mortality hoodie. If you’re not into clothes, the clock is a brilliant choice!


I hope this list has given you food for thought on your next piece of Undertale merchandise. Or, perhaps, it’s given you the much-needed inspiration for buying the perfect gift for that Undertale superfan in your life. There are plenty of great options to choose from, no matter what sort of item you’re looking to buy!Read More:

  • How to Find the Best Undertale Themed Toys
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