hades items guide

Hades Items Guide

There is a bounty of items within Hades, all of which have unique functions and aspects. Certain items, like Keepsakes and Companions, can only be gained in the later game and upon successfully winning the friendship or (some) affections of the NPCs Zagreus can interact with.

Regardless, this guide will walk through each item in this indie game produced by Supergiant Games and the function of each of them, so if you are concerned or curious about any item in the game, this is the Hades Items Guide for you.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of items in Hades, and their usefulness (or inherent lack of usefulness) depends significantly on your goals and at what point you are in the game.

The easiest way to learn an item’s purpose or statistics for some of them is to scroll through this guide until you find exactly what it is you’re searching for, whether you’re just trying to figure out what is missing from your Keepsake Cabinet, this is the guide for you.

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Chamber-Clearing Rewards

There are several items that you can obtain from clearing chambers of enemies. Usually, you can see the previews of the rewards for each Chamber you enter unless you have the Enshrouded Curse active from one of Chaos’s Boons.

Items like Charon’s Obol, Centaur Heart, Pom of Power, and the Daedalus Hammer are bound to your current run and, upon death, are lost to the annals of time.

Other items, like Nectar, Ambrosia, Diamonds, Gems, Darkness, and Titan Blood, are not bound to individual runs and can be gradually accumulated, and a store of them can be built up.

Charon’s Obol

Charon's Obol

Charon’s Obol is one of the Artifact currencies earned throughout each of your runs through the Underworld. These are spent in Charon’s shops or at the Well of Charon. This is the only currency that Zagreus will lose the entirety of when he dies.

Centaur Heart

Centaur Heart

Centaur Hearts are Artifacts that can be found in each of your escape attempts. Each heart will increase Zagreus’s maximum health by 25 for the current run. A Centaur Heart found in an Erebus encounter, or a Mini-boss fight will always grant you a boost of 50 to your max health, rather than 25.

Centaur Hearts can be purchased from Charon’s shop for 125 Obols, gained as room clear reward, or when besting Thanatos should he appear for a bit of competition in your run.

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Pom of Power/Pom Slice

Pom of Power

Short for the Pomegranate of Power, the Pom of Power is another Artifact that can make Zagreus stronger. The Pom of Power increases the level of one of your boons upon grabbing it or purchasing it from Charon for 100 Obols.

When buying it from Charon’s Styx Shop for 300 Obols, earning it from an Infernal Gate, or the Elite Temple of Styx Wing, it will increase your chosen Boon’s level by two. If you don’t have any boons, or your boons can’t be leveled up, you will gain 115 Obols as Spare Wealth.

Pom Slice

The Pom Slice is similar to the Pom of Power, but it will randomly increase the level of one of your boons by one. Pom Slices are only available for purchase from Charon’s shop for 50 Obols and cannot be earned as Chamber Rewards.

Daedalus Hammer

Daedalus Hammer

The Daedalus Hammer is the only Artifact that directly improves your weapon. The Daedalus Hammer drastically upgrades your weapon’s attacks and is guaranteed only two in every run.

It can appear in the first room of your run as a Chamber Reward or be purchased from Charon for 200 Obols before reaching the Temple of Styx.

You can only obtain one hammer in Tartarus or Asphodel, with the second hammer appearing in Elysium. If you haven’t obtained two hammers upon entering the Temple of Styx, one can spawn as a Chamber Reward in the Temple.



Nectar is another Artifact currency that, while rare, can be found as a Chamber Reward in the Underworld. It can be given as gifts to various NPCs throughout the Underworld and in the House of Hades to improve your relationship with them.

The only characters that you cannot gift Nectar to are Alecto, Tisiphone, Thesus, and Asterius.

Upon giving your first Nectar to someone, they will return the gift by giving Zagreus a Keepsake. Gifting NPCs 5-6 Nectars will improve their trust in Zagreus to the point where they offer him a quest. Completing the said quest will unlock the rest of his hearts with them, which will need to be filled with Ambrosia.

You can give Bouldy as much Nectar as you would like, but he cannot give you a Keepsake due to his nature as an inanimate bolder.

Upon buying the Vintage Nectar upgrade from the House Contractor for three Diamonds, claiming Nectar as your Chamber Reward will also randomly increase the level of one of your boons by one.

Nectar can also be spent at the Resource Director to obtain very important ranks that affect my serotonin levels too much for it to be healthy. If you’re willing to pay 50 Nectar and more Darkness than I can count, you can obtain every rank your heart desires.



Ambrosia is another giftable Artifact currency. Alongside Diamonds and Titan Blood, Ambrosia is only available via bounties through each run. Similar to how some characters cannot be gifted Nectar, you cannot gift Bouldy or Hades Ambrosia no matter how deep your bond becomes.

Upon receiving their first Ambrosia from Zagreus, a few characters will give him a Companion. From there, Ambrosia can be used to level up your Companions.

10 Ambrosia can be used to purchase the Sonorous Decorative Theme from the House Contractor, which “evokes soaring harmonies and inspiration.” For 15 Amborisa, you can buy the Lovely Decorative Theme, which “evokes certain descriptions of joy and levity.”

You can also trade Ambrosia to the Resource Director to obtain your arbitrary ranks that I put far more importance on than I should. You can purchase every Ambrosia-required rank in the game for a grand total of 10 Ambrosia and too much Darkness.

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Diamonds are another Artifact currency that can be earned only through bounties. So if you want to get Diamonds, you better start cranking up the heat in your game or utilizing the different weapons available.

Diamonds are spent at the House Contractor to purchase a wide variety of different items.

  • Two Diamonds will get you the Deluxe contractor’s Desk.
  • Three for the Pitch-Black Darkness Underworld Renovation will allow you to gain five health every time you claim Darkness as a Chamber Reward.
  • Another three Diamonds will allow you to buy the Fated Keys Underworld Renovation, which gives you one Fated Authority/Fated Persuasion whenever you claim a Chthonic Key as your Chamber Reward.
  • Three more Diamonds will net you the Brilliant Gemstones Underworld Renovation, which gives you 20 Obols every time you claim Gemstones as your Chamber Reward.
  • If you’re willing to fork over another 3 Diamonds, you can claim the Vintage Nectar, which gives you a single level up to an unexpected boon upon claiming Nectar as your Chamber Reward.
  • Two Diamonds will get you the Darker Thirst Underworld Renovation, which means that your weapon’s Dark Thirst will give you a 20% bonus to Gemstone rewards.
  • Four will get you the Vanquisher’s Keep Underworld Renovation, which gives you bonus Gemstones after vanquishing the various Underworld Bosses: 10 bonus Gemstones for the different Fury Sisters, 20 Gemstones for the Bone Hydra, 30 for Thesus and Asterius, and 50 bonus Gemstones for defeating Hades.
  • Five more Diamonds will get you the Gateway to Erebus Underworld Renovation, potentially allowing Chambers to contain an Infernal Gate.
  • At the cost of one Diamond, you can get the Rod of Fishing to fish in the various rivers and lakes throughout the Underworld.
  • After meeting Orpheus, you can also buy him the Court Music Stand. The special items you can purchase with Diamonds will receive their section later in the article.

There are also many other non-interactable house decor items you can purchase with Diamonds, though it would take up way too much time and space to go into each item in this article.

The Resource Director also requires Diamonds to gain certain ranks and titles, though you only need 10 Diamonds, which feels far more achievable than the sheer amount of necessary Darkness.



Gemstones are yet again another Artifact currency found throughout the Underworld. These can be gained as Chamber Rewards, Infernal Troves, Fishing, Sunken Treasure, and from fulfilling different tasks on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

After buying the Vanquisher’s Keep order from the House contractor for 4 Diamonds, you can also get Gemstones as a reward for defeating bosses.

Gemstones are used to buy various things for the Underworld, adding different Chambers into your games. For zero gems, you can add the Fountain Chamber into Tartarus. 20 Gems will allow you to purchase the Fountain Chamber for Asphodel.

40 Gems will allow you to buy the Fountain Chamber for Elysium. You can then upgrade the Fountain Chambers for 20 gems, allowing those Chambers to provide you with 10% more health than usual. For 40 more gems, Fountain Chambers will provide 20% more health.

10 Gemstones will buy you the Infernal Troves, which will have a random chance of appearing in the various Chambers throughout your run. If you want to upgrade them to give you more rewards, it will cost you 150 Gemstones for the first upgrade and 500 Gemstones for the second upgrade.

If you are as fond as I am of smashing every pot Hades has ever bought and dared to place in the Underworld, you’ll like the Urns of Wealth Renovation, increasing the reward for being destructive.

40 Gemstones will give Chambers the chance to contain urns with 5 Obols. 80 Gems will allow Chambers to have jars with 10 Obols in them. Finally, if you can cough up 120 Gemstones, Urns of Wealth can contain 15 Obols.

If you want to switch out Keepsakes between the different Biomes of the Underworld, I recommend buying the Keepsake Collection Underworld Renovation, costing a paltry 10 Gemstones.

As mentioned earlier, the Fated List of Minor Prophecies can help you earn more Gemstones, but first, you need to buy it from the House Contractor for a mere 20 Gemstones.

If you want a handy-dandy list of Boons for every Olympian (and Chaos), you can buy the Codex Index for 50 Gemstones.

Lastly, if you want to die or have a serious challenge, you can buy the Extremer Measure Pact Stipulation from the House Contractor for 100 Gemstones.

This will unlock the final rank of Extreme Measures. The description of this purchase in the game even taunts you, daring you to take on this challenge.

You can buy many decorative items with Gemstones as well, though there are far too many to go over in one article.

Unlike most other Artifact Currencies in the game, the Resource Director does not want your Gemstones – It’s so nice of him not to be greedy.



Darkness is one of the many forms of Artifact currencies that can be found through the Underworld. Primarily this currency is used to upgrade the different powers Zagreus can obtain through the Mirror of Night.

However, Darkness can also be spent at the House Contractor for other items or traded at the Wretched Broker’s post.

From the House Contractor, Darkness can purchase the Eldest Sigil Restoration House Repair, costing 3,142 Darkness. For 25,000 Darkness, you can buy the Infinite Decorative Theme, which “evokes the abyssal profundity of Chaos.”

When trading for a higher rank and title with the Resource Director, Darkness is required for every rank totaling a startling 325,000 Darkness to obtain every rank possible within the game.

Titan Blood

Titan Blood

Titan Blood is yet another Artifact Currency, though this one can prove difficult and frustrating to obtain. This item is received through bosses, though it can only be accepted once per weapon per heat rank.

While getting the first few may be no challenge, the rest of them are. Titan Blood is primarily utilized to upgrade your Weapon Aspects, but that is not the only use.

The House Contractor wants 10 Titan Blood to buy the Stygian Decorative theme, which “evokes the grim stoicism of the Underworld.”

Finally, the Resource Director, generous and kind as ever, wants 10 Titan Blood to unlock all titles. The last Title, Unseen One, requires 1 Titan Blood alongside 12,000 Darkness to purchase it.

Chthonic Keys

Chthonic Keys

Chthonic keys are an Artifact currency – surprising, I know – found throughout the Underworld. These keys can be gained as Chamber Rewards, from Charon’s Shops, from the Wretched Broker, Fishing, or from completing prophecies from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

Chthonic Keys can be used to purchase and upgrade choices at the Mirror of Night and unlock other Infernal Arms. 65 Keys are needed to unlock upgrades through the Mirror of Night, and 24 are required to open every Infernal Arm.

You need at least 1 Chthonic Key when resetting talents and refunding Darkness from the Mirror of Night.

From the House Contractor, you can buy the Chthonic Decorative Theme for 200 Keys, which “evokes night, darkness and the Underworld.” Quite the shocking description and theme for the area where the Chthonic Gods live.

Our gracious and kind Resource Director also demands 100 Chthonic Keys if you want the serotonin boost of ranking up and getting a new title.

Item Shops

The only place you can shop for items is from Charon and the Wretched Broker. Charon will sell you various items through your runs, popping up occasionally throughout each biome before finally setting up a permanent shop in the Temple of Styx.

The Wretched Broker is only available in the Lounge outside each run, trading items for other items.


Charon's Shop in Asphodel

Charon can be found throughout every run, with his dedicated Chamber being a reprieve from the constant fighting and a chance to spend your Obols. He sets up shop along various spots on the River Styx, just before each mini-boss and boss fight.

He can sell a variety of items that were already covered: 25 Darkness for 25 Obols, 1 Chthonic Key for 50 Obols, A Pom Slice for 50 Obols, 20 Gemstones for 75 Obols, a Pom of Power for 100 Obols, a Centaur Heart for 125 Obols, a Nectar for 200 Obols, and a Daedalus Hammer for 200 Obols.

There are a few things, however, that Charon sells that you cannot obtain as Chamber Rewards. One item you cannot buy, however, is the Loyalty Card.


Gif of the various boons from Charon's Shop

Olympian Boons will typically be offered for 150 Obols. Charon can provide you with any Olympian Boon, which unfortunately means you cannot obtain a Chaos boon through his shop. The only way to get a Boon of Chaos is to go through a Chaos Gate.

A Wrapped Random Boon

Charon also has the chance to offer a Random God Boon for 125 Obols. A brown sack conceals this Boon with gold detailing, though you still do not have an opportunity to get a Chaos Boon through this purchase.

Want to know more about the Chaos Boon? Check out this guide.


Food sold through Charon

Occasionally Charon will offer this food item. When I first started playing the game, I wasn’t sure what the food was supposed to be. The fries were easily distinguishable, but it finally clicked in my mind after perusing a few forums.

Charon sells you some fries and a gyro for 50 Obols. Immediately consumed upon purchase, this meal will restore 30% of Zagreus’s health.

The Loyalty Card

The Loyalty Card is obtainable only by fighting Charon. This item is temporary and is lost upon death. It reduces the prices at any of Charon’s Shops, including the Well of Charon, by 20%.

To get the Loyalty Card, you must wait until a sack of 300 Charon’s Obols appears behind the man himself. Assuming you’re a deviant and confident in your abilities, once you steal the sack, you will be sent into a room in Erebus where you have to fight Charon.

This event has a 22% chance of happening, is only possible at shops mid-way through biomes, and cannot appear just before a boss fight or mini-boss fight. You must have beaten Hades at least once before this event can start.

Going through several waves of attacks, you must get Charon down to 20% of his max health. Once there, Charon will call off the fight, and you get the Loyalty Card for your troubles.

As a bonus, if you win, you get to keep the 300 Obol you stole. It will all end back up in Charon’s pocket regardless of if you spend it at his shop or not.

Well of Charon

Well of Charon

A roiling cauldron of purple with a few coins smattering the pedestal, the Well of Charon is guaranteed to appear in the Stairway following each boss, final fight aside. It will not spawn anywhere during the first run on a new save.

It cannot appear in the first four chambers of Tartarus and will not generate within two consecutive chambers of each other, three consecutive chambers if you are still in Tartarus. Besides that, it has a random chance to appear in any Chamber.

The Well of Charon offers a bounty of items to temporarily boost Zagreus’s power or a guaranteed event for a small fee. To decrease the price, you can utilize the Loyalty Card, and to increase the time these temporary items last, you can use Charon’s Bone Hourglass.

You can stack effects from the Well of Charon, so don’t be afraid to purchase multiple items.

Aether Net


You start Encounter (s) with your God Gauge 15% complete. 15 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Braid of Atlas


Your cast deals +50% damage 20 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Centaur Soul


Gain +25 increase to health without health being restored. 100 Obols Instant effect.
Chimera Jerky


Your Special now deals +40% damage. 35 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Cyclops Jerky


Your Attack now deals +30% damage. 40 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Eris Bangle


You deal +50% damage when striking undamaged foes. 30 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Eye of Lamia


Slain foes have a 15% chance to drop healing items. 25 Obols Lasts for 3 Encounters.
Fateful Twist


Gain a random item offered from the Well of Charon. 45 Obols Instant Effect.
Flame Wheels Release


Prevent Flame Wheel foes from appearing in Encounter (s).
This item is only viable in Elysium, where Flame Wheel foes can appear.
75 Obols Lasts for 10 Encounters
Gaea’s Treasure


Gain 11-14 Gemstones The prices vary.
Obols = 350% (rounded up) of however many Gemstones you purchase.
Instant Effect.


You recover 10% of your health when you enter a chamber. 45 Obols Lasts for 3 Chambers.
Ignited Ichor


Gain 20% movement speed. 10 Obols Lasts for 8 Encounters.
Kiss of Styx


Replenish 1 use of your Death Defiance. 200 Obols Instant Effect.
Life Essence


Restore up to 22-38% of your health. The prices vary for this item as well. Obols = 65-80% (rounded down) of whatever amount of health you are purchasing. Instant Effect.
Light of Ixion


Ensures a Chaos Gate will spawn ahead where possible. 40 Obols Active until the gate spawns.
Nail of Talos


You deal +50% damage to Armor. 65 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Nemesis Crest


You deal +50% damage when striking foes from behind. 60 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Night Spindle


Gain +1 use of your Chthonic Companion’s Summon. 40 Obols Instant Effect.
Price of Midas


Gain Obols equal to 1.1 – 1.8x your health 10-50 health Instant Effect.
Prometheus Stone


Gain +1 Cast Ammo for your Cast 50 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Skeletal Lure


Ensures a Fishing Point will spawn ahead where it is possible. 60 Obols Active until the Fishing Point spawns.
Stygian Shard


Traps deal +500% damage to your foes. 35 Obols Lasts for 6 Encounters.
Tinge of Erebus


Gain 12-26 Darkness. The prices vary for this item. Obols = 75% (rounded down) of the Darkness gained. Instant Effect.
Touch of Styx


Your Stubborn Defiance restores +10+ Health 55 Obols Lasts for 15 Encounters.
Trove Tracker


Ensures an Infernal Trove will spawn ahead where it is possible. 50 Obols Active until the Infernal Trove spawns.
Yarn of Ariadne


The next Boon you find will have an upgraded Rarity. 70 Obols Active until the next Boon appears.

Temple of Styx Shop

Charon's Shop in the Temple of Styx

The Temple of Styx shop will always offer six items for purchase before the final fight. This shop is a permanent fixture, and between the different hallways you can pick through for each reward, you can jump over to the Temple of Styx Shop to buy anything your heart desires… so long as you can afford it.

One of the offers will be either a Diamond costing 1000 Obols or a Titan Blood costing 1200 Obols. One will be a Hermes’ Boon with a boosted rarity, costing 500 Obols, or a Titan Blood costing 1200 Obols.

Two offers will have a 1/4 chance of being a Centaur Heart costing 125 obols, a 1/4 chance of being a Pom of Power costing 100 Obols, and a 1/2 chance of being a Non-Hermes and Non-Chaos Boon costing 150 Obols.

Two more offers will have a 1/3 chance of being a non-Hermes and non-Chaos Boon with a boosted rarity costing 450 Obols and a 2/3 chance super Pom of Power that can increase the level of a boon by 2, costing 300 Obols.

Boons with a boosted rarity (you can determine this by the higher cost) have a 10% chance to be Legendary, a 25% chance to be Epic, and a 100% chance to be Rare.

You also have a chance to purchase anything previously available in Charon’s shops, including the Anvil of Fates which is only available in this shop.

The Anvil of Fates

Anvil of Fate

The effects of the Daedalus Hammer will stack up to two, but buying the Anvil of Fates from Charon’s Styx Shop can allow you to have three hammer effects at once. The Anvil of Fates will replace one of the boosted Boons, costing 275 Obols.

The Wretched Broker

The Wretched Broker

Whether or not the Wretched Broker offers good deals is up for debate. I have only ever decided that a few of their deals were worth the trade-off. Whether or not the deals are “good” depends heavily on where you are in the game and what you have left to do before you’ve more-or-less finished the game.

Unlike Charon, you cannot fight the Wretched Broker or befriend them, which in my opinion, makes them the worse item dealer. He offers a variety of randomized trades, changing after each run, so it really is up to luck if you get what you need.

Offered by NPCs

You can run into 3 NPCs during each run that you don’t need to fight – one for each biome. Suppose you encounter these characters and interact with them.

In that case, you will be prompted with a bit of conversation and, depending on how many hearts you have and where you are at with their storyline, the ability to offer them some Nectar or Ambrosia.

Whether you give a gift or not, these characters can give you a gift for your time and conversation. NPCs Chambers are marked by a stone circle embedded with a few small jewels and a white exclamation point.


Sisyphus can be found in Tartarus alongside Bouldy. He will offer you food, 50-55 darkness, or 100 Charon’s Obols.


Eurydice can be found in Asphodel, occasionally joined by Orpheus once their story has been completed. She offers some unique food items she has cooked herself.

Ambrosia Delight

Ambrosia Delight will upgrade two randomly selected Boons you have taken to the next rarity.

Pom Porridge

Pom Porridge will give +1 level to up to four of your Boons. It will not stack on the same Boon, however.

Refreshing Nectar

Refreshing Nectar will upgrade the rarity of the following 3 Boons you find. However, it will not upgrade a Boon from Epic to Heroic.


Patroclus can be found by himself in Elysium, occasionally joined by Achilles once their storyline has been completed. He will offer a small handful of upgraded Well of Charon items, though the Bone Hourglass will not increase their duration.

Patroclus will provide you with a random three from a Kiss of Styx Premium, which replenishes all uses of Death Defiance; The Touch of Styx Dark which allows your Stubborn Defiance to replenish 50% more Health for 15 Encounters; a HydraLite Gold which restores 30% of your health every time you enter a chamber for the next 5 Chambers; and Cyclops Jerky Select which increases your Attack damage by 60% for the next 10 Encounters.



Keepsakes are items gifted to Zagreus by NPCs after giving them Nectar three times. Each Keepsake can be ranked three times by clearing encounters equipped with them.

25 Encounters must be cleared to reach rank two, and an additional 50 Encounters must be cleared for rank three. The list below follows the above image, starting from the top left to the right.

Old Spiked Collar Cerberus Gain +25 Health. This number goes up when ranking the Collar up. For rank two, you gain 38 health and 50 health for rank three.
Myrmidon Bracer Achilles Take 20% less damage from the front but 10% more from behind. This number goes up when ranking the Bracer up. You take 25% less damage for rank two, and for rank three, you take 30% less damage.
Black Shawl Nyx Deal 10% damage striking undamaged foes and when striking enemies from behind. This number goes up when ranking the Shawl up. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Pierced Butterfly Thanatos Deal 1% extra damage for each Encounter you clear without taking damage. This number goes up when ranking up the Butterfly. 1.5% for rank two, 2% for rank three.
Bone Hourglass Charon Items from the Well of Charon will receive an increased duration by +4. This number goes up when ranking up the Hourglass. +6 for rank two and +8 for rank three.
Chthonic Coin Purse Hypnos Receive 100 Obols to spend as you please per escape attempt. This number goes up when ranking up the Coin Purse. 125 for rank two and 150 for rank three.
Skull Earring Megaera Deal 20% more damage while at 35% health or less. This number goes up when you rank up the Earring. 30% damage for rank two and 40% for rank three.
Distant Memory Orpheus Deal 10% more damage to distant foes (they must be at least 500 units away). This number goes up when you rank up the Memory. 20% for rank two and 30% for rank three.
Harpy Feather Duster Dusa Broken urns have a 3% chance of containing healing items. This number goes up when you rank up the Duster. 5% for rank two and 6% for rank three.
Lucky Tooth Skelly Automatically restores up to 50 health when your Life Total is depleted (once per escape attempt). This number goes up when you rank up the Tooth. 75 for rank two and 100 for rank three.
Thunder Signet Zeus The next Boon you find will belong to Zeus. His blessings have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up as you rank up the Signet. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Conch Shell Poseidon The next Boon you find will be from Poseidon. His blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Owl Pendant Athena The next Boon you find will be from Athena. Her blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Eternal Rose Aphrodite The next Boon you find will be from Aphrodite. Her blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Blood-Filled Vial Ares The next Boon you find will be from Ares. His blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Adamant Arrowhead Artemis The next Boon you find will be from Artemis. Her blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Overflowing Cup Dionysus The next Boon you find will be from Dionysus. His blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Lambent Plume Hermes Gain a 1% Dodge chance and movement speed for each Encounter you clear quickly (the definition of “quickly” varies from biome to biome and Encounter to encounter.) This number goes up with each rank. 1.1% for rank two and 1.2% for rank three.
Frostbitten Horn Demeter The next Boon you find will be from Demeter. Her blessing will have a 10% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up when you rank up the Shell. 15% for rank two and 20% for rank three.
Cosmic Egg Chaos You may now enter a Chaos Gate without losing health. Blessing from Chaos will have a 20% chance of being Rare or better. This number goes up with each rank. Rank two will have a 30% chance, and rank three a 40% chance.
Shattered Shackle Sisyphus Your Attack, Special, and Cast each deal 50% more damage while not empowered by a Boon. This number goes up with each rank. 75% for rank two and 100% for rank three.
Evergreen Acorn Eurydice In the final Encounter in each Underworld biome, you take zero damage the first 3 times a foe hits you. This number goes up with each rank. For rank two, you take no damage for the first four hits, and for rank three, you take no damage for the first five.
Broken Spearpoint Patroclus After taking damage, you become invulnerable for 1 second. At rank two, you become invulnerable for 1.25 seconds, and at rank three for 1.5 seconds. This effect refreshes after seven seconds.
Pom Blossom Persephone Every 6 Encounters, you gain +1 level to a random boon. This number goes down every rank. For rank two, it is only every 5 Encounters; for rank two, it is only every 4 Encounters.
Sigil of the Dead Hades Your God Gauge will start at 10% complete. This number goes up with each rank. Your God Gauge begins at 20% complete at rank two, and at rank three, it starts at 30% complete. Your Call becomes Hades’ Aid, which briefly makes you Invisible.


Companions sit at the bottom of your Keepsake cabinet, giving you a unique summon ability for each run. After you give 5 to 6 Nectars to the specific character and complete their quest, they are gained.

Companions cannot be changed midrun, unlike Keepsakes. Each Companion has to be upgraded through Ambrosia rather than through cleared Encounters. Each Companion can only be used once per Encounter.

Companions can be upgraded once per escape attempt, up to four times. Each upgrade costs an increasing amount of Ambrosia and gives you an increased number of uses for your Companion.

The first upgrade costs one Ambrosia and gives you two uses. The second upgrade costs two Ambrosia and gives you three uses. The third, three Ambrosia, gives you four uses. And the last, four Ambrosia, giving you five total uses for your Companion.

Companion Battie Megaera You summon Megaera, who deals 2500 damage in an area near your closest foe, then continually down the line. You cannot use this Companion against any of the Fury Sisters.
Companion Mort Thanatos You summon Thanatos, who deals 3500 damage in an area in front of you after a brief delay. This cannot be used in your competitions with Thanatos.
Companion Rib Skelly You summon Skelly, who creates a distraction with 250 health, provoking your foes to attack it until it dies. You cannot use Skelly against Charon.
Companion Shady Sisyphus You summon Sisyphus and Bouldy to aid you. They deal 1000 damage in an area around you and drop a smatter of Health, Darkness, and Obols. They drop 1 Darkness pickup of 10 Darkness, 1 Obol pickup worth 30 Obols, and 4 Health, healing up to 40.
Companion Fidi Dusa You summon Dusa, who joins you for 30 seconds, repeatedly firing shots that petrify foes and deal 70 damage each.
Companion Antos Achilles You summon Achilles, who deals 1500 damage to two foes one after another.

Special Items

Special Items

There are Special Items you can purchase from the House Contractor fulfilling certain characters’ storylines or giving you access to different parts of the House.

Administrative Privilege Costs two Diamonds Reauthorizes your entry into the administrative Chamber.
Court Musician’s Sentence Costs one Diamond Frees Orpheus from solitary confinement.
Knave-King’s Sentence Costs four Diamonds Frees Sisyphus of an eternity of hard labor.
Singer’s Gamble Costs three Diamonds Permits Orpheus to be with his muse (Eurydice) again.
Hero’s Sacrifice Costs five Diamonds. Allows for Achilles to return to Elysium to be with Patroclus.


Question: Is the Game Difficult?

Answer: Yes, it can be. But the point of all these items and the Boons is to help make the game easier. However, if you’d instead just enjoy the story and the face-paced mechanics, you can turn on God Mode through the settings.

Question: Where can I Play Hades?

Answer: Hades is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, macOS, and Windows.

Question: Does Hades have a Save System?

Answer: yes, it does. Simply clear out the Chamber you’re in, go to your pause menu and save the game. You can quit, and when you return to the game, you will restart in that Chamber.

Returning to the House

So, to sum up, Hades has a lot of items. There are definitely items that I know I haven’t used in my games before, but that’s either because I haven’t had the luck of running across them, or they’ve just been paired with slightly better items. It’s difficult to decide if one is better than the other because they’re all unique and have their own purposes.

It’s challenging to do runs in Hades to get every single item that you ever could, just to experience it, because more often than not, you’re zipping through each level and biome so quickly you may not have even realized you missed something or that it made much of a difference.

The only time you truly get to take a break is when visiting with Charon or one of the characters in their unique biome. Regardless, if there is one thing I’ve taken from writing this guide, it’s that the Resource Director is a scam artist, but I’m still going to pay for their scam because I need the serotonin.

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