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Indie games have a special place in JT's heart. Writing about indie games gives him an opportunity to unpack and examine the genuine care individuals and small groups pour into their projects. Whether its Lucas Pope turning passport verification into a fun gameplay mechanic in Papers Please, Omocat spending over 8 years hand-drawing the entirety of Omori, or Toby Fox designing the absolutely banger soundtrack of Undertale, the palpable care put into these games is worth the writing about.

honey i joined a cult review

Honey I Joined a Cult Review: Building a Morally Bankrupt Utopia

Cults management sims are wacky. Whether we’re sacrificing our followers to an Eldritch being from the great beyond or poisoning the punch for giggles, cult sims offer an excellent power trip for the morally ambiguous entrepreneur. While most cult management sims have stuck to core elements of managing a secret society, like Cult of the …

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Disco Elysium Best Build

Disco Elysium Best Build

Disco Elysium’s checks are hard. Sacrificing our Physique to invest in a high Intellect character can make us fail even the easiest endurance check or kill us after kicking a dumpster. Likewise, characters with deficient Intellect are less likely to solve investigations, let alone recall basic history. Only a carefully built character with proper attribute …

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weird west best abilities

Weird West Best Abilities

Abilities are my favorite feature of the Weird West. Whether we’re pistol diving in slow motion or savaging our enemies as a werewolf, abilities afford us a vast range of violent solutions. Personally, I find there’s no feeling more satisfying than unloading an explosive shotgun round into a horde of zombies begging for a BBQ. …

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Scathe PC Review

Scathe PC Review

I love arena shooters. Whether we’re tearing our foes limb from limb or hurling down corridors like a child on a runaway shopping cart, arena shooters fulfill our primal urges for high-octane violence and SPEED! Games like DOOM, ULTRAKILL, and Dusk have all catered to our violent whims and inspired a vast collection of spinoffs …

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Terraria Zoologist Guide

Terraria Zoologist Guide

Jolly, friendly, and covered in fur, Terraria’s Zoologist is a strangely wonderful character. This archivist-turned-werefox gifts us furry accessories, squirrel gear, and even explosive cats the more creatures we discover. Just don’t bother her on a full moon, or she’ll go feral! In this Terraria Zoologist guide, I’ll review how to attract the Zoologist to …

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Rimworld Kibble Guide

Rimworld Kibble Guide

Kibble is the lifeblood of Rimworld animals. Whether you’re feeding livestock, building an elephant army, or civilizing feral humans, dog food plays a prominent role in building and maintaining your spacefaring empire. In this Rimworld Kibble Guide, I’ll be reviewing the process of creating, distributing, and maintaining your kibble production lines. As a bonus, I’ll …

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