Best Among Us Mods

Best Among Us Mods Worth Trying


The classic Among Us gameplay may have been enough to take the world by storm in 2018, but these days, it’s far more than the sum of its parts.

You’ll find that while the base game doesn’t ever get boring, per se, you’ll naturally pine for something new having played the same mode across the four main maps over and over. Thankfully, the modding community is as strong as ever.

You’ll find a huge array of different tweaks and gameplay changes that completely transform how the game plays, from small, understated additions to total overhauls featuring new roles, abilities, maps, and quirks.

Having put dozens of hours into the base game with my friends and countless more across my now extensive mod library, I’d like to show you the world that awaits you with the community content available for this game.

I’ll briefly walk you through how to install mods (which is nice and simple) and then we can get on to my best Among Us Mods!

among us mods

Bottom Line Up Front

This article will cover my favorite mods and how to install them. In a nutshell:

  • The best way to download mods is by installing the Among Us Mod Manager.
  • Mods can come in the form of skins, game modes, maps, and new roles and abilities.
  • You can find my ultimate top three out of the list of fourteen at the bottom of this article.

Be sure to check out the Frequently asked questions section at the bottom of this article — you never know, that burning question you had may be answered!

among us mod manager


There are a lot of different types of mods available for this game, so here are the criteria I decided upon for choosing the best of them:

Will include skins: No matter what game it is, there’s always debate about whether skins and cosmetic changes should be considered mods. In my opinion, these alterations should definitely be classified as mods, and in Among Us especially, they’re a big part of how expressive the modding community has become.

Will include mods for both public and private play: Some mods can only be played on certain types of servers, but I won’t be separating those. The description page for each mod will detail what sort of server they can be played on, so this list will include mods of all types.

All mods will be verified to be working: I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve downloaded a mod that fails to load. For this reason, I’ve verified that each mod works as it should by downloading and trying them for myself. Bear in mind that there may be an issue with your personal setup if you find they don’t work for you, but at least you can eliminate the possibility that the mod itself is faulty.

Installing Mods

The Mod Manager

The first thing I suggest is downloading a piece of software called Mod Manager. The modding process isn’t particularly complicated, but if you want to try everything in this list, you’ll appreciate some assistance organizing everything.

That’s where the Mod Manager comes in. This is essentially a separate program that enables you to download, store and arrange all the mods you have for the game in one place. It makes it much easier to turn mods on and off without having to trawl through game files.

Installing and using it is dead simple. Download the file from the link above, extract it to your desktop, and run the Mod Manager 5 exe file contained within the folder. This will run the installer: when prompted with the install location, just use the default one already selected. Each entry in this list has a link leading you to the mods page featuring a description and download link, but in actuality, you can download every mod straight from the Mod Manager.

Follow the simple instructions from the official Mod Manager developer website to get started.

mod manager simple instructions

Installing Manually

If you choose not to use the mod manager and to do things the old-fashioned way, it’s usually pretty easy.

More often than not, mods will have their installation instructions in the description. For many, it’s as simple as following the correct directory, which is Steamlibrarysteam appscommon > Among Us, and unzipping your mod into the folder.

Sometimes, it works a little differently, but these differences mostly pertain to slight changes in the directory or installation folders. Regardless of the installation approach, the download page provided for each mod will notify you of any deviations. If you’re totally at a loss, do consider using the Mod Manager which will do the work for you.

Shy Guy Skin

shy guy skins

  • Creator: jam tornado
  • Created: June 28, 2021
  • Downloads: 7,508

Given the vast array of skins, you can get in the vanilla version of Among Us, as you can imagine, there is a huge list on the mod market.

One of my favorites, though, is the Shy Guy skin. Nintendo fans will recognize this wide-eyed hooded character from the Super Mario franchise, but he fits in well in the Among Us universe, too.

Given that his design features a wide range of colors in the Mario Series, his simple but cute design gels perfectly with the game’s setting. This is the perfect skin to use if you want something off-beat but not off-the-wall.


  • Unlike many skins, this one meshes perfectly with the Among Us aesthetic.
  • Colors are easy to distinguish from one another.


  • The skin may be too similar to the base models for some people.
  • It could be considered a somewhat obscure Nintendo reference.

Custom Space Station Map

custom space station map

  • Creator: DiceFlipyt
  • Created: March 15, 2022
  • Downloads: 2,706

With only four main maps to choose from in the base game, the deadly arenas in Among Us can sometimes have you wishing for a fresh coat of paint. This custom space station map has what you need in spades.

It has a total of seventeen distinct new rooms, each with a variety of jobs to do and corners to creep around. It’s really well designed from a level architecture perspective, and for my friends and me, it was exactly what we needed to switch up our play styles.

Playing in the same maps means you become adept at mastering the mechanics in that environment, and this leaves little room for the element of surprise which makes the game so exciting. Try this brilliant map if you’re looking for a much-needed change of scenery!


  • The map offers a good blend of versatility and familiarity.
  • Made to cater to a wide variety of mods.


  • The space theme may be too similar to the original maps for some.
  • Some consider the map a bit too confusing.

Sheriff Role

sheriff role

  • Creator: x_woodi_x
  • Created: January 20, 2021
  • Downloads: 198,187

The Sheriff Mod is easily one of my favorite mods for Among Us; it only offers a couple of simple tweaks to the formula, but those additions totally change the game for a fun additional challenge.

The mod, which is really a separate game mode, makes one player the Sheriff. This player dons a swish cowboy hat and can shoot any player on sight that he or she believes is the imposter. Shoot an innocent player, though, and the Sheriff dies.

It adds a brilliant layer of tension to the game, and recently, my friends and I have done nothing but play with this role turned on. Giving players extra responsibility in Among Us is a certain way to ramp up the stakes, and out of all the fantastic new roles on offer, there’s nothing that exemplifies that feeling more than this one.


  • A true Goldilocks mod: not too deviant from the original formula, but enough to make a strong impression.
  • Doesn’t take away from the presence of the imposter.


  • Some players find the sheriff detracts from the role of the crewmate too much.
  • Some consider the character to have too much power.

Town of Us Mod

town of us mod

  • Creator: slushie goose
  • Created: February 25, 2021
  • Downloads: 119,995

Town Of Us is a great mod if you like adding some chaos to your games. It adds a grand total of twenty-six separate roles split across three different branches: crew mate, neutral, and imposter roles. As you can imagine, this makes for a lot going on at once if you choose to turn several roles on.

The mod also includes a ton of custom modifiers that add distinct changes to the gameplay, such as The Flash which enables players to travel at twice the speed or kill an NPC called The Diseased which triples the Imposters Kill cooldown time.

The aim of Town Of Us is to revamp every conceivable aspect of the base game; there’s so much packed in, so to see a full rundown of all you need to know, check out the GitHub description page here.


  • One of the most content-packed mods available.
  • Enables you to use the game’s best modded roles from one place.


  • It could be considered a bit too much of a mechanical shift for some.
  • Games can become very chaotic.~

Town of Imposters

town of imposters

  • Creator: AJMiix
  • Created: February 27, 2021
  • Downloads: 169,048

This is another total overhaul mod, and it’s an absolute blast. Once again, the new inclusions feature a fresh roaster of player roles, but most notable about this entry are the new abilities on offer for the imposter.

Imposters will reap the benefits of new move sets, such as being able to drag and dispose of bodies, set traps, poison other players, and more. If you choose to enable it, you’ll also have a new set of imposter roles.

There are nine of these in total, and my favorite is the sniper: an ability that enables to imposter to kill another player during a meeting and take unsuspecting victims out with a long-range attack. You’ll also find some familiar modifiers from other mods as well as several new game modes, and there are even some custom hats and colors.

This mod really has it all, so if you’re looking for a one-and-done deal, this is it!


  • A revamp of the classic formula featuring a plethora of new and unique abilities.
  • Allows players to lean into their base-game specialties.


  • Some players consider the mod to deviate too much from the base game.
  • Similarly to Town Of Us, Town Of Imposters make’s games complicated at times.

The Haunted Mansion Map

the haunted mansion map

  • Creator: DiceFlipyt
  • Created: June 2021
  • Downloads: 8,716

In many ways, I’m surprised this map wasn’t included in the original game. What better way to execute the perfect murder mystery than in a gigantic mansion? I’ve always wanted to do one of those in real life, but for now, this will most certainly suffice.

The map features a sprawling complex of nineteen different rooms, and a whole host of new activities to engage with. There aren’t many maps available for Among Us even with the originals and modded ones combined, and this one is most definitely the most distinct, unique arena available.


  • A brand new location to explore with a fresh aesthetic.
  • It features a well-designed layout that compliments the core maps.


  • Some are averse to stark visual differences.
  • Can be harder to see other players clearly due to the more intricate design.

Cursed Mod

cursed mod

  • Creator: KyleSmith0905, dice flip, Amsyar Rasyiq, and MrWeasel1000
  • Created: August 2021
  • Downloads: Unknown

Here’s a fun little mod if you’re just looking for a subtle change to your games. The cursed mod adds in four new abilities which are available only to ‘cursed’ players. Cursed players can curse other objects throughout the map, including the vents, eject buttons, dead bodies, and even basic tasks.

As you can imagine, this can make for some intense chaotic fun. Not only do players have to worry about the imposter, but they’ll also be questioning their every action, pausing at each corner in trepidation in fear of an untimely death.

The mod enhances the base game’s brilliant use of suspense. In Among Us, the tasks you perform are usually the only constant — the only aspect of the game you can trust. Here, even engaging with these requires a careful eye. Be sure to read this mod’s description page carefully before playing to understand what objects have the potential to be cursed: there are a total of nine new changes to familiar aspects to discover!


  • Rather than adding something new but out of place, the cursed mod slightly changes existing aspects for an authentic feel.
  • Given the subtlety of the changes, this is a great mod to pick if you’re just starting out with modding Among Us.


  • Unsuspecting players might consider the changes unfair or in the way.
  • It may be considered to somewhat take away from the core battle between the imposter and the crew mates.

Zombies Mod

  • Creator: tropic quest
  • Created: January 2021
  • Downloads: 43,955

Did you ever play the fan-favorite Mike Myers game mode back in the days of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? For me, this mod elicits the same heart-pounding thrills of zipping around the Killzone map trying to escape that one rabid player.

In this mode, one player is assigned the role of a zombie, and if they touch anybody, that’s it: they’re a zombie too. For the survivors, their job is to complete all their tasks before the zombies enlist them to their army of living corpses. It’s frantic, exciting, and a whole heap of fun.

To play this mod, you’ll need to join a game through the server. This is a free-to-play modded server that includes a plethora of other game modes you can check out.


  • Adds a more frenzied, fast-paced playstyle to the game.
  • Useful for practicing maneuverability and map recall.


  • Will be too deviant from the original game for some.
  • Requires a completely different skill set to master versus that of the base game.

Love Couple Mod

love couple mod

  • Creator: x_woodi_x
  • Created: January 23, 2021
  • Downloads: 43,253

Cooperation may be a big part of Among Us, but in reality, you can’t trust anyone. Any one of your supposed teammates could be the imposter, making any semblance of an alliance risky business. But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. If you download this mod, you’ll have the opportunity to fight the system as a couple.

The Love Couple mod randomly assigns two players as a team, and the way to win is for the two of you to watch each other’s backs and stay alive. If the couple manages to remain in the top three players, they win. The catch is that each lover is unaware of the other’s role, which means that one could be an imposter and the other crewmate.

This is one of the only mods to foster a co-op feel, and for that reason, it’ll always remain within my top picks for bringing something new to the game.


Prioritizes teamwork more so than any other mod.

Injects a plethora of new strategies into the game.


Adds depth to the basic mechanics, but may be too complex for some to want to bother with.

Can feel unbalanced sometimes towards the favor of the lovers and the imposter.

100 Players

  • Creator: andry08 and CrowdedMods
  • Created: September 22, 2020
  • Downloads: Unknown

This mod may be one of the oldest, but it’s certainly one of the mightiest. As its title would suggest, the mod enables a massive 100 players to run riot.

The game mode has been created to elicit maximum carnage. What’s great is that the games using this mod are just as chaotic for the imposter as they are for the crew mates. The crewmates have to literally plot on paper to work things out and teamwork is a must; of course, teamwork in and of itself is problematic, as you can’t trust any of your ninety-nine spacefaring compadres.

The imposter faces an almost insurmountable task: dispose of ninety-nine players while remaining undetected. With both parties, the sheer number of players is both to their detriment and benefit. It’s awesome how something as simple as upping the player count can vastly change the way things work.

Note: You’ll notice the link in the title will instead bring you to a mod called CrowdedMod. This is the same mod as 100 Players: the original creator just outsourced the maintenance of the mod to new developers.


  • If you’re into chaotic games, there’s no better mod.
  • Great for long play sessions.


  • Is understandably far more difficult for both sides.
  • With so many players running around, the mod can take away from the game’s tense atmosphere.

Proximity Chat

  • Creator: ottomated
  • Created: January 10, 2021
  • Downloads: Unknown

Nearly every mod for Among Us changes something obvious about the game mechanics, like adding new roles or a unique map. It’s not often we see mods that aim to fix something fundamentally flawed about the core game — and that is what a modification is, in the simplest sense.

Proximity Chat is a simple yet genius addition, and something that should have been in the game upon release. It enables players to use voice chat with others depending on their proximity to each other.

This is really a game-changer. It means that players can have organic conversations with their teammates or enemies without anyone else hearing; it could be used to privately assess a crewmate’s legitimacy, form an alliance, or lull an unsuspecting victim into a false sense of security. The possibilities are endless, and above all, I think this is an absolute must for any group of players. It adds a layer of authenticity to Among Us that’s missing.


  • The most theoretically useful utility mod available.
  • Makes the whole experience feel far more immersive.


  • It occasionally fails to trigger.
  • Things can get complicated if three or more players are present.

The Jester Role

jester mod

  • Creator: Unknown
  • Created: June 2021
  • Downloads: Unknown

One of the best aspects of Among Us is how the game extends outside the realms of physical play. It channels the best aspects of card games and board games by pushing the player to use their own wits and psychological manipulation to win, which goes a long way in making a fundamentally simple game deep.

The Jester Role mod exemplifies this by flipping the core objective on its head. As the Jester, a player’s goal is to get voted out when they’re not the imposter. The regular imposter is still chosen, but it’s the Jester’s job to do everything in their power to look suspicious and make people think they’re the killer.

Naturally, this is a challenging role to play: being too over the top will seem suspect, but not doing enough will ensure people just think you’re a regular crewmate. For the crew mate, things are even more challenging. Not only do they have to deal with sussing out the imposter, but they also need to make sure they don’t prematurely end the game by voting out the match’s ultimate manipulator.

Like the Sherrif role, the Jester Role is yet another small but genius change to keep your games continually interesting.


  • It’s a subtle inclusion that makes for an exciting endgame.
  • Both the Jester roll and the imposter carry equal weight as crew mate adversaries


  • Some players find deciding between the two players too confusing.
  • Some feel the Jester detracts from the imposter.

Jailbreak Mod

jailbreak mod

  • Creator: creators
  • Created: July 2021
  • Downloads: Unknown

The Jailbreak mod truly does a 360 with the Among Us formula. This time, everyone is an imposter except one unlucky prisoner. The prisoner must successfully evade nine imposters and escape to the helicopter to win the game, and they have a surprising amount of tricks up their sleeves to do so.

The prisoner has access to a selection of nine special abilities, whether that be sneaky traps to ensnare their pursuers, blocking rooms with faux walls, turning invisible, stealing guns, and even using Matrix-style slow motion. They’ll also be able to utilize a variety of new hiding spots, and as is the case in the original game, they will be required to complete several tasks — this time associated with their grand escape plan. Guards will be armed with heavy artillery to put them down.

There’s a lot of time and effort that’s gone into the creation of this mod; it turns the game into an almost different title entirely, and it just goes to show how versatile the Among Us engine really is. Give this one a go if you like playing as the underdog (or a shotgun-toting menace).


  • Subverts the classic gameplay to twist traditional roles on their head.
  • Successfully balances the power of both sides.


  • Requires a lot of skill to successfully escape as a prisoner.
  • Some consider certain abilities to be overpowered.

The Snitch Roll

the snitch roll

  • Creator: Ottomated
  • Created: June 2021
  • Downloads: Unknown

Even with mods, most Among Us games end the same: players are whittled down in a frantic race to expose the imposter, and then it’s game over.

The Snitch roll adds a high degree of intensity to those final moments. At the start of the game, someone is chosen at random to be the imposter and another to be the snitch. The snitch behaves as normal for the majority of the game, only revealing themselves at the end.

When the snitch is on their final task of the game, they are informed who the imposter is. At the same time, the Imposter learns who the snitch is. At this point, it is a mad race for the two non-crew mates; they both try to convince the rest of the team that the other is the imposter, making for not only a brilliant battle of deception for the two adversaries but a nail-biting choice for the crew mates.

If you’re wanting to add some extra late-game madness to your Among Us matches, installing this mod is a must!


  • This is one of the only mods to offer microcosmic elements of competition to the formula.
  • The mod adds another layer of tense complication for the crew mates.


  • Fun-factor weighted towards the snitch and imposter.
  • Is more difficult for the imposter to win.

My Personal Top Three

jailbreak mod among us

My friends and I had a lot of fun with each and every mod on this list, but here are my top three absolute favorites!

  1. Proximity Chat: There are very few utility mods out there for Among Us, and not only is Proximity Chat the best of the bunch, but it could also well be the best addition Among Us has ever seen. This one’s essential.
  2. The Sherriff Mod: This mod took everything I like about Among Us and updated it to offer something fresh, exciting, and not too imposing.
  3. Jailbreak Mod: This was actually one of the very first Among Us mods I tried, and it set the precedence for my expectations from then on. Jailbreak Mod changes a lot from the traditional formula, but its robust mechanics make it feel like an official game mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is modding allowed for Among Us?

Answer: While you might not be used to the process of modding, it is absolutely safe and fully supported by the developers. This also goes for the Mod Manager software discussed above, which makes the process even more fail-proof.

Question: Can I install mods on the mobile version? Or are mods only available for PC?

Answer: The only way to play modded among us on mobile is through the server. You can launch either the Android or iOS version from this page. Also, be very aware of Among Us “hacks” for mobile: these are almost always a scam and are a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, if you’re interested in mods, Among Us is lightweight enough to run on the vast majority of modern laptops.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of mods I can install?

Answer: Thankfully not! You can ultimately install as many mods as you can store, which given the very small file sizes, will be practically infinite. As I mentioned at the start of the article, installing the mod manager is highly recommended as you begin to collect more mods, just to keep things from getting confusing.


I hope you’ve been inspired to try something different with this list of Among Us mods. Be sure to keep up-to-date with news of any new mods by visiting the game’s Curse Forge page, and make sure you check out the other mods which didn’t make the list this time — there’s a lot of great stuff. Have fun!

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