Best Rocket League Trading Sites

Best Rocket League Trading Sites

Rocket League is one game that stands out for its unique look, for mixing cars with soccer, and for being as frantic as its previous version, SARPBC.

On top of all this, it also has an ideal graphical look, accompanied by cosmetics that are usually updated every few months and becoming more visual and attractive. Wheels with lights, turbos that cast stars, animated decals that simulate storms, and even a hovering hat of a UFO. And there’s more: wheel tracks, goal explosions, antennas… Many, many items.

Perhaps because of so many cosmetics, there is an entire market where all users, whether PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch, can exchange their objects with other players. Ah, you don’t believe it. Keep on reading.

Selection Criteria

In this guide, I’ll be going over what I find to be the Best Rocket League Trading Sites, along with the pros and cons of each one.

The year is 2022, and the number of platforms created to exchange RL items is insane. So, with such a vast, let’s say, market, how did I come to choose the best?

When making this list, I looked for places to trade with visibility, quick refresh rates, and, most importantly, a certain degree of security, so you’ll be able to sell your items faster and safely and find profitable deals.

My Bottom Line Up-Front

I understand if you’re not prepared to delve into a long read about Rocket League trading sites when you could grab a couple of links and boost your way out of here.

Listen, I’m just like you; you’re just like me. If all you are looking for is a cold list of websites without much of an explanation of which gaming platform it is for or what kind of deals you can find in it, then fine, have it your way:

  1. RL Exchange
  2. RL Garage
  3. RL Trading Post
  4. RL Insider
  5. Looking for Group
  6. Reddit: Rocket League Exchange
  7. Discord: Trade Central

Still here? Then let’s get right into the best trading sites for Rocket League.

From Gambling Boxes to Healthy Item Trading

Psyonix changed its item policy a while ago, replacing the in-game boxes that dropped random items with credits and an in-game store that updates daily.

In addition, they changed the keys with which the boxes were opened to credits that you get for real money, which makes it healthier to put money in to get cosmetics.

However, something that has not changed has been the official Rocket League marketplace supported by Psyonix, which works like a charm.

How does Pysonix’s Marketplace Work?

On this page, you can upload any object (as long as it is interchangeable) and ‘auction’ it to the rest of the players in exchange for another object or credits, as the user desires.

In addition, a good thing about the page is that you can search for any object you want to have through the search engine. It is a kind of exchange store between players.

You can exchange high-quality items like those in the Black Market for helmets or hats with little utility buttons. Hey, someone may need it.

You enter the marketplace and log in with your account, be it PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch. Once inside, click on your name at the top right and you can start creating trades or browse the marketplace looking for something that interests you.

You can even filter by item quality, platform, or item type. Be careful with scammers, find out the price of the items, and don’t exchange if you’re unsure about something.

Enjoy the items you have and, when you get tired, try your luck in the market. There are many options, the community is healthy, and you can often exchange without problems.

The Best Trading Sites for Rocket League

1. RL Exchange

RL Exchange

RL Exchange is your place if you want to take your car from zero to hero. It’s got quick delivery and the lowest prices. It is the best marketplace for all your Rocket League items. With RL exchange, it doesn’t stop there. It has a giveaway section that’s hosted frequently. Exchange is your place to get yourself some free items. It also guarantees some free Rocket League items by completing simple tasks.

I think it is an excellent site to buy Rocket League items due to its fast service, responsive customer service, and excellent prices. I always receive my items within 12-24 hours.

Pros Cons
The quickest way to trade your items and one of the few trustworthy sites to acquire items is through giveaways. Little to no regulation over the price set for the goods being traded.

2. RL Garage

RL Garage

Many of you might know about this site, but for those who haven’t, it’s a great site for every type of trader. I mainly use Rocket League Garage for buying items I want to make a profit on, posting anything from Octanes to goal explosions, and usually getting a considerable amount of offers. Some of the other pros to this site is having time for people on Rocket League, especially the leading platforms like PS4, PC, and Xbox players. It’s also available in the form of an app and a site so that anybody can use it.

Now, one thing I don’t like is the refresh rate of Rocket League Garage. You are only able to refresh your post every 15 minutes. To me, 15 minutes is very limiting because when I look to buy and sell some of the popular items, most people won’t end up seeing my post after the eighth mark. Usually, the refresh rate of Rocket League Garage gets around this issue, but I think Rocket League Garage should lower it to ten minutes at least.

Pros Cons
If you’re willing to invest considerable time in this platform, you can squeeze out the most profit. It’s a profitability vs. comfortability matter. Exceedingly slow refresh rates. RL Garage is a slow burn.

3. RL Trading Post

RL Trading Post

The next app is more for you, Xbox and PlayStation Players. RL Trading Post is an app for Android and iOS called RL Trading Post. It’s the RL Garage alternative for phone users. RL dominates the phone trading scene, and RL Garage dominates the PC side. What I like about our Trading Post is it shows you the daily item shops on it.

It also has a place where you can put all your items in a garage, which means you can put a post saying, check out my garage, see if you have anything you like, and people then contact you and see everything that’s actually in your inventory.

I like this app because it’s super easy to use. It is just a timeline that repeatedly refreshes, each time displaying new trades. You can look things up with the search bar and filter what you want and what you don’t. Then, if you want to trade, you fill in your slots, and that’s it. Nice and easy.

Pros Cons
It has a highly comfortable and intuitive UI. The amount of traffic it gets decreases over time, so it might take longer to find a good deal.

4. RL Insider

RL Insider

I haven’t seen much talk about RL Insider. It’s not considered a trading site for buying and selling items, but what many people don’t know is that if you click on an item, scroll down, and then click on the little arrow icon, you can see all the information about what the item is buying for, selling for and all the different sites you can enable for finding deals.

I usually look through this trade finder from time to time, either getting a grasp on what the item is worth or just looking for offers on my items. Nonetheless, it’s a great site to check out.

Pros Cons
RL Insider is everyone’s go-to place to compare prices. It’s a handy tool. The results can be a bit off when it comes to items that aren’t frequently traded.

5. Looking for Group

Looking for Group

This is an Xbox Exclusive. I know, don’t hate me. Despite the exclusivity, it’s a fantastic place to find trades. The thing that’s so good about this site is that it’s just one great, huge community. Looking For Group Page is one of the best places for Xbox players to trade because thousands upon thousands of people are active daily.

So, it makes it much easier to find deals since the number of people on the site can vary. The refresh rate is crazy fast; you can refresh your post every three minutes if there are under 6000 posts, and you will easily find more.

The downside is that, despite the amount of traffic the group gets, there is no moderation, so it’s easy to get scammed.

Pros Cons
Overwhelmingly active community that will get you an instant response. The lack of moderation can lead to scams.

6. Reddit


You can also find a lot of good deals on Reddit. The best Reddit place to trade is Rocket League Exchange. It’s good because if someone has an excellent offer, you can upvote it, and then you get a notification of the excellent offer. Reddit is the place where you have all your collectors.

I would say it’s more of a decent trade place because they’ve all the trusted intermediaries. Usually, people won’t underpay for items because you’ll get downvoted if you do. You’ve got to be careful with money trades because it is pretty easy to get scammed. But luckily for you, Reddit is an excellent middleman.

It might be a bit complicated to locate what you need and the whole process engaging, but it’s an excellent place to find reasonable prices.

Pros Cons
It’s a healthy community full of knowledgeable players ready to trade, negotiate and advise earnestly. The Reddit forum is not designed for this type of interaction, so it lacks the visuals and aesthetic that most other platforms have.

7. Discord

Access Link

And I’ll show you the best places to trade on Discord now. So, the first best place to trade on Discord is Trade Central. Trade Central is perfect for your alpha items because this is where all the alpha trades are getting done.

It’s pretty much just an affluent section of Rocket League trading. And besides that, you’ve also got your cash trades. But other than that, I would only use Trade Central for cash trades and alpha items for decals.

Pros Cons
The ideal place to sell alpha items and negotiate with a trustworthy intermediary. Discord is a great platform, but its design does not always favor RL trading and can make the process difficult.

Trading Safety and Scams to Avoid

Trading isn’t always safe. More often than not, you can run into scammers. Though we’d all love to think of scammers as devilish creatures with two horns, they can often find deceptive ways to deceive us, so here are a few heads-up for you.

1. Fake Trading Websites

A scammer can send this link to you, and you log in with your Steam credentials. It looks legitimate, except for one tiny little thing people miss. It says this is not affiliated with Steam in any way, shape, or form. Everything else looks legitimate, like someone spent a lot of time and energy making this website, and it’s already impacted many people.

If you ever find a website that asks you to log in to Steam or PlayStation or anything else, and it doesn’t have or Sony US or whatever in the URL, it’s not legitimate. If it looks like it could be legitimate, but you’re not 100% sure, ask somebody.

2. Fake Middlemen

Next up, we have fake intermediaries and fake discord servers. If you go to another trading Discord besides Trade Central and you’re just not sure if it’s legitimate or not, then make sure you check out online reviews or ask a friend. This works because they have a list of intermediaries on the right, pretending to call for one of them. The person shows up; he pretends like he doesn’t know anybody.

He asks for the items, takes your items, takes other guys’ items, and then walks away. He takes your items and then splits the profit with the other guy who brought you to the fake dashboard. You get kicked out of the party, banned from Discord, and blocked on Steam. Your items are gone forever. There’s no way to get it back.

This is probably the most common scam that I hear about. So don’t ever use a fake intermediary again. Double-check before you trade, or stick with the ones you know.

3. Item Swapping

Another technique of Scamming is item swapping. This works because you get invited to trade and what the other person is giving you in exchange is way too good to be true. My trader is giving me an item of lesser value than mine.

What they’re going to do is they’re going to try to distract you. They will put the item in here, then check it out. For some reason, they keep swapping it out. What they’re doing here distracts you, so they will swap it out and then put a different one.

You have to take a step back, look at the item again, and double-check before you ever hit accept. This is easy to avoid, but it happens a lot. Another thing to do is record every transaction. If you get scammed, you have the evidence to report later.

Before accepting trade or going to a new, unknown website, I recommend installing the Trading Verifier plugin that helps you detect scammers and look up usernames in the RL tracker website.


Question: Is it possible to get free credits in Rocket League?

Answer: Only one way to get free credits in Rocket League is officially approved by those responsible for the game. This legal method consists of getting credits by exchanging with other players through the exchange system (i.e., exchanging a blueprint or object with someone that gives you credits in return, and thus you get “for free”).

It must be specified that only one player can have credits in the exchange window, and players can exchange Credits for an item, but never for other Credits or items and Credits.

Question: Are Rocket League Trading Sites a Scam?

Answer: The short answer is no. But it’s not hard to get scammed if you are not careful enough. So, most platforms ensure an intermediary in the transaction to ensure it’s fair.
Many people get scammed by the impersonation scam because what people do is they buy Discord Nitro and copy the name of intermediaries and the four digits and DM them. First of all, many intermediaries don’t trade. And second of all, if they’re not going to create a room in the actual server, know it’s a scam.

Question: How Can I Avoid Scams in Rocket League?

Answer: Some advice I could share to avoid scams online is:
In cases of scams, you could be banned, or even worse, fraudulent use of your account and credit card can be made, and you can get in trouble; you are ultimately responsible, be very careful.
Do not take unnecessary risks, and be careful with whom you share your data.
If it is not through the game store or trusted distributors, do not buy credits or trust the supposed credit offers you see on the Internet.

If someone, be it a person, website, or application, offers credits cheaper than their official price or for free, and it is not through a unique and official promotion from Psyonix, Epic Games, or any collaborator, it is better not to risk it.

Parting Words

Trading is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to get your hands on some Credits in Rocket League. Suppose it’s not the Credits you are looking for. In that case, you can exchange one item you no longer need for the one you are looking for; unfortunately, within the myriad of sites, servers, groups, and apps that are available today, it’s not hard to get overwhelmed or worse, stumble upon the wrong one and get scammed.

This guide walked you through the best trading sites available for Rocket League trading in 2022 and hopefully filled your inventory with new items, cars, or even one of those gnome-shaped wheels from the Christmas patch.

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