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Back in the day, gaming was a much more black and white industry when it came to development. Decades ago, when you developed a game, you had to have a huge team of professionals, a grand budget and an idea that could blow the big guys out of the water.

Otherwise, your game wouldn’t get the attention that it perhaps deserved. However, when the digital age of gaming was ushered in, this opened up an avenue for indie games to flourish and some of the most dedicated small teams were able to find success within the space.

Jump forward to the present day and we have a huge marketplace chocked full of indie games. Games with a wealth of bright ideas, innovative mechanics and touching stories to tell.

However, with so many budding young developers and games out there, you may be wondering which of these indie titles are worth investing your time in. Well, allow us to help with that. Below is our review selection, allowing you to get the inside scoop on the biggest indie games of the moment. Check them out below.

Also, be sure to bookmark this page, as there are tonnes of indie games out there, and we intend to review as many as we can and keep this page up to date.

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