Cassette Beasts Announces Online Multiplayer In 2024

Cassette Beasts, an open-world, indie take on Pokemon, has planned an update for the longest time that they’re just now showing off and stating that it’s coming soon, which is their multiplayer update.

The game already had local multiplayer, but a whole host of online features were planned since the start and are only getting added now.

These multiplayer features allow you to play with your friends online, even if you’re not on Steam and can’t use the Remote Play features that the platform has.

This update doesn’t have a fully confirmed release date yet, but it will be coming in Q1 2024, mainly having been delayed this long to allow it to drop on every console simultaneously.

What’s in the Cassette Beasts Update?

In this update, the main feature will be parties, where you can simultaneously have up to 8 people in the same party, with everyone visible in the world.

This is very different from the local multiplayer since you could only have one other person join you, and they could only control one of your party members, as opposed to their custom character.

While you’re partied up with other players, you can do battle with them, a long-standing tradition that every Pokemon game has had.

In these battles, you can set custom rules, like removing specific sticker attributes, making everyone’s Cassettes be a certain level, disabling or limiting fusions, and disabling duplicate stickers, all so you can make a fair fight.

Image from Raw Fury.

You can also trade your tapes with friends, so if they’ve found a bootleg of a monster you like, you can trade it for whatever you have at any time.

The most prominent feature of this update, though, is that you can ally with your friends and take on Rogue Fusions together (and probably roaming legendaries), raid boss style, which will make that process way more fun.

All of this is coming as a free update on all platforms in Q1 2024 (January-March), and they’ve said they can’t confirm or deny if Crossplay between consoles is going to be possible just yet, but that’s something they’re trying to do that we’ll just have to wait and see on.

Every console will get this update simultaneously, and that’s the reason it’s taken this long since they’ve been pushing to get version parity on all platforms.

This does bring into question why they wouldn’t just drop the update on PC and whatever consoles weren’t a struggle to get working first if it’s been ready on those platforms for a while.

Still, I assume their priorities were ensuring everything worked on every console before developing the update entirely, ensuring they could drop this update without fear of it breaking.

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