Spiritfarer Resources Guide

Spiritfarer Resources Guide: How to Find and Use Every Resource in the Game

In Spiritfarer, you get to explore islands to gather resources -your maple logs, copper ores, and whatnot- and then transform them into your ship. Its close look beckons you to row to Stella’s boat, and once aboard the ship, it is tough to let go of the controls, I promise you. I think the mundane aspect of things and the chore aspect is how farming games handle things.

It puts you in a position of comforting repetition, but the world’s whimsy also contrasts its mundaneness. Spiritfarer’s world is conceptually complicated: you encounter weird creatures and have fantastical events. So, the coziness comes from the fact that everything you see and even everything you can do is quite relatable, but the outcome could be fantastical.

That’s the core gameplay loop: you accumulate resources and spend them to progress through the story. However, its simplicity also makes it complex: the core of the game is one of management. It’s not hard to get lost in the vast ocean, unable to find that specific material you were looking for.

The learning curve is very subtle, and the satisfaction of seeing the ship getting bigger and bigger, built up and populated, is pure delight. But, before you get there, there are loads of resources to gather and transform. In this Spiritfarer Resources guide, I’ll walk you through each resource, where to find it, and how to use production buildings to transform it.

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My Bottom-Line Up Front

Thunder Lotus Games defines Spiritfarer as a cozy game about managing death. They forgot to mention that before sending each spirit off to their deaths, you’d have to manage the islands’ resources to satisfy their every need.

This guide walks you through each step of resource management in Spiritfarer. In case you’re running short on time and can’t digest the whole article, just grab the subsequent bites:

Step 1: Acquiring the resources

To acquire resources, you can either

  • Find them scattered across the game’s islands
  • Purchase them at Raccoon’s Inc.

Step 2: Putting the resources to use

  • With the resources you acquired, you can now make new ones using your ship’s tools: the Crusher, the Foundry, the Smithy, the Garden, the Field, the Orchard, the Sawmill, the Windmill, and the Loom.

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The Full Resources Guide for Spiritfarer

All Resource Types Available in Spiritfarer


Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can see wood logs on the islands available in the world. You don’t need a tool per se since your trusty companion, Daffodil, will gladly do the job for you. Early in the game, you’ll mostly be picking up Maple Logs, but you’ll soon run into Oak, Ash, and Pine trees in the second and third regions of the game.


Image from spiritfarer fandom

Rocks can also be mined from different locations in the game. You have got limestones, marbles, slates, and so on. Your safest bet is to visit any of the mines or quarries to find them. They are helpful for building or cooking, in the case of coal.


Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can also mine ores that can be turned into ingots in the Foundry. Across the islands, you’ll come across copper, iron, silver, and even gold. Yes, there are diamonds. No, there haven’t been any reports of amethyst… yet.


Image from spiritfarer fandom

Seeds are the most accessible resource to come across and put to use. They can be found in treasure chests or bought at the shop. As you might imagine, you need to plant them on a Field, Garden or Orchard. Although Spiritfarer isn’t Stardew Valley, there are lots of fruits and vegetables you can grow. Some seeds can grow types of cloth, which is our next category.


All fibers that can be gathered and all the threads and textiles that may be created at the loom are collectively referred to as cloth. You may plant a linen seed, get some linen cloth and then turn it into a linen thread or even a linen fabric once you’ve improved your Loom.

How to Find and Buy Resources in Spiritfarer

Finding Resources

Resources are scattered throughout Spiritfarer’s world. That means you’ll only have to go through 4 regions and over 36 locations to find them. Fret not, my friend; I have got you covered.

In this section, I have outlined where you can find resources, which resources can be found, and how many can be collected.

Hummingberg Region

Image from Spiritfarer Wiki

Mosstein Cove (X:78, Y:130)

Quantity Resource
1 Raspberry
2 Maple Log
1 Limestone

Barkensheim Creek (X: 5, Y: 117)

Quantity Resource
2 Raspberry
3 Maple Log

Greenhalten Bay (X:-8, Y: 75]

Quantity Resource
2 Raspberry
2 Maple Log
1 Copper Ore

Kalstein Mines (X: -99, Y: 117)

Quantity Resource
4 Marble
2 Coal

Furogawa Region

Image from Spiritfarer Wiki

Hoseki Quarry (X:-138, Y: 28)

Quantity Resource
4 Iron Ore
2 Coal
2 Slate
4 Mushroom

Mount Toroyama (X:-99,Y: 34)

Quantity Resource
2 Coal
2 Slate
1 Copper Ore

Gurenu Fields (X:-65, Y: 55)

Quantity Resource
2 Oak Log
1 Mushroom
1 Strawberry

Iwashima Countryside (X:-64,  Y:16)

Quantity Resource
3 Oak Log
2 Mushroom
1 Strawberry
1 Copper Ore

Resuteno Meadows (X:-97, Y:-25)

Quantity Resource
2 Oak Log
1 Mushroom
1 Strawberry

Oxbury Region

Image from Spiritfarer Wiki

Ambertown Park (X:216, Y:-72)

Quantity Resource
5 Ash Log
2 Blueberry

Sunspring Square (X:151, Y:-109)

Quantity Resource
3 Ash Log
2 Blueberry

Buying Resources

Some resources can’t be found in the wild and must be bought instead. To buy them, you need to approach the raccoon from Racoon Inc. and tell him you have the glims. The only issue is that not every Raccoon Inc. shop has the same resources, which forces you to sail across the sea from one shop to another until you find what you need. Of course, you could follow this guide instead.

At the Raccoon’s Inc on Hummingberg you can buy Linen Seed

Corn Seed

Coffee Beans Seed

Carrot Seed

Turnip Seed

Furogawa Rice Seed

Leek Seed

Apple Seed

Linen Seed


Hikarishima Lighthouse Tea Seed

Lettuce Seed

Cherry Seed

Linen Seed


Bottom Line Corp. Linen Seed

Corn Seed

Coffee Beans Seed

Carrot Seed

Turnip Seed

Field Seeds Sampler

Garden Seeds Sampler

Orchard Seeds Sampler

Nordweiler Celery Seed

Sunflower Seed

Pear Seed

Cabbage Seed



Metal Rope

Loneberg                Cabbage Seed

Cotton Seed

Metal Rope


Oxbury                Potato Seed

Wheat Seed

Mulberry Seed


Pork, Chicken


Edgeborough Lane Olive Seed

Sugar Cane Seed

Proof of Purchase: Cow


Greymist Peaks Onion Seed

Tomato Seed

Garlic Seed

Peach Seed

How to Use Resources in Spiritfarer

How Crafting Tasks work in Spiritfarer

Unlike other farming sims, you’ll be able to manufacture and refine goods on the portable ground: Stella’s ship. The crafting tasks will have more complex chains each time; the regulars to management games can already imagine what it’s all about. Suddenly you find yourself with the kitchen at full throttle to prepare one character’s favorite dish. At the same time, you manufacture composite resources in the smithy, which in turn will allow you to improve the cabin of another. At the same time, you wait for the mulberry wool to grow to make the thread that will allow you to sew the fabric needed for a particular order.

Let’s sum up the tools available on your ship:

Production Buildings

Albert, the shark, will sell you production buildings in exchange for some glims and resources. (Pssst, he’s at Albert’s Shipyard’s Blueprint Station). Let’s go over each of them in detail.

The Crusher:

Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can crush rocks into powder and turn sunflower seeds and olives into cooking oil.

Using the crusher is quite simple; in goes the raw material, and out comes a smashed version. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

If you throw in some Quartz you’ll get some Silica Powder
Limestone Lime Powder
Coal Carbon Powder
Sunflower Seeds Sunflower Oil
Olives Olive Oil
Corn Corn Flour
Sugar Cane Sugar

The Foundry:

Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can smelt metal ores into ingots and empty bottles into the glass.

If you throw in some Aluminum Ore you’ll get some Aluminum Ingot
Copper Ore Copper Ingot
Empty Bottle Glass
Gold Ore Gold Ingot
Silver Ore Silver Ingot
Iron Ore Iron Ingot
Pulsar Ore Pulsar Ingot
Old Shoe Household glue
Zinc Ore Zinc Ingot

The Loom:

Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can weave fibers into thread and thread into fabrics.

If you throw in some Linen Fibre you’ll get 1-3 Linen Thread
Linen Thread 1-3 Linen Fabric
Wool Fibre 1-3 Wool Thread
Wool Thread 1-3 Wool Fabric
Cotton Fibre 1-3 Cotton Thread
Cotton Thread 1-3 Cotton Fabric
Nebula Fibre 1-3 Nebula Thread
Nebula Thread 1-3 Nebula Fabric
Silk Fibre 1-3 Silk Thread
Silk Thread 1-3 Silk Fabric
Copper Ore 1-2 Metal Rope

The Orchard, the Garden, and the Field:

You can grow fruits from fruit seeds.

To know which seeds should be planted, read each seed’s description. Or, y’know, follow these handy charts:

The Field:

Image from spiritfarer fandom
Plant some Linen Seeds you’ll grow Linen Fibre
Corn Seeds Corn
Coffee Beans Seeds Coffee Beans
Rice Seeds Rice
Tea Seeds Tea
Sugar Cane Seeds Sugar Cane
Sunflower Seeds Sunflower
Garlic Seeds Garlic
Tomato Seeds Tomato
Cotton Seeds Cotton
Wheat Seeds Wheat

 The Garden:

Plant some Carrot Seeds you’ll grow a Carrot
Turnip Seeds Turnip
Fireglow Seeds Fireglow
Lettuce Seeds Lettuce
Celery Seeds Celery
Cabbage Seeds Cabbage
Potato Seeds Potato
Onion Seeds Onion
Leek Seeds Leek
Mysterious Seeds Stanley
Odd Seeds Empty Bottles and Tchotchkes

 The Orchard:

Plant some Apple Seeds you’ll grow a Apples
Cherry Seeds Cherry
Peach Seeds Peach
Pear Seeds Pear
Mulberry Seeds Mulberry
Olive Seeds Olive

The Sawmill:

Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can cut wood logs into planks. Throw in a log, follow the highlighted line, and you’ll get a plank.

The Smithy:

You can turn Metal ingots and powders into Metal sheets.

Mix 1 Copper Ingot with 1 Zinc Ingot and you’ll get Brass Sheet
Copper Ingot Aluminum Ingot Bronze Sheet
Zinc Ingot Silica Powder Crystal Glass Sheet
Gold Ingot Silver Ingot Electrum Sheet
Gold Ingot Copper Ingot Rose Gold Sheet
Lime Powder Silica Powder Clear Glass Sheet
Iron Ingot Carbon Powder Steel Sheet
Comet Powder Pulsar Ingot Celestial Sheet

 The Windmill:

Image from spiritfarer fandom

You can grind grains into flour. This one’s pretty straightforward: in goes the grain; out comes the flour.


Question: What Is The Ideal Ship Size In Spiritfarer?

Answer: Try to compensate for the ship’s size with the project table’s improvements. A huge ship is worthless if you have nothing to build on, just as a small ship will not support everything you need to build.

Question: What Can I Do If Daffodil Disappears?

Answer: If at some point Daffodill disappears (it happened to me), go to the options menu, set him as the main character at the controls, and give Stella control of the keyboard. Save the game, exit the game and enter again. In my case, it was solved. I read of cases of people who tried the demo where the kitty disappeared and couldn’t get it back; without it, you can’t cut down the trees.

Question: What Is The Best Way To Do Spirit Quests In Spiritfarer?

Answer: Try to balance each character’s quest line, advancing a little in each plot. This will lead you to explore the map almost involuntarily. Otherwise, you will waste time exploring on your own, only for the story to take you a while later to the same place.

Parting Words

This guide has walked you through each step of your resource management journey. If you keep it at hand while playing the game, you won’t get stuck and will be able to beat it in no time.

After all, Spiritfarer’s cycle is relatively straightforward: Sail, discover islands, craft resources, upgrade the ship, make new rooms or tools, and try to make your passengers feel comfortable by fulfilling their wishes and requests. When they are ready, they will ask you to take them to the eternal door, which will end their stay with you, but you still have more passengers to look after and new souls to find.

Sail into the Heartfelt Adventure of Spiritfarer Deluxe | GOG

Embark on an emotional journey of compassion and friendship in "Spiritfarer Digital Deluxe Edition," where you'll guide spirits to their final resting place aboard your mystical boat. With its stunning hand-drawn art style and heartfelt storytelling, immerse yourself in a unique blend of management simulation and heartfelt exploration.

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