Dredge Side Quests Guide

Dredge Side Quests Guide – In Pursuit of Completion

Dredge is a psychological horror fishing game released by Black Salt Games in 2023. There are only about 20 hours of content in the game, and the side pursuits make up a decent portion of that time. Some of them are absolutely delightful to experience, like the Lost Dog side quest in the Stellar Basin.

However, there are times when the game offers little direction on how to find their resolutions. It relies on you having explored the world and knowing how to utilize the resources you have at hand. Of course, there are some, like the Hooded Figure side pursuits, that remind you just how fragile the world you exist in really is.

Although creepy and certainly teetering on the edge of sanity, it could collapse in on itself with the blink of an eye. Time is ever-moving, relentless, and quick. It’s up to you to keep up with it. Welcome to a Dredge Side Quests Guide.

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A Quick Cast

There are only a handful of side quests/pursuits in Dredge. You’ll know when you have them all because the Pursuit Corkboard will be completely filled up and everything crossed out (aside from the main quest, of course).

While some pursuits may be hard to miss, like A Place to Rest, others, like the Castaway, are easier to look over while you’re drifting through the open ocean. Some of these quests are saddening, and others are incredibly joyful – all of them are absolutely worth experiencing.

Defining Pursuits

Dredge Side Quests pursuits
Image by Tallis Spalding

Pursuits, or side quests, are optional missions you can pick up in Dredge. They’ll be pinned to your pursuit board, and, with four exceptions, you can carry them out at your leisure. These pursuits will reward you with books to read or some research points.

The various books you can pick up throughout the game will offer you small bonuses like increasing your speed, an increased sell price, lower prices for upgrades, and will generally keep your sanity lower.

Some pursuits are harder to find than others. For the most part, they can all be picked up by just exploring the different dialogue options with the various NPCs.

The Marrows

This is the starting area and has the most side pursuits available by far. However, this also means it’s easier to miss the available side quests in the Marrows proper and the surrounding areas.

Dredge Side Quests dockworker
Image by Tallis Spalding

A Place to Rest

  • Location: Greater Marrow
  • Reward: Two Research Parts, the Engineer’s Companion Book

A Place To Rest can be picked up by talking to the Builder in Greater Marrows. To talk to her, you need to dredge up your first piece item – it doesn’t matter what kind. She’ll request that you bring two pieces of lumber and two scraps to the dock at Steel Point Island.

You can likely dredge these up at the island rather than drift around searching for them. The Builder will mark the island’s dock on your map. When you’ve dropped off all the items, return to Greater Marrow and bring the Builder on board. When taking her to Steel Point Island, be exceptionally careful not to hit anything to prevent her from going overboard and losing everything.

Package Delivery

  • Location: Greater Marrow, Little Marrow
  • Reward: $25, Sustainable Fishing Book

At some point, early on, the Mayor will ask you to deliver a package to the Dockworker at Little Marrow – the town just across from Greater Marrow. He requests that you drop it off as soon as possible and do not dally.

Do just that, and you’ll be paid for the package and will be introduced to some other aspects of Little Marrow, notably the Trader and the Grieving Father.

Lost at Sea

  • Location: Little Marrow, L8
  • Reward: Research Part

Talk to the Grieving Father in Little Marrow, and he’ll tell you a saddening tale about how his son was lost at sea. He requests that, if you can, you find his son’s Bronze Belt Buckle and return it.

To find the Bronze Belt Buckle, head around to the back of Little Marrow (L8 on your map). Here you will find a shipwreck where you can dredge and pull up the Bronze Belt Buckle. Returning it gives the Grieving Father just a bit of closure. Taking this quest early on, before you are comfortable navigating the Marrows, or have a fast ship, will leave you to the dark and unforgiving night.

Dredge Side Quests lost at sea
Image by Tallis Spalding


  • Location: L10, Little Marrow
  • Reward: Signet Ring

Castaway is the easiest side pursuit to miss in Dredge. I nearly didn’t catch it until I was almost done with the game. If you go to L10 on your map, you’ll find a small shelter and fire where a Castaway is waiting for rescue. Pick him up and bring him to Little Marrow to complete the quest.

Be careful, though. If you hit anything, there’s a chance he could be a victim of the sea again. You will not be able to help him if he goes overboard this time.

Craven Courier

  • Location: I10, Little Marrow
  • Reward: N/A, story progression

If you head out to I10 on your map, you’ll find an unmoving ship on the water. Approach it, and the sailor on board will inform you of their fear of moving after seeing a great leviathan in the waters below. You can offer to take their package to Little Marrow for them.

The package is a 2×2 thing, likely the same as what the Mayor gave you. Take it to the Dockworker in Little Marrow. You don’t get any inherent reward for completing this quest, but you do get a bit of story progression next time you stop by Little Marrow and interact with the Dockworker.

Gale Cliffs

This is the second area you’ll end up in. There are only two quests available here, both of which are easily missable if you’re not careful.

Dredge Side Quests gale cliffs
Image by Tallis Spalding

Best before

  • Location: Ingfell in Gale Cliffs
  • Reward: $150

Talking to the Resident in Ingfell to activate this pursuit. She’ll request that you bring her a Conger Eel that has the Rotting tag on it. To access a guaranteed spot with Conger Eels, you first need to get access to the explosives. Finish the main pursuit in Gale Cliffs, and you’ll be able to buy as many as you want.

Afterward, blow up the debris blocking the tunnel near N4. Otherwise, you’ll probably find one around the backside of Gale Cliffs at night. Keep it in your inventory until it turns from “fresh” to “rotting,” and deliver it promptly for your reward.

Recording Rarities

  • Location: Travelling Merchant, Various
  • Reward: 2 Research Parts per fish (8 total)

Although this isn’t particularly bound to Gale Cliffs, this is more than likely the first area you’ll meet the Travelling Merchant in. As such, it’ll likely be where you can pick up this request. Talk to the Travelling Merchant, and she’ll offer you the pursuit. To complete it, you’ll need to find four fish: The Oarfish, Gulper Eel, Goliath Tigerfish, and Coelacanth.

You don’t need to give her the fish. You just need to report on where you found it.


Head around to the back of the Gale Cliffs until you can see the waterfall. This should be around P3 on your map. From there, go through the waterfall as fast as possible to avoid the Serpent. Once inside the waterfall’s cavern, you will see the Oarfish calmly coasting around, where you can pick it up with ease. You will not be able to catch it until you can fish up Abyssal-type fish.

Gulper Eel

The Gulper Eel can be found in an underwater ravine near the Research Outpost in Stellar Basin. Look for a large fish under a disturbed water patch to catch it. If you don’t see it, go through a day-night cycle until it pops up. You will need to have the capability to catch Hadal-type fish.

Goliath Tigerfish

To get to the Goliath Tigerfish, you’re going to need to take some explosives to Twisted Strand. The Goliath Tigerfish is a Mangrove fish, so make sure you can catch that type. From here, find an area that’s blocked off in E12 and blow it up. Cruise on in and claim your prize.


For the Coelacanth, you’re going to need more explosive. This time, however, you will bring it to the Devil’s Spine. You’ll find the Coelacanth in a blocked-off area in Q12. To catch it, you’ll need to have the capability to fish up Abyssal fish.

Stellar Basin

The Stellar Basin is the third area you will find yourself in. Here, there is only one side quest, and it’s, fortunately, very easy to get through and to find.

Dredge Side Quests stellar basin
Image by Tallis Spalding

Lost Dog

  • Location: F2
  • Reward: Sapphire ring

This abandoned stray pup can be picked up in the Stellar Basin by navigating to the cost in the F2 area. From here, you can win the pup’s trust and bring him on board. To make it clear, the dog is INVICIBLE. No matter how damaged your hull becomes, the dog will never be lost to the sea. You can take him with you on all your adventures, no matter how dangerous.

I didn’t know this during my own playthrough, so I went with the route you’re probably supposed to take. Deliver the lost dog to the researcher so that she can finally have a constant companion. Upon doing so, the dog will barf up a sapphire ring for you to claim.

Twisted Strand

There is only one side pursuit in the Twisted Strand, like the Stellar Basin. However, this quest requires venturing into the outskirts.

Dog Tags

  • Location: D12, E14/15, H13
  • Reward: Research Parts

After talking to the Airman, you can begin collecting and returning the dog tags of the friends and fellow airmen he couldn’t find. For the most part, you’ll find them all cruising through and around the coast of the Twisted Strand.

There is one, however, on H13 that you will need to move away from the main section to find. Be careful in this area as there is a boat mimic nearby, so be careful not to get caught in its trap.

Devil’s Spine

Like the rest of the areas, there’s only one here. However, it’s a bit convoluted to get. So, let this guide make life easy for you!

Stone Tablets

  • Location: N14, P13, Q13, O15
  • Reward: Flame of the Sky, 2 Goblets, 2 Rings

Find your first stone tablet at either N14, P13, or Q13. Then take it to the Trader in Little Marrow. There, he will give you a second piece. After that, it’s on you to get the other two pieces by dredging them up – the areas should glow golden. Once you have all four, take them to the lighthouse dock at O15.

Put them together, and you will gain access to the treasures inside the lighthouse. The Flame of the Sky is the most powerful light in the game, at 3,500 lumens. The rest are trinkets that can be sold for pocket money.

The Hooded Figures

The Hooded Figure quests are time-sensitive quests. If you do not fulfill the orders within two days of receiving them, returning to the figure will reveal they have died. It’s chilling, actually. I killed two on accident. This situation could have easily been avoided had I had some bait on hand and not gone in the wrong direction to search for fish.

With that in mind, do not start these quests until you are ready. Knowing the areas they are around and where the fish they’re asking for is key to ensuring their survival and your reward.

Dredge Side Quests the hooded figures
Image by Tallis Spalding

Figure in Blue

  • Location: M7
  • Reward: Haggling and Battering: A Guide Book

The Hooded Figure in Blue is looking for a Blue Mackerel, A Tiger Mackerel, and a Snake Mackerel. The Blue Mackerel can be easily found and picked up in the Marrows with Coastal equipment. The Tiger Mackerel is found in the Gale Cliffs with the same equipment. The Snake Mackerel is only found in Devil’s Spine and, like the rest, you only need Coastal equipment to snag it.

Figure in Gold

  • Location: K2
  • Reward: Advanced Fishing Book

The Hooded Figure in Gold is after a Red Snapper, A Fangtooth, and a Blue Crab. All three of these fish are caught in the Stellar Basin. The Red Snapper is daytime only, though the rest can be found at any period. They all require standard equipment, except for the Fangtooth, which requires an Abyssal Rod to get. Taking on this quest before you have access to an Abyssal Rod is a death wish for the Figure in Gold.

Figure in Purple

  • Location: E10
  • Reward: Pushing the Limits: Engines Book

The Hooded Figure in Purple is after a Tarpon, a Horseshoe Crab, and a Barreleye. The Tarpon is a Shallow fish caught only in the Twisted Strand. It’s available anytime. The Horseshoe Crab is only caught with a Crab Pot in the Twisted Strand. For the Barreleye, you’ll need to go to the Stellar Basin with an Abyssal Rod equipped, though you can fish at any time of day.

Figure in Red

  • Location: L14
  • Reward: Nautical Engineering Book

The Hooded Figure in Red is looking for a Cusk Eel, a Sailfish, and a Frilled Shark. The Cusk Eel is only caught at Night and in the Devil’s Strand. You will need a Volcanic Rod for both it and the Frilled Shark. The Frilled Shark can be caught at any time, also in the Devil’s Spine. The Sailfish, however, is only in the Marrows and only during the day with an Oceanic Rod. I recommend using Bait to find all three, lest you risk running out of time.


Question: How long is Dredge?

Answer: There are about twenty hours of content in Dredge.

Question: Is Dredge a horror game?

Answer: Yes! Dredge is a psychological horror game, relying more on the atmosphere than it does on j

Question: What platforms is Dredge on?

Answer: Dredge is available on PC, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

A Full Corkboard


So there you have it, every single side pursuit in Dredge. There aren’t that many, which is a shame. The side pursuits truly help to breathe life into the game – or at least, what life remains. It would have been nice to see more pursuits interact with the eldritch horror aspects of the game, but unfortunately, that seems to mainly be reserved for the main pursuits.

With how many side quests can be found in the Marrows region, it feels lackluster not to see more elsewhere. Admittedly, the Marrows is the most populated region of the game, so perhaps that’s the reasoning as to why there aren’t more elsewhere. Either way, there’s part of me that hopes for DLC sooner or later that will add some more pursuits into the game.

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