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Killer Frequency Calls Guide – Save Everyone

In Killer Frequency, you play the role of Forrest Nash, a blacklisted radio talk show host who is now stuck in a small-town job in Gallows Creek. Forrest is hosting 189.16’s show “The Scream.” However, the job quickly turns for the worst as Forrest is thrust into a role he and his producer, Peggy, were not prepared for.

In Killer Frequency, you need to answer phone callers from different residents of Gallows Creek and try to help them out before it’s too late.

For everything except timed questions, you can take as much time as you need, and you might even get an achievement (Dead Air) if you spend enough time trying to figure out the different puzzles and answers.

There is no trial and error in Killer Frequency (but there is a save mechanic you can readily take advantage of should things go poorly). Not every answer you make matters; unless noted here, you can probably answer however you please.


You start your shift on The Scream at midnight, and while things seem normal while you settle in, you are almost immediately thrown into the action with your first caller.

First Responders Leslie and Deputy Sara Martinez

The first phone call you get is from Leslie, the local 911 dispatcher. She’s calling because you’re the only number she can readily reach and because she’s letting you know that, for the time being, she has redirected all 911 calls to you.

Leslie has some dire news: someone has attacked the police station, killed Sheriff Matthews, and locked an unconscious Deputy Martinez in the holding cell (with the keys thrown inside, of course).

She can’t reach any numbers outside of Gallows Creek and is at a bit of a loss for what to do, especially once the Whistling Man arrives. Forrest, not in any immediate danger, is able to walk her through with a slightly more level head.

There are a lot of prompts to answer in this call, but only a handful of them matter.

  • Find Another Set Of Keys?
  • Check Sheriff Matthews.
  • It’s the right thing to do.
  • TIMED Lock the doors!
  • Take a police cruiser!
  • Take the Taser.

Leslie will hang up, and there will be a few quick, timed responses when she calls back, so stay on your toes. Regardless, you have pretty much secured Deputy Martinez’s life at this point.

Jazzercise Master Sandra Sharpe

The keyless entry technique that you need to walk sandra sharpe through
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Before you meet the resident Jazzercise studio owner, Peggy and Forrest will talk for a bit and handle another caller. Once that’s over, Sandra Sharpe will finally call 911 for help (and be redirected to 189.16, The Scream). She, too, is being hunted by the Whistling Man.

However, she managed to Jazz Run away from the serial killer and into her car, where she is now hiding. There’s just one problem, however. Sandra dropped her keys in the midst of her Jazz Running and needs a way to start her car.

It’s up to Forrest to teach her to hotwire it on the fly. Thankfully, there are some things in the station that can help. If you need help, you can always ask Peggy… at least until you get back on the call with Sandra.

  • Put the screwdriver in the ignition and twist clockwise.
  • Unscrew the steering column.
  • What’s the serial number on the steering column?
  • Strip and twist together the Red and Yellow wires.
  • Strip the purple wire and brush against the twisted wires!

That’s it! You’ve saved Sandra from the Whistling Man, and she will live to see yet another jazzy day of running her jazzercise studio that she jazz runs to.


More time passes, and now you’re moving on to one of the hardest calls in the game. Fortunately, before this, however, you get to meet the wonderfully horrible Ponty of Ponty’s Pizza, who is determined to get some free advertisement off of The Scream.

The Reporter, Maurice

the copier and fax machine that maurice sends his hand-drawn map to
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Maurice has one very fast-timed answer, and you need to pay attention to help him survive. Take as much time as you need when moving through the rest of his questions, though.

Most of his questions require some careful thought, and while the pressure may feel like it has been cranked up to max, you do have plenty of time to think these things out. If all else fails, just pause and look at this guide. It’s only after Maurice faxes you the drawing of his office layout that you can finally start getting to work saving his life.

  • Call the Editor’s Office.
  • Go to the kitchen.
  • Can you lock him in a room?
  • Use a radio?
  • I hope he’s a 189.16 – The Scream fan?
  • TIMED Maurice, turn the volume down!
  • Call the boardroom.
  • I’m sure. Make the call.
  • Hide in your cabinet.

A timed prompt will pop up shortly after this. Do NOT answer anything. Peggy will give you the all-clear when you’re good to talk again. Thankfully for you, if you’ve gotten to this point, Maurice, like everyone else, is saved from the Whistling Man.


After a bit of lore, exploring more of the studio, a call back from Maurice, and an ad, it’s time to save Dr. Virginia Sullivan.

The Coroner, Dr. Virgina Sullivan

Virginia is practically inconsolable over the phone, and she’s very difficult to help. As such, you and Peggy decide to look to her neighbors and the community to help save her from the Whistling Man.

After she hangs up, it’s up to you to wander around the studio and deduce where the nearby frat house has been ordering from. After figuring this out, you can sit back at your desk and order with Peggy.

  • Call Ponty’s Pizza
  • Garlic Bread!

When Norman the Barbarian requests that you play the flow, go ahead and follow Plunker’s command and play it for the Frathouse. They’ll listen to your every word from here on out and save Virginia from the Whistling Man.

Maze Meetings, Eugene

The maze used to help navigate Eugene through the maze to save him from the whistling man.
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Virginia’s solution was fairly easy, but Eugene’s won’t be. Thankfully, you can really take your time helping to navigate him through the maze (for the most part). Keeping track of Eugene’s orientation and where the landmarks are in relation to him is key to helping him escape the Maize Maze.

  • Go left!
  • Go backwards!
  • Go left!
  • Go right!
  • Go right!

Eugene will emerge safely from the corn maze, and perhaps the most confusing part of the game is finally over. Thankfully you will never have to navigate the Maize Maze again after this.


Almost two hours have passed since Leslie and Deputy Martinez escaped. By anyone’s estimation, you’re about halfway through the night (and the game, more or less), but that doesn’t mean people are safe. If anything, things are starting to ramp up and become slightly more dangerous for everyone involved from this point on. Exploring the station also becomes increasingly creepy.

VCR Warrior, Murphey

Murphey threatened to fight the Whistling Man and carried through with that threat. Unfortunately for him, the Whistling Man readily took up the challenge, and Murphey was horribly beaten and now requires your help escaping.

Trapped in a dumpster in a burning building, Murphey depends on you and Peggy to summon some help so he can escape. Use the map to your right on the wall, the provided sticky notes, and the tacks to figure out who is the right person for the right job. Keep in mind the ages of everyone and the road closures too.

It’s really easy to miss a lot of clues with Murphey, so make sure you ask him what he sees and hears.

  • Call Katherine.
  • See anything Murphey? or Katherine – Recycling!
  • Hear anything Murphey? or Katherine- go to the Crusher!

Assuming you took the time to figure out Murphey’s environment (or you read ahead), Murphey should be safe, and Fernando will still get to celebrate his birthday with his father. Why Murphey decided to fight the Whistling Man on his son’s third birthday is beyond me, but you do you, Murphey.

The Teenagers, Carrie And Friends

The friendship quiz used to save carrie and her friends.
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Carrie requires a bit more time and work on your part to help her and most of her friends survive. One small mistake can be fatal for her or her friends, and while you can save most of them, you, unfortunately, can’t save everybody.

Carrie’s call starts out with her alone before quickly devolving into a much worse situation than her friends intended it to be. The important answers start after you retrieve the friendship quiz from Jeanie’s “desk” in the lobby.

Remember that there are two sides to this paper, so make sure you flip it over and see what information the other side has for you, too.

  • Heather
  • Jennifer
  • Hot David
  • Lisa
  • Chad
  • Focus.

Aside from Jimmy, and as long as you don’t pick Scott for anything, everyone should be mostly fine, and the plan should go well. Even through the tension and anxiety, everyone except Jimmy should live, and despite the close call, Carrie will be okay.


Before 2:40 hits, you’ll have a handful more calls and get to wander around (and outside of) the station. You’ll probably be left with more questions than answers, but thankfully, nobody’s life is on the line during this time. It’s only after Forrest has hauled Clive’s corkboard upstairs that your choices begin to matter again.

Clive’s Mystery

During this section of the game, things are changed up a bit. Instead of trying to save a caller, you need to figure out who the next victim is and call them before the Whistling Man finds them.

Look over the evidence on Clive’s corkboard carefully, use the sticky notes to figure out where everyone is or what they’re doing (if you can), and then make the call.

If you’re struggling to figure this out, even though it’s not a call, here are the important answers.

  • Chuck Brody
  • Gas Station
  • Run!

Chuck Brody and his customers will narrowly escape a horrifying death by the Whistling Man, and you can feel rather proud of yourself for your pre-emptive action.


After saving Chuck Brody and exploring the station just a little bit more, you’re finally on the right track to solving the mystery of the Whistling Man.

Things start to get exponentially scarier and more threatening from here, but you’re in the last stretch of the game. There are a few more calls to work through, but Gallows Creek and its residents are nearly saved.

A Call Back

After exploring parts of the basement that nobody except Clive has ever seen, it’s time for you and Peggy to make two calls, specifically to Dr. Virginia Sullivan and Sandra Sharpe.

At least, if you’ve managed to keep both of them alive, you can call both to try and get more information. Honestly, there isn’t much you can get with Virginia, but you should generally try to be straightforward.

The time when you really need to be careful with your answers is during your call with Sandra. Things will go south quickly if you’re not friendly and reassuring.

  • That sounds nice. or Why were you targeted?
  • Are you keeping secrets?
  • You okay?
  • We know.
  • Sure.
  • Of course.

If you want the lore and a hint at what’s going on, you genuinely do have to be friendly with Sandra because if you’re not, she’ll find any excuse to hang up – even if that means going back out.

Another Request, Dawn

The starling security system manual you can use to either help or discourage dawn
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

After calling to request her song for so long, Dawn finally calls with a more “urgent” request, claiming that the whistling man is after her and she needs to break into “her” apartment…. except something is off.

If you’ve paid attention to the audio of every call before, you can always hear whistling on the phone, and yet there’s nothing on Dawn’s side except for a dog’s bark.

It’s up to you to find the security system’s passcodes and pick which one you give to her (if you want to save a good boy and a roller rink superstar, however, you should give her the code that sets off the alarm test instead).

Best Friends Forever, Jason And Casey

It’s time to save another life, and you better get ready because it’s a long, intensive call with many steps. You have to explore parts of the studio that you probably never thought you’d see and maybe break a few privacy regulations.

Of course, when someone’s life is on the line, do privacy regulations even matter that much? Well, that’s a problem to worry about later. For now, a man’s life and his best friend’s peace of mind are on the line, and it’s up to you and Peggy to try and save them. Jason isn’t dead yet, but he’s very close to it.

  • Don’t touch the knife.
  • We need to secure the knife.
  • Use the cleaning rags.
  • Could somebody nearby help?

At this point, you’ll need to find Reggie’s office and find out where he hid everybody’s personal information. Despite the implied urgency, you really can take as much time to look through everybody’s personal files as you want, though you will have some time afterward to look as well. After figuring out who to call, turn to the intercom because it’s time to get back to work.

  • He’s going into shock.
  • Elevate Jason’s legs.
  • Apply an additional bandage.
  • Call John Hedges.
  • This is a medical emergency! or Somebody has been stabbed.

Like that, John Hedges will be off, and Jason should be saved just in the nick of time. Unfortunately for you, things are about to get downright terrifying as the Whistling Man makes his own appearance in the station.

Peggy is nowhere to be found, and creeping through the station to try and find her or get back to the production booth is honestly terrifying (as if the station wasn’t already creepy enough). Up until this point, I was pretty much fine with the atmosphere, but when the Whistling Man appeared, I actually screamed and threw off my headphones, so be on guard.

A Killer Interview

The whistling man leaning against the glass of the producer's booth
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

The Whistling Man is here, but also not. It’s up to you to keep both of them distracted for as long as possible so Leslie’s acquired help can arrive in time to save everybody.

Play along with the game that “Dawn” and her son want to have without being overly aggressive, and you, Teddy, and Peggy should be fine. It’s time for the interview of a lifetime, and you need to nail it, or everything you’ve worked for will be lost.

  • Be honest, Teddy. or Do you want to die?
  • Whistling Night, right? or Tell me why that night.
  • No. Ricky didn’t know. or Did you ask Ricky?
  • Just a prank?
  • Who was it? or How did you feel?
  • How do you know?
  • Then why the cover-up?
  • TIMED either answer works here
  • Answer the question.
  • You’ve been through hell.
  • The School Gym!

After this, the conversation will continue, and secrets will begin to unravel, but most importantly, make sure you grab the birthday card off Peggy’s desk.

It’s key to helping prolong for time, and while it doesn’t guarantee Peggy’s life, you should have stalled long enough at this point that she and Teddy will survive the wrath of Marie Campbell, and you will survive her son.

Last Breath

Last Breath
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

And just like that, the game is over all too soon. You don’t really get to see much aftermath except the epilogue, which hints that either Marie or Henry escaped (though most likely Marie) by throwing themselves off Whistling Point.

They took the guise of the Whistling Man and, just as the original serial killer did all those years before, ended in the same way.

You can, realistically, go about the game in several ways, and there are points where you can vary your answers. For the most part, however, you do need to approach almost every call with caution because one small mistake early on can actually end up being the nail in the coffin for more than one person.

Killer Frequency Calls Guide: FAQs

Question: How scary is Killer Frequency?

Answer: Killer Frequency has maybe one jumpscare that often balances its tension and overt horror with some comedy and humor. I’d put it at a solid four on a scale of one to ten.

Question: Is Killer Frequency free?

Answer: No, but that’s alright. The game is at a good price point; you should buy it because it deserves support.

Question: How long does it take to beat Killer Frequency?

Answer: It takes about five hours on your first playthrough, and that’s even when considering how much you’re likely going to wander around and poke at things.

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