Ultimate Chicken Horse Adds 15 Holiday Levels for Festive Fun

Animal engineers can enjoy an early chaotic present with the addition of 15 fan-created holiday levels for Ultimate Chicken Horse.

For those who haven’t had a chance to try it, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a competitive, level-builder platformer where players control several bipedal animals and compete to finish levels while sabotaging their friends with increasingly sadistic and silly features. From adding wrecking balls and flamethrowers to ridable paper airplanes and black holes, Ultimate Chicken Horse offers hilarious fun in creating monstrously challenging deathtraps for their well-dressed raccoons and albino squirrels.

While the game has 19 default courses players can gradually unlock through the floating question mark boxes in given levels, the developers detail in their latest update that they have gifted players an early Christmas present in the form of 15 new featured fan levels to celebrate the season!

Between giant snowmen, penguins, and candy canes, the levels look and feel like thematically appropriate means to tear apart friendships and get an early start on the holiday season. Though some courses seem relatively simple or feel like derivatives of other levels (i.e. the “Xmax eve” Christmas tree passages are very similar to the pyramid level, and the Winter Cave’s layout is reminiscent of Waterfall), they offer a heavy dose of seasons greetings with every death wrought from an evil snowman or ominous present.

Regardless, all these levels are free and can be easily accessed from the underground well by the giant computer. Among the featured levels found in the developer’s newsletter are the following:

  • Fireplace: YZF2-H7VP
  • Wintery Snowglobe: 3KVR-87E7
  • Fireplace (Version 2): 0534-PJKV
  • Santa’s Workshop: 0P3M-FNZ1
  • X’mas at Phillp Island: PYSC-TWBR
  • Ultimate Candy Snowman: VKAZ-KW8B
  • Winter Cave: ASP8-1G68
  • Snowy day: WKC7-JXVH
  • Icewind Pass: Y6K8-S50F
  • Frosty Mountain: 6PB5-MUBX
  • Across the Ice: C0DT-75N9
  • Xmas Eve: T0J2-RR6B
  • Christmas mountains: 86W3-X5M6
  • winter wonder: J1RT-AH62
  • Present Factory: PKC2-7XAE

How do I Access New Ultimate Chicken Horse Levels

For courses themed around festive events, the developers review in their devlog that players can access the areas by “[starting] a lobby, [going] down the well, and [clicking] on the big ‘LevelNET computer'” then either sorting through the first page of the custom levels or entering in the codes above. However, for courses tied to the main game, players can access them by interacting with the floating question mark boxes scattered throughout each level or joining a friend who’s already unlocked that level.

Even if some of the levels are somewhat similar or leave them up to player creativity, a few specific features, like the giant rolling boulder in the Indiana Jones Temple level or the elevator in the abandoned house, introduce some hilarious elements that can add extra tension or give new ways to solve a puzzle.

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