Dredge Relics Guide

Dredge Relics Guide – There’s Something Fishy Going On Here

We all have that treasured item that we would never part with, no matter what. The kind of item that, when rushing out from a burning building, we would likely make a hasty detour to grab. It might be a high-value antique, a family heirloom, or it might be as simple as your childhood stuffed toy. Whatever it is, it matters to you and is worth keeping.

This is an example of a wholesome attachment to inanimate objects. However, when we turn our attention to the world of video games, these relics and heirlooms tend to have a more sinister backstory, and obtaining them can often lead to the doom and damnation of the general population if we aren’t careful. High stakes make for good stories, and that holds true in Team 17’s new property, Dredge

You begin this title as a lowly fisherman in search of a stable job, but before you know it, you are wrapped up in a curious and unnerving tale that will have you collect relics for a creepy collector, and battle the perils of the sea to obtain them. It all seems innocent enough at first. However, as the game gets going, you begin to get an inkling that this man should not be trusted. That being said, though, you will still need to find all of the five relics to finish the main questline in Dredge, and without any guidance, that can be a daunting task. 

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Dredge is a gripping, post-apocalyptic survival adventure that challenges you to navigate a desolate world filled with danger and despair. With its immersive atmosphere and intense gameplay, forge alliances, scavenge for resources, and fight for survival against the relentless horrors that lurk in the shadows.

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So with that in mind, we will take the helm and captain the ship, meaning that gathering all the relics needed will be smooth sailing. You know. If you ignore all the terrifying tentacle monsters and snappy Piranhas lurking in the deep.

In this Dredge Relics Guide, we will help you complete all the main pursuits in Dredge, and help you decide what to do with all those curious relics when you collect them all. Without further delay, let’s begin. 

Before You Go Searching

Here’s a little tip before you get wrapped up in the main quest of Dredge. Get your sea legs, and get acquainted with the core mechanics. The game wants you to get comfortable with the movement mechanics; it wants you to catch some fish and turn in some Pursuits, and also wants you to become familiar with other aspects of Greater Marrow and Little Marrow like the Dry Dock, Shipyards and the Trinket Trader. 

So before you are given the quest to head out to Blackstone Isle and talk to The Collector, you will need to pay back your debt to the Mayor in Greater Marrow and catch your first exotic fish, at the very least. However, I would also suggest that you take some time to make basic upgrades to your ship, such as adding a more powerful light, a more powerful engine, and perhaps an alternate rod to catch a wider variety of fish. 

Once you have done this, you should get word that The Collector wishes to greet you in his Ruined Mansion on Blackstone Isle. Speak to him there, and this will begin the first stage of the main Pursuit. The player will be sent on their way to collect an Ornate Key, a Shimmering Necklace, a Music Box, a Jewel Encrusted Band, and a Pocket Watch. The player will also receive dredging equipment that will allow players to take items from shipwrecks. After that, it’s up to you to bring these lost treasures to the surface. 

Note: I feel it is important to add. You can collect these Relics in any order you like. However, I will be covering each Relic in the order I would suggest that first-time players approach this Pursuit. 

The Ornate Key

Dredge Relics The Ornate Key

  • Size: 1×3
  • Location: Behind Greater Marrow
  • Obtained by: Dredging

We begin with the Ornate Key, a relic that will be relatively very easy to obtain when compared to all the others on this list. The Ornate Key is a Relic that can be found by dredging in an area on the backside of the island where you find Greater Marrow. The easiest way to spot this dredging spot is if you head out at night.

You will see a red beacon shining up from the water as you sail around the south side of the island, and you’ll be able to dredge this item up relatively quickly. The things to look out for here are Red Mania Mist which will send you into hysterics, and when that happens, you’ll then need to watch out for Angler Fish, which will damage your boat. 

After you have completed this task and obtained this item, bring it to the Collector, and they will mark a new area to explore on your map, and will also grant you the Haste ability. 

The Music Box

Dredge Relics The Music Box

  • Size: 2×3
  • Location: Gale Cliffs
  • Obtained by: Using Packed Explosives on Rock Wall in The Ruins

Once you take care of the easiest Relic, and have the ability to speed around using the Haste spell, you should make your way to the Gale Cliffs, as this is where you will find the Music Box. To obtain this Relic, you will need to complete a side-quest which will have you repair the relationship between the Whaler in Ingfell and the Hermit located in the nearby ruins. Visit the Hermit first and try to get him to move to Ingfell. He will then tell you that he cannot because his brother will not allow him to return without the Family Crest, which he lost some time ago. 

Your task from this point is to head off into the nearby cliffs and dredge for the Family Crest. This is relatively simple, but you will need to watch out for the Cliff Serpent that will attack you, even when it is broad daylight. 

When you collect this Crest, take it to Ingfell and show it to the Whaler, who will consider bringing his brother back to Ingfell if you test out his Packed Explosives. You will then need to head off to a rock wall through the archway closest to the Ruins and use these explosives to blow away this debris. When you have done this, return to the Whaler and tell him of your success. He will then welcome his brother back to Ingfell. 

Head back to The Ruins and pick up the Hermit, bring him to Ingfell, and collect your rewards. Then head back to The Ruins with some Packed Explosives. You will see a red beacon behind another rock wall near the docking point. Blow this to kingdom come, and dredge up the Music Box. 

You can then take this back to The Collector, who will mark a new area, and will grant you access to the Manifest ability. 

The Jewel Encrusted Band

Dredge Relics The Jewel Encrusted Band

  • Size: 2×2
  • Location: Stellar Basin
  • Obtained by: Helping the Researcher and using a Repulsion Machine to Stun the Tentacle Monster 

After you complete the two Pursuits above, the other relics offer a much tougher challenge. I admit that I went in search of the Shimmering Necklace first despite the map pointing me to Stellar Basin, and in hindsight, I regret that choice. You should head to Stellar Basin third because you gain access to new fishing equipment, and it’s arguably a little easier as a Pursuit.

You’ll want to head out towards the map marker The Collector gives you, and if you arrive at night, you will see a red beacon shining up from the marker. Here’s a tip, though. Don’t go right to where X marks the spot, because a giant tentacle monster will kill you stone dead. Instead, you’ll want to head out to the nearby fortress/castle, where you will find, The Researcher. 

She will let you know that the terrifying Kraken has forced her away from her Research Outpost, and she will ask you to catch some specific fish to help her work out how to stun the beast down below. You will need to catch the following fish:

  • Glowing Octopus (Shallow)
  • Firefly Squid (Coastal)
  • Aurora Jellyfish (Trawl)

Once you have completed this task, the Researcher will then give the player a primitive means of fishing for Abyssal fish, but you’ll want to go and upgrade your equipment by researching the Bottomless Line, and then purchase this for $450, as this will allow you to catch Hadal and Abyssal Fish. 

She will also give you a Repulsion Machine. This is a tool that will stun the Tentacle Monster for a few in-game hours, allowing you to sail into the middle of the Basin and Dredge the spot where the Jewel Encrusted Band is. To equip this Repulsion Machine, you will need to head over to the Research Outpost on the other side of Stellar Basin and set it up. Note that if you dawdle, this machine will need to be reset. So only activate this machine when you intend to head into the heart of the Basin. 

Provided you have your Bottomless Line installed, and you have activated the Repulsion Machine. Then simply sail out into the middle of the Basin, look for the glowing red dredge spot, and pull up the Jewel Encrusted Band. 

When you have this item, equip the Manifest spell, and teleport back to Blackstone Isle, where you can turn in the Relic and will be granted the Banish ability. 

The Shimmering Necklace

Dredge Relics The Shimmering Necklace

  • Size: 2×2
  • Location: Twisted Strands
  • Obtained by: Killing all the Mind Suckers 

Our penultimate Relic will take us all the way out to the Twisted Strand. A tricky area to navigate that is home to Mind Suckers. A group of beasts that you will need to help kill to get your desired Relic. Before you head out to the Twisted Strand, make sure you head to a nearby Shipyard and purchase a Rod that can fish for Mangrove species, as this will be required to complete this Pursuit. While it is a little more pricy than other options, I would urge players to purchase the Versatile Rod, as this will help with getting the Pocket Watch later. 

Upon arrival in the Twisted Strand, weave your way through the narrow waterways until you happen upon the Airman. He lets you know that he has been stranded here for years, has lost a lot of his men, and wants revenge on the Mind Suckers that have trapped him in the Twisted Strand for all this time.

He plans on using his Mortars to blow them up, but he needs to trap them by using clamps in the water. Which means he needs to create bait, and guess who’s going to be catching the fish for the bait? Yep, you! 

For this section, you will need to catch the following: 

  • Gar (Mangrove)
  • Grey Mullet (Coastal)
  • Catfish (Mangrove)
  • Longfin Eel (Mangrove)

When you have completed the collections, he will hand you the bait necessary to lure the Mind Suckers into the traps. Simply head over to the traps, interact with them to throw the bait, and sit back as the Airman blows them to pieces. Speaking of pieces. When they do blow these monsters up, you need to collect a slab of their flesh as proof that they are dead and gone. Do this three times, and the Airman will reward you with the Shimmering Necklace. 

Manifest back to Blackstone Isle and hand this one in, and the Collector will reward you with the final spell, Atrophy, and then send you off to Devil’s Spine. 

The Pocket Watch

Dredge Relics The Pocket Watch

  • Size: 2×1 
  • Location: Temple Near Devil’s Spine
  • Obtained by: Collecting all the Fathomless Flames for the Fanatic’s Ritual

Then last on our list before the grand finale, is the Pocket Watch, which you should absolutely collect last as it’s easily the trickiest of the bunch. The map will point you toward the island formation that looks a little like a Spine, but you’ll want to visit the Temple Island a few miles before Devil’s Spine. Here is where you will find the quest giver that will help you get your hands on the Pocket Watch. 

The Fanatic will then task you with collecting Three Fathomless Flames from the other temples of the region. Sounds easy, but sadly Devil’s Spine is about as hospitable as the name suggests. The water around this area is littered with debris and detritus; it’s particularly difficult to get around when it’s dark, and most importantly, there are little fish that will attach to your boat, alerting bigger fish that it’s feeding time. This means if you don’t shake them off somehow, you are toast. 

So here’s how you keep these little narc fish off your hull. You need to sail into sections of the water with underwater volcanoes underneath. These fish aren’t too keen on the heat, and will leave you alone so long as you chart a path from one volcano to another. I would also urge players to bring some packed explosives with them to clear pathways which will provide a consistently safe route through this area. 

Provided you keep this in mind, chart your course carefully, and travel during daylight, all that you need to do is fish for certain Volcanic fish, and offer them to the three Temple Shrines. This is why we bought the Versatile Rod earlier. If you didn’t, you will need to get a Rod that can catch Volcanic fish. 

Here are the fish that are required for the Temple Shrines: 

  • Pale Skate (Volcanic)
  • Ghost Shark (Abyssal)
  • Squat Lobster (Crab Pots)
  • Spider Crab (Crab pots)
  • 2x Aberrations (Any)

When you have all of the Fathomless Flames, you can then return to the Fanatic and ask him to perform his ritual. After he completes the ritual, he will leave behind the Pocket Watch, and your collection will be complete. You can then head back to Blackstone Isle and gear up for the grand finale. 

The Final Relic

After you have completed all the Relic-related Pursuits, the motives of the Collector become clear as the end of your adventure draws near. However, provided you have explored thoroughly and have checked in regularly at Greater Marrow, you could still change your course and obtain ‘The Good Ending.’ However, you may be wondering how to go about wrapping up the story at all and what the prerequisites are for each ending. Well, I aim to clear that up for you. 

Now, before we go any further, let me shout from the top of my lungs. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Okay, I sounded the spoilers foghorn; if you didn’t hear it, that be on you. Here is a rundown of Dredge’s two different endings:

The Bad Ending

The Bad Ending

The ‘Bad Ending’ is the ending that the player will achieve by simply going ahead with the Collector’s plans and never wavering, despite all those very obvious red flags. When you arrive back at Blackstone Isle and hand the fifth Relic back to The Collector, they will ask you if you are ready to move onto the next step of their plan, and if you agree, you will be transported back on the water and will be tasked with sailing to an area behind Greater Marrow. 

From there, you will gain some clarity on the whole situation. You find out that The Collector was merely a fabrication your manic mind used to convince you to collect the Relics, and you use the Relics as a sacrifice to resurrect your lost love who died at sea. Sounds like a sweet deal, but the trade-off is that a giant sea monster rises from the deep and destroys all the regions of the map you visited on your journey. 

It works out pretty well for our morally corrupt fisherman, but I can see why this ending wouldn’t sit well with a number of players. So you may want to pursue the ‘Good Ending.’ 

The Good Ending

The Good Ending

To get the ‘Good Ending’ you will have to jump through several more hoops. There are a number of prerequisites you will need to meet. They are as follows: 

  • You will need to visit Greater Marrow after handing in each Relic to have a conversation with the Lighthouse Keeper
  • You will need to speak to the Old Mayor, who is found in Devil’s Spine
  • Talk to The Collector and the Lighthouse Keeper after your conversation with the Old Mayor

If you have done all of these things, then you will be able to take the last Relic to the Lighthouse Keeper, who will then send you to the same location the Collector sends you to for the end-game scene. Here you will overcome your demons, discard the Collector persona, and will toss overboard all the Relics you have collected. This will mean that the region is safe, but sadly this comes at a cost for the Fisherman, as he is devoured by the Giant Sea Monster. 

In the end, I would personally say that neither ending is all that satisfying, and it’s hard to truly label one as the true ‘good ending.’ The good news is that you won’t need to complete another playthrough, though. After this scene plays out and the credits roll, you will be able to hop back in just before you decide what to do with your Relics. So you can witness both and see which one resonates with you more. 

FAQ Section

Question: Is Dredge On All Platforms?

Answer: Yes, Dredge is available to play on all major platforms, including PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. 

Question: How Long is Dredge?

Answer: If you follow this guide to the letter and don’t engage with any of the side content available, you could probably roll credits on Dredge in about 6-8 hours. However, I would wager that the average player will roll credits on this game in somewhere closer to 10-12 hours. As for completionists who want to catch all those Aberrations, that may take somewhere between 15-20 hours.

Question: Who is The Collector In Dredge?

Answer: Ah, see, that’s the twist. The Collector is you. Or at least, your psyche. It’s a fabrication you have created in your manic little mind to convince yourself that resurrecting your dead wife is the right thing to do. So the answer is, The Collector is no one, but they are also you. 

The Sea is a Cruel Mistress

So there you have it. A guide on how to get your hands on all the Relics in Dredge. I can’t promise you a satisfying conclusion, nor can I promise that you won’t feel terrified the entire time to sail the seven seas. However, with the help of this guide, I can at least guarantee that you will be able to find these Relics with minimal confusion in record time.

However, I would urge players to stop and smell the sea air, complete some side quests and really explore this wonderful world, because Dredge has so much more to offer than just this main questline. I hope the madness doesn’t consume you, and as always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

Survive the Apocalypse in Dredge | GOG

Dredge is a gripping, post-apocalyptic survival adventure that challenges you to navigate a desolate world filled with danger and despair. With its immersive atmosphere and intense gameplay, forge alliances, scavenge for resources, and fight for survival against the relentless horrors that lurk in the shadows.

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