Monica Phillips

Monica is a writer, artist, YouTuber, modder, musician, and general doer of all things related to video games. She’s a trans woman with a bit of experience and love for every game genre. From her first experience with Cave Story to loving Celeste and going through the life-changing Outer Wilds, indie games have become the core thing she’s grown to love and care about when it comes to video games. They’re all about finding new games to fall in love with, new genres to dive into thoroughly, and new experiences to attach to forever.

Flame Keeper Review

Flame Keeper Review

While the Roguelike genre may have taken off with games such as Dead Cells or Enter the Gungeon, a newer and mildly more balanced genre is the Roguelite, basically, just a game where you can get upgrades and consistently make your character stronger while still delving into new and random levels every time you play. …

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