Pioneers of Pagonia Announced for December



Settlement managers can look forward to the release of Pioneers of Pagonia in December! 



With a reported early access release date of the end of December, Eurogamer details how players can enjoy this ambitious new management sim with over “40 different building types, more than 70 different goods, and dispersed production chains” to while away the hours.


Games is Hard further reviews Pioneers of Pagonia’s impressive visual style reminiscent of Genshin Impact, taking place in a mythical, medieval land across various islands and hills, and procedural map generation for endless fun. 

Pioneers of Pagonia on Steam


They further add that while the game will remain in Early Access for six months, the developers plan to add features like cooperative multiplayer and new buildings for fans to enjoy.


While it’ll likely devolve into the standard affair of managing settlers’ food, health, and happiness, the diplomacy mechanics and exploration seem promising for settlement heads wanting to engage more with this wild land and quirky settlers.



Though much is still unknown about the story, the trailer reveals a dangerous-looking mythological creature in a suspicious outcropping, with ominous music teasing its importance.


Even if these types of settlement managers can do without a compelling story if the gameplay holds up, having a threat or reason to push on can add much-needed determination to our actions, like surviving the cold in Frostpunk or defeating God in Cult of the Lamb.


Whether you’re a hardcore RTS fan looking for an adorable fix or a Cult of the Lamb creature looking for a new manager to slay, Pioneers of Pagonia promises to be a welcome addition this coming December!


Does Pioneers of Pagonia Have A Demo?


Pioneers of Pagonia on Steam


Yes! If you’re interested in giving Pioneers of Pagonia a go, you can check out the demo coming to Steam in October! Though the game releases in early access in December, we can try it out months in advance to see if it’s our kind of management sim.


Even if Pioneers of Pagonia isn’t up our alley, Eurogamer details how the developers promise to add new buildings and features across its release. So whether you want to have a hand in shaping its release or watch Pioneers of Pagonia as it evolves, you can get to managing as early as October!


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