Hades Infernal Arms Guide

Hades took the world by storm when it first arrived on the scene in 2018, and since then it has swept up a host of awards. Not only was it huge in the indie sphere, but it was even competing for popularity with triple A titles. I was curious to see what the fuss was about, so I eagerly downloaded it when it was released on Xbox Game Pass.

I’d never really played a dungeon crawler before, but I enjoy roguelikes, so I was willing to give it a go. And I took to it immediately, becoming hooked to the extent that I didn’t want to play anything else. I managed to beat the final boss after only 21 attempts (a feat I’m pretty proud of as I’m not usually particularly skilled at combat-based gaming), but that’s not where the story ends.

With Hades, beating the initial storyline is only the beginning; in fact, it merely opens up the rest of the game. No spoilers here, but this game has incredible longevity. And to fully experience the thrills it offers, you’ll need to get comfortable using the different weapons available. That’s why I’ve created this Hades Infernal Arms guide to help you navigate the exciting world of this game!

Bottom Line Up-Front

  • Short-Ranged Weapons – Stygius, Malphon
  • Mid-Ranged Weapons – Aegis, Varatha
  • Long-Ranged Weapons – Coronacht, Exagryph
  • How to unlock Infernal Arms? Use Chthonic Keys found in the dungeon
  • How to unlock new Aspects? Use Titan Blood that can be received from defeating bosses within the dungeon
  • How to upgrade the Infernal Arms when in the dungeon? Using the Daedalus Hammer

What are Infernal Arms?

‘The Infernal Arms’ is the collective name for the weapons that you use in Hades. Each one has unique properties, and requires an entirely different approach. That’s one of the things I love about this game, as it means you can adapt your loadout to fit your personal play style. Better yet, you can explore different play styles depending on which of the Infernal Arms you choose, so you can see which suits you best.

In terms of lore, the Infernal Arms have a rich history. Various aspects of Greek mythology inspire their names and properties, and in-game, each one has an exciting tale as to how it ended up in Hades’ armory. You start off knowing very little about each weapon’s history, and the more you use them and interact with other characters, the more you learn. I love that aspect as it encourages you to play more as you’re rewarded for your perseverance.

You can also vary the properties of each of the Infernal Arms using the Daedalus Hammer, an item found within the dungeon. It creates special upgrades specific to the weapons and capitalizes on their unique abilities. Discovering all the different upgrades is a fun and worthwhile part of Hades.

How Can I Choose Which One to Use?

The Infernal Arms are stored in the Arsenal Room, where you enter before starting the dungeon run in Tartarus. This area is also where Skelly the training dummy can be found, and he’s one of my favorite characters in Hades. He’s got such a fun voice, and his dialogue always puts a smile on my face. Skelly is also the one who introduces you to the Infernal Arms and tells you when you have new ones available to use.

To choose which one to use, you’ll first need to unlock them. When you start the game, you’ll only have access to Stygius, with Coronacht, Aegis, and Varatha being grayed out. Once you’ve unlocked the first 4, Malphon will appear grayed out, and once you’ve unlocked the first 5, Exagryph will appear grayed out. To unlock them, you’ll need to use Chthonic Keys. These can be found within the dungeon, by entering a room marked with the Chthonic Key symbol and defeating all the enemies in that encounter. You’ll need a total of 24 Chthonic Keys to unlock all of them, with the costs being thus:

  • Coronacht – 1 Key
  • Aegis – 3 Keys
  • Varatha – 4 Keys
  • Malphon – 8 Keys
  • Exagryph – 8 Keys

To select which one to use, simply walk up to it in the Arsenal Room, and press the button to equip it. You can practice using the weapons by attacking Skelly (don’t worry, he likes it). Once you’ve decided which one you want for the run, simply walk into Tartarus with the chosen weapon equipped.

What are the Different Infernal Arms Available?

In total, there are 6 different Infernal Arms in Hades, and they are:

Stygius – Stygian Blade

Stygius - Stygian Blade

This is the first weapon that you start with, and you may have to use it for several runs depending on how quickly you find a Chthonic Key. As such, it’s a good idea to get familiar with it even if you don’t plan on using it for very long. As you can probably tell from the fact it’s referred to as a ‘Blade’, Stygius is a sword used for close combat rather than ranged attacks. As starter weapons go, it’s not bad, and its versatile style should suit most players. Although most players will eventually switch to something else, Stygius will likely be one of the first weapons with which you manage to beat the final boss with.

Poseidon originally wielded the Stygian Blade before he traded it out for his customary trident. It’s revered as being ‘one of the finest weapons ever wielded’ and was involved in sealing the Titans into Tartarus. It had been shattered over time, but Zagreus himself put it back together again. Stygius has a soul of its own, and it was happy to be able to go back into battle, as it enjoys being brandished.

See also: Comprehensive Zagreus Guide.

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Breaching Slash – This allows your Attack to do an extra 300% damage to armor. Although it’s a massive increase, it’s crucial to remember that not all enemies will have armor, so its usefulness is limited, especially as none of the bosses have armor.
  • Cruel Thrust – It increases the damage for Thrust by 200% and gives a 40% Critical Hit chance when using Thrust. This can be good, depending on your play style. Thrust is a specific type of attack for Stygius and applies to Dash-Strikes and triple Strike combos.
  • Cursed Slash – You can regain 2 Health every time you Attack, but you will have 60% less Health overall, which applies to Health upgrades and Base Health. This upgrade is a real double-edged sword, and depending on your play style can be really good or really bad. Personally, I hardly ever use standard Attacks and nearly always Dash-Strike, so I never pick this one (except for once as a Fated Prophecy).
  • Dash Nova – Every time you use your Special, you’ll Lunge towards your cursor and gain Sturdy for 0.8 seconds. Sturdy is a valuable ability as it means you take 30% less damage; plus, if an enemy attacks you it won’t stop your current action. However, I’d still consider this upgrade as decidedly average.
  • Double Edge – When you use Dash-Strike, it hits twice and deals 20% more damage. This is one of my preferred upgrades mainly because I use Dash-Strike on pretty much every attack, so I’m essentially getting 240% damage each time with this upgrade. It can be outstanding in combination with boons that improve your Dash-Strike.
  • Double Nova – This upgrade means that your Special hits twice, but it removes the ability for your Special to knock enemies away. If you have boons that improve your Special, this one can be pretty decent, especially if you use a Poseidon boon that gives Knockback anyway.
  • Flurry Slash – You can hold down the Attack button to strike rapidly, with 25 base damage per hit (the standard is 20 base damage). This one can be useful, especially if you have boons that raise your Attack. Best of all, it can give your finger a break from all that tapping!
  • Greater Consecration – Your Holy Excalibur aura’s radius is increased by 45%, and enemies within it become 10% slower. This upgrade is exclusive to the Aspect of Arthur, and you will not see it offered unless you have that aspect equipped. The aura has some fantastic effects (no spoilers here), and increasing its size is hugely advantageous. If you’re offered this upgrade, take it.
  • Hoarding Slash – When you Attack, you’ll get bonus damage equivalent to 5% of your current number of Obols. I’m not a massive fan of this one, but it can be great when combined with other boons and aspects, particularly Aspect of Arthur. The downside is you’ll have to hoard your gold instead of buying new items from Charon.
  • Piercing Wave – Attacks will create a wave that pierces foes for 30 damage. Piercing means it will go through all enemies until it hits a wall, so it can damage multiple enemies if they stand behind each other. I really rate this one, although be aware that it does not work in combination with Cursed Slash.
  • Shadow Slash – You deal 200% extra on Attacks if you hit the enemy from behind. This can undoubtedly be useful as 200% extra is a lot of damage; however, you do have to be quite sneaky to get behind the enemy to strike them.
  • Super Nova – Your Special affects a 20% wider radius and deals an extra 20% damage. This can be really useful in Encounters with several enemies where that wider radius means hitting significantly more foes. The bonus damage is also nothing to sniff at.
  • World Splitter – Your standard Attack is replaced with a chop that deals 90 base damage. Personally, I think this is fantastic as 90 base damage is HUGE. However, you need to be more skilled to use it, as accuracy is essential, seeing as you’re replacing a slash with a chop. When combined with boons that increase Attack, though, this one can deal exceptionally high levels of damage. Bear in mind it doesn’t work with Flurry Slash or Cruel Thrust.

Coronacht – Heart-Seeking Bow

A lot of players like this one, but I could never get good with it. If I recall, I just about managed to beat the second boss with Coronacht equipped, but I had no luck with the third boss. After a while, I just gave up trying and focused on the other weapons. Having said that, many players swear by it, so please don’t be put off by my own negative experience with it! It’s a long-ranged weapon that can definitely be useful for those who don’t like close combat.

Hera originally wielded Coronacht, but she discarded the weapon after she stopped involving herself with wars, preferring to attend to other business. However, the bow yearned for bloodshed and was happy for Zagreus to take up the mantle as its owner. Interestingly, Coronacht was the weapon that killed the narrator of the Codex (a journal containing lore and stats for all the items, characters, etc. in the game).

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Chain Shot – Your Attack will bounce between up to three enemies, dealing an extra 15% damage with each hit. This is convenient as in encounters with lots of foes, the damage can add up quickly. Although it’s not as useful in boss fights, it’s suitable for making quicker work of regular battles. You can’t use it with Explosive Shot.
  • Charged Volley – If you hold the button for your Special, you can do up to 250% base damage, and your minimum range is reduced. This one is great as it doesn’t just increase damage, but base damage. That means if you have a lot of boons that improve your Special, this one becomes exponentially better than if it was just a regular damage multiplier. You cannot use it in conjunction with Relentless Volley.
  • Concentrated Volley – You deal an extra three base damage for each consecutive hit to a foe with your Special. Initially, the base damage for a Special is 10, but if you hit with all nine shots, the last hit will have base damage of 34. This could be great when combined with another Special upgrade such as Charged Volley or Relentless Volley.
  • Explosive Shot – Your Attack will deal an extra 300% damage within a certain damage radius, but it will also take twice as long to recharge after the shot. Personally, I feel that the time lost in recharging isn’t worth the added damage, especially as it only affects close enemies. You can’t use it in combination with Chain Shot or Flurry Shot.
  • Flurry Shot – You can fire rapidly by holding the attack button, but you can no longer do a Power Shot. This also makes your Attacks consistently have a base damage of 60 (or 40 for Dash-Attack). Honestly, Power Shots are pretty tricky and time-consuming anyway, so I find this upgrade to be excellent, not least because it gives your fingers a break from having to press to attack repeatedly. You can’t combine it with Explosive Shot or Flurry Shot.
  • Perfect Shot – Your Power Shot deals an additional 150% damage whilst also becoming easier to achieve. Power Shots are typically quite hard to execute as you have to get the timing exactly right, but this upgrade makes them not only more achievable but also they deal more damage. Still, I feel there are better upgrades available. You cannot combine it with Flurry Shot.
  • Piercing Volley – Your Special will deal an added 400% damage to Armor; it gains the ability to pierce enemies and becomes unblockable. Even though not all foes wear Armor, 400% extra damage is a lot, not to mention the fact it can pierce enemies means you can deal damage to multiple foes at once. All in all, a solid upgrade.
  • Point-Blank Shot – Attacking deals an additional 150% damage to enemies near you. This can be good or bad, depending on your play style. As it only affects nearby enemies, it isn’t that useful if you tend to fight from a distance. It’s convenient close-up, but if that’s your style, why pick a long-ranged weapon in the first place? You can’t use this with Sniper Shot.
  • Relentless Volley – You get four extra shots when using your Special. You typically release nine shots with the Special, so this upgrade gives you 13. Honestly, at only 10 damage per shot, it means an extra 40 damage per Special total, so this one would be best in combination with boons that increase your Special. You can’t get this if you have Charged Volley.
  • Repulse Shot – Using your Celestial Sharanga Attack will create a Blast Wave around you. This is an upgrade exclusive to the Aspect of Rama. The Blast Wave doesn’t damage enemies, but it has a Knockback effect, so it’s good for pushing enemies away.
  • Sniper Shot – Distant foes will take 200% more damage when hit with your Attack. You will be able to see a marker on your screen that shows which adversaries constitute being distant. The 300% damage is excellent, but be aware that you cannot use it with Point-Blank Shot or Twin Shot.
  • Triple Shot – When you Attack, it fires three shots in a spread-out pattern. This one is pretty cool as you essentially triple your fire power. However, it’s best in the earlier stages of encounters when there are more enemies. If you’re only facing one foe, then it’s unlikely that all three shots will hit.
  • Twin Shot – When you Attack, you fire two shots instead of one, but your range is reduced to 65% of its usual amount. This can be pretty great in terms of damage and taking out multiple enemies, but you lose some of the benefits of owning a long-range weapon. Also, it cannot be combined with Triple Shot or Sniper Shot.

Aegis – Shield of Chaos

Aegis - Shield of Chaos

This is the favorite of the Infernal Arms for many Hades players. Although that’s not true for me personally, I do still appreciate the versatility that this weapon offers, and although I haven’t quite been able to beat the final boss with it, I’ve come close. Aegis allows you to engage in either close combat or semi-ranged attacks, and therefore suits several different play styles.

Although all of the Infernal Arms are said to have their own soul in a way, the narrator of the Codex claims that Aegis is the most ‘alive’ of all of them. It was supposedly a vital part of the war against the Titans, and all feared its power. Aegis enhances the power and strength of its wielder, and the lore goes that its bloodthirsty rage can shatter bone or even rock. Although it’s a shield, which is most commonly a defensive item, Aegis is very much an aggressive weapon.

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Breaching Rush – You deal an extra 400% damage to Armor when using Bull Rush. Not bad, but not great either, depending on how often you utilize Bull Rush. Plus, it’s important to note that not all enemies have Armor.
  • Charged Flight – You can gain up to 200% extra base damage when holding for your Special. I do love upgrades that improve your base damage instead of just your damage. However, holding the button does mean you lose a valuable extra second or so. It can’t be combined with Dashing Flight.
  • Charged Shot – Instead of charging forwards, your Bull Rush fires an Unblockable projectile that deals 80 damage and pierces. This is one of the best upgrades, as you retain the defensive elements of Bull Rush, and no longer have the lack of control from darting forwards. Not to mention doubling the base damage and being able to hit multiple enemies.
  • Dashing Flight – Your Special deals 200% extra damage and is faster while you Dash. I’m always dashing around, so this one works well for me as I’m always happy to take the extra speed, but if you don’t dash much, this won’t be as useful for you. It can’t be used with Charged Flight.
  • Dashing Wallop – When you use your Dash Attack, you’ll deal 50% more damage in a wider area. This can be ideal if you’re someone like me who pretty much exclusively uses Dash Attack (I don’t like staying still). It’s not quite as much extra damage as some of the other upgrades, but I’m more likely to actually use it.
  • Dread Flight – When you use your Special, you can hit up to 4 extra foes before the shield returns. At 45 base damage per hit, this can cause serious damage if you have boons that improve your Special. The only downside is the additional time spent waiting for your shield to return.
  • Empowering Flight – When you hit with your Special, your subsequent two Attacks deal 80% extra damage. Honestly, most players will be using Attack the most, so anything that increases the damage will be useful, especially in conjunction with other boons.
  • Explosive Return – When you catch your Special, you’ll deal 50 damage to any nearby enemies. This one is really decent if you’re skilled enough to time the catch so that you’re close to several foes. The only downside is that you can’t increase the damage as it’s a standalone effect.
  • Ferocious Guard – For 10 seconds after you block, you gain increased movement speed and an extra 20% damage. 10 seconds is a really long time and seeing as the timer resets each time you block, there’s a good chance that you could have this boost permanently the entire encounter.
  • Minotaur Rush – When you use Bull Rush you gain a Power Rush that does an additional 500% damage. With 40 base damage for a fully charged Bull Rush, you can get 240 damage with one hit if you time this correctly. However, you have to release at the exact right moment to get the boost.
  • Pulverizing Blow – You hit twice with your Attack but lose the Knockback ability. Depending on how much you like Knockback, this can be somewhat of a hindrance or not a downside at all. Still, double the attacks mean double the damage, and you can make light work of encounters.
  • Sudden Rush – This decreases the charge time on your Bull Rush. Bull Rush is a convenient mechanic of Aegis that allows you to hold the Attack button to defend yourself, and when you release, you charge forwards, attacking the enemies in front of you. Decreasing the charge time is pretty useful.
  • Unyielding Defense – When you use Naegling’s Board Cast, you gain Sturdy for 3 seconds. This is exclusive to the Aspect of Beowulf, and is definitely one of the longer Sturdy effects, which often last for less than a second. If you have multiple Cast uses, this can be pretty decent.

Varatha – Eternal Spear

Varatha - Eternal Spear

Before I unlocked Exagryph, Varatha was my go-to weapon, and I absolutely adore it. It’s similar to Aegis in that it works close up and further away, but I find it less clunky. Honestly, if I were playing again from scratch, I’d save up 4 Chthonic Keys from the get-go, and I wouldn’t bother unlocking Coronacht and Aegis first. I feel that Varatha is adaptable to most play styles, and so you should have no problems using it.

This weapon was initially wielded by Hades himself, before he switched to the two-pronged fork for which he’s now renowned. The Codex specifies that it’s ‘a weapon built for war’. Despite that, the Codex entry for Varatha is less intense than the other Infernal Arms, and the Spear is considered to be more familiar. Similarly to the other weapons, the gods used it to drive the Titans into the Underworld.

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Breaching Skewer – You deal 400% extra damage to Armor with your Special. A variation of this upgrade seems to be present for basically every one of the Infernal Arms, and my feelings about it are no different with Varatha.
  • Chain Skewer – When you use your Special, it can bounce between up to 7 foes, dealing 30% additional damage each time. That can really add up, as if it hits a 7th enemy, you’ll do 180% extra damage. The downside is that you’ll be without a weapon for longer. This upgrade cannot be used with Exploding Launcher.
  • Charged Skewer – You can hold the button for Special to charge your skewer attack, dealing up to 200% base damage, but it does reduce your minimum range. This one wouldn’t particularly be worth it if it only increased damage, but as it’s base damage, it can be pretty good in combination with boons that affect your Special.
  • Exploding Launcher – Instead of your usual Special, you get a shot that deals 50 damage within an area. This is decent as it means you don’t lose your weapon by throwing it and can hit multiple enemies as long as they’re in range. Can’t be combined with Chain Skewer or Vicious Skewer.
  • Extending Jab – Your Attack range becomes 40% larger, and you deal 40% extra damage to distant enemies. That additional range is really handy and can help you hit more enemies, plus the 40% extra damage is decent too.
  • Flaring Spin – You gain Sturdy whilst charging your Spin attack, and you do 40 pulse damage. This one doesn’t really have any drawbacks, except that you could potentially be offered a better upgrade instead. But it pairs very well with Massive Spin.
  • Flurry Jab – You can hold down the Attack button to repeatedly strike enemies, but you can no longer use your Spin Attack. Honestly, these kinds of upgrades always appeal to me, as I like being able to attack pretty much on auto-pilot. Can’t be used with Flaring Spin, Massive Spin or Quick Spin.
  • Massive Spin – You deal 125% more damage in a 30% larger area when you use your Spin Attack. To use Spin Attack, you have to hold down the button for up to 0.66 seconds. This can be pretty decent, but you may not use Spin Attack much if you’re a more speedy player. You can’t use it with Flurry Jab.
  • Quick Spin – It vastly reduces the charge time of your spin attack, making it only 0.3 seconds for the maximum stage. This makes Spin Attack a very viable option, and combines well with Massive Spin. However, you can’t use it with Flurry Jab.
  • Serrated Point – Your Dash-Strike hits three times instead of one, but you decrease your Dash range by 25%. This is one of those upgrades that has a fantastic positive but also a pretty bad negative. Believe me, you really notice a decreased Dash range, and it can be tricky to adapt to.
  • Triple Jab – When you Attack, you deal three strikes side by side. Call me basic, but I love this one. It’s super simple and works with pretty much any build, effectively tripling your chance to hit an enemy.
  • Vicious Skewer – You deal 50% more damage with your Special, and there’s a 50% chance to deal Critical when you recover it. Critical hits are usually rare, so getting a 50% chance every time you use your Special is amazing. This one combines well with Chain Skewer but cannot be used with Exploding Launcher.
  • Winged Serpent – When you use Frost Fair Blade Spin Attack, it travels for an additional 80% longer. This upgrade is exclusive to Aspect of Guan Yu. It deals up to 50 damage per 0.5 seconds, so the extra 80% launch time can do a lot of additional damage.

Malphon – Twin Fists of Malphon

Malphon - Twin Fists of Malphon

Only available after you’ve unlocked the above 4 Infernal Arms, Malphon is very popular for players who enjoy close combat. They don’t have exceptionally high base damage, but they’re speedy, and so damage builds up fast. I understand why it’s such a popular choice, but personally, I prefer Varatha or Exagryph.

Malphon is unique in that the Twin Fists bond to their owner, and instead of having to be held, they literally combine themselves with the wielder’s hands. The Olympian gods were actually afraid of using Malphon, and Demeter was the one brave enough to wield them. Malphon was relentless in its tirade against the Titans, and they struggled to defend themselves. Hyperion was defeated so badly that he lost his legacy.

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Breaching Cross – When you Dash-Strike, it deals 900% additional damage to Armor, and it pierces enemies. Honestly, this is awesome for me as I pretty much exclusively use Dash-Strike, and so the additional Armor damage and piercing are super helpful.
  • Colossus Knuckle – You are Sturdy whilst using your Attack or Special. Considering that whilst playing Hades, you should pretty much constantly be attacking in some form, this one is excellent as it means you can essentially never get interrupted, and you’ll take 30% less damage.
  • Concentrated Knuckle – You gain an extra 5 base damage for consecutive hits to foes with your Attack. This applies to the Pummel sequence, which resets in bouts of 5. This can really add up, especially combined with Attack boons.
  • Draining Cutter – You restore 2% of your total life every time your Special kills an enemy. This one can be great if you time it right and use Special often, especially if you pick up boons like Centaur Heart that raise your life total.
  • Explosive Upper – When using your Dash-Upper, you deal an additional 100% damage in an area. That’s when you activate your Special whilst Dashing, and I’d say this upgrade is probably average. Not the best, not the worst. It can’t be used with Kinetic Launcher.
  • Flying Cutter – You can hold down the Special button to gain extra range and deal up to 100% more base damage. You know me by now, I’m always pleased with the concept of dealing additional base damage, so this isn’t one to sniff at. You can’t use it in conjunction with Rush Kick or Kinetic Launcher.
  • Heavy Knuckle – Your Attack is replaced with a slower sequence of three hits, each dealing 40 base damage. Your regular Attack has 15 base damage with five hits, for a total of 75 damage, whereas this gives it a total of 120 damage. You can’t use this upgrade with Rolling Knuckle.
  • Kinetic Launcher – Your Special is replaced with a charged ranged attack with 50 base damage. Whilst it might not sound that great at first, the range can be exceedingly useful, plus you have the ability to power shot for even more damage. It can’t be used with Rush Kick, Quake Cutter, Flying Cutter, or Explosive Upper.
  • Long Knuckle – Your attack deals an extra 10% damage and your range is wider. This one doesn’t appeal to me as much, as if I’m using a close-ranged weapon, then I don’t care so much about range. Also, 10% is next to nothing compared to other upgrades.
  • Quake Cutter – You deal 90 damage in an area when you land after using your Special. 90 extra damage each time is already excellent, but the best thing is that the damage gets increased by any boons you have for your Special. It can’t be used with Kinetic Launcher.
  • Rending Claws – Enemies afflicted with Maim take 25% more damage and move 30% slower. This is exclusive to the Aspect of Gilgamesh. It’s insanely good as the slower enemies mean they’re less likely to hit you, and they take even more damage from the already decent Maim.
  • Rolling Knuckle – You deal 60% extra damage when you Dash-Strike, and it’s added to the Attack sequence. Malphon allows you to Attack in an unbroken sequence of up to 5 hits, and adding Dash-Strike to that means saving time. It cannot be used with Heavy Knuckle.
  • Rush Kick – This upgrade replaces your Special with a kick that advances forwards and hits twice for 40 base damage each time. This one’s cool as you gain an extra 10 base damage for both hits, plus you can also move around whilst using it. It’s incompatible with Kinetic Launcher or Flying Cutter.

Exagryph – Adamant Rail

Exagryph - Adamant Rail

Ah, Exagryph, my one true love. When I first unlocked the Adamant Rail, I was nervous as I hadn’t had a good experience with Coronacht, the only other long-ranged weapon. But I needn’t have worried, as it turned out that Exagryph was my soulmate. My very first time using it, I got all the way to the final area, and a couple of runs later, I beat the final boss for the first time. Everything about it felt right and natural, and I was able to deal so much more damage than with other weapons. Exagryph is always my first port of call when attempting a new Heat run.

Exagryph was once wielded by Lady Hestia, who, you guessed it, used the weapon to help defeat the Titans. Even the gods were scared of the Adamant Rail’s dreadfulness, and it was abandoned once the war was over. According to its Codex entry, Exagryph has ‘an eternal hunger to destroy’. Its design is described as cruel, and the Codex narrator expresses clear disdain for the weapon.

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Cluster Bomb – When you use your Special, it fires five bombs in a spread but they each deal 30% less damage. This upgrade is excellent, especially near the beginning of encounters when there are lots of enemies. It can’t be used with Hazard Bomb or Triple Bomb.
  • Delta Chamber – Your Attack is replaced with a 3-round burst, and you never have to reload. This one takes some adjusting to, but it can be terrific as it essentially turns Exagryph into a burst assault rifle. You cannot use it with Spread Fire, Flurry Fire, or Concentrated Fire.
  • Explosive Fire – When you Attack, it deals damage in an area and slows down enemies in that area. The damage area is relatively wide, and will affect your nearby enemies. This upgrade is excellent as you can target distant enemies while also hurting close ones. It doesn’t work with Ricochet Fire or Piercing Fire.
  • Flurry Fire – Your Attack gains six extra shots before reloading, and becomes faster and more accurate. This one is pretty simple, but I nearly always pick it up when it’s offered. There’s literally no downside, and it vastly improves attack speed. You can’t use it with Spread Fire or Delta Chamber.
  • Hazard Bomb – Increases the range of your Special and deals 300% more base damage, but it can hurt Zagreus. I highly recommend this one, but make sure you Dash out of the way. It’s incompatible with Rocket Bomb, Triple Bomb, or Cluster Bomb.
  • Piercing Fire – When you Attack, it deals an extra 50% damage and pierces enemies. This one is useful as you can hit multiple enemies, plus it makes your attack Unblockable. That means you can bypass shields which is convenient later in a run. It can’t be used with Explosive Fire or Seeking Fire.
  • Ricochet Fire – Your Attack will bounce to an extra enemy. This one isn’t bad as it means that you can do twice the damage with a single shot, but it’s not as good as many of the other upgrades. Not compatible with Explosive Fire, Spread Fire, or Seeking Fire.
  • Rocket Bomb – Your Special becomes a rocket that deals 80 base damage. I was hesitant to pick this one at first, but having used it, I can say it’s a game changer. Using it in conjunction with Cluster Bomb is especially powerful. This upgrade doesn’t work with Hazard Bomb.
  • Seeking Fire – Your Attack deals 10% extra damage and seeks the nearest enemy. Personally, I don’t like this one. If you’re aiming well, then the seeking isn’t necessary, and 10% is next to nothing as it’s not even base damage. It doesn’t work with Piercing Fire, Ricochet Fire, or Spread Fire.
  • Spread Fire – Your Attack loses range, and your ammo capacity is reduced by 6, but you deal 40 base damage per hit. This one is very well balanced. You lose more than half your range and have to reload more often, but you quadruple your base damage. It can’t be used with Flurry Fire, Ricochet Fire, Delta Chamber, Seeking Fire, or Concentrated Fire.
  • Targeting System – If an enemy is targeted by your Special, they take 30% more damage and moves slower. This one’s okay, but can’t compete with most of the other upgrades.
  • Triple Bomb – You can use your Special three times in a row in quick succession. I can’t describe how excited I get when I’m offered this upgrade, and this is always an instant take for me. You can deal massive damage super quickly, especially with boons that improve your Special. You can’t use it with Cluster Bomb or Hazard Bomb.

Aspect of Lucifer Exclusives

There are 5 Daedalus Hammer Upgrades which are exclusive to the Aspect of Lucifer, and they are:

  • Concentrated Beam
  • Eternal Chamber
  • Flash Fire
  • Greater Inferno
  • Triple Beam

All of them are designed to make the most out of this aspect’s unique abilities, and depending on your play style, any one of them could vastly improve the damage you do to enemies or the ease of use for the weapon. However, Greater Inferno is widely regarded to be the best one.


Question: Who developed Hades?

Answer: Indie developer Supergiant Games released Hades in December 2018, but prior to that, they’d released other excellent titles such as Bastion and Pyre.

Question: How many Chthonic Keys are needed to unlock all the Infernal Arms?

Answer: You need a total of 24 Chthonic Keys to unlock all the Infernal Arms, but Malphon and Exagryph are only available once you have unlocked all the previous weapons.

Question: What is the inspiration for Hades?

Answer: Hades is based on Greek mythology and contains characters based on the Greek pantheon of gods, as well as others from their mythology such as Achilles and Orpheus


As you can see, the Infernal Arms are a vast topic with exciting lore and endless possibilities for gameplay. Combining different upgrades and boons allows you to create different run experiences each time. Every weapon has unique gameplay mechanics, and discovering which ones best suit your own play style is fascinating.

Hopefully, this Hades Infernal Arms guide has helped you make decisions as to how to best use the weapons to your own advantage. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun discovering new methods of playing!

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