Lethal Company Monsters Guide

In Lethal Company, you’ll dive into moons that house some pretty terrifying monsters that’ll probably catch you off guard and kill you the first time you encounter them. Each of these monsters has some counter-strategy, though, which can be challenging to learn if all you’re doing is running inside, picking up a metal sheet, and dying.

Dealing with these monsters can be tricky, so I’ve written this guide dissecting each enemy’s strengths and weaknesses and what strategies you can use to either get the hell outta there or kill them in cold blood. Pack a shovel and bring your walkie, just in case, and let’s dive into every enemy in Lethal Company.

Outside Enemies

When you’re outside the complex, it’ll usually be a somewhat peaceful time, but the later the day goes on, the more enemies will start spawning. When you’re trying to haul loot back from the complex, you’ll be slower and louder, and you can’t really run outside, so knowing the enemies you’ll have to face out there is the most crucial part of defending yourself in this game.

Circuit Bees

Lethal Company Monsters circuit bees
Image from Monica Phillips.
  • Recommended Tools: TZP Inhalant; otherwise, carry nothing to run faster.
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: None

Bees are a mostly passive enemy that will be present at all times on the map and don’t spawn at night like most other enemies. They’ll only get aggressive when you approach them, rather than targeting you if they see you, so if you want to avoid taking any damage, feel free to walk around these guys, and they won’t bother you.

However, our goal is to make bank, so let’s give in to capitalism and destroy natural wildlife. Locate the beehive and face the ship, approaching the beehive to the side. Once the bees target you, strafe towards the hive, grab it, and then start running towards the ship, dropping the hive on the back. Once you take off, run out, grab the hive, and return to the ship to secure your bag.

Eyeless Dogs

Lethal Company Monsters eyeless dogs
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Boombox, Radar Booster, Loud Horn
  • Killable: Yes, in 12 hits
  • Stun Effect: Somewhat Effective

Dogs are one of the biggest threats on the outside map, are present for most moons in the game, and, as the name implies, they don’t have eyes, blindly attacking anything they can hear. This applies to your actual voice, so be incredibly quiet, and if you have a mechanical keyboard, then die. You could technically use push-to-talk, but that’s gross.

If you’re on the ship, you can do a few things to help your teammates out. Holding the loud horn down will keep all the dogs at the front of the ship away from the door, and pinging a radar booster or throwing a boombox outside can help group them all together in one spot so everyone can sneak past. Otherwise, keep quiet, stay calm, and don’t mess up.

Forest Keeper (Giants)

forest keeper Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: TZP Inhalant, Laser Pointer, Teleporter, Any kind of Stun
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: Minimal (Kinda)

Giants are the scariest enemy in the game, bar none. They have massive range, can see and hear you, and don’t de-aggro you until you’re halfway across the map. The only boon you have is that they can’t get into the ship and are a bit slow. If you drop everything in your inventory, you’ll almost always outrun them; just have a good idea where the ship is.

If you have some prep time, down some TZP inhalant and give yourself more sprint time so you can definitely outrun them. If there’s someone in the ship, they can teleport you out of the Giant’s hand if they hit the button as you get grabbed or use a laser pointer to distract them, though you can’t buy that one. If you play smart, you can always avoid these guys.

Earth Leviathan (Worm)

earth leviathan Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: None
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: None

The worm is the harbinger of funny clips and will rumble the ground underneath you before rapidly unearthing and devouring anything in its path. It’ll kill you instantly and target anyone on the ground randomly, so the only way to avoid it is by being very aware and preventing your imminent death before it happens.

The worm’s radius will approach you, moving in the same direction you were moving when it first targeted you, and it won’t track you afterward. So, if you were moving forward when you saw the ground underneath you, move backward, and you’ll avoid it really easily. This becomes the least threatening outside enemy once you know this.

Baboon Hawk

Lethal Company Monsters baboon hawk
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Anything of low value to distract them, Shovel/Sign, A friend
  • Killable: Yes, in 6 hits
  • Stun Effect: Somewhat Effective

Baboon Hawks are weird little guys. When they spawn, they tend to chase you and circle you, only going in for the occasional bite at your ankles at times, and they don’t usually threaten you all that much unless they spawn in a group of two or more. This is mostly only common on Vow, but they can aggressively tear you up until nothing’s left.

You can counter this by just being in a group yourself. If you have more players around you than there are Baboon Hawks, then they’ll get scared and back off. You can also give them an item to distract them or just bash their head in with a sign since they’re straightforward to kill once you’ve cornered them. They aren’t a significant threat but can be a big nuisance.

Inside Enemies

Once you’re in the facility, the monsters become more immediately life-threatening, with the caveat that all but two can be avoided and countered entirely by just leaving the facility and waiting. They won’t be constant threats like the outside enemies can be, but they’re going to mess you up while you’re grabbing loot, so here’s how to counter them.

Hygrodere (Slime)

lethal company slime Lethal Company Monsters
Image from Monica Phillips.
  • Recommended Tools: Boombox; carrying nothing is better, though
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: Effective (kinda)

Slimes are simultaneously the least and most threatening enemy in the game. On their own, they’ll mostly block passageways and are easy to jump over or bait into a room where you can shut the door on them. However, when they’re around with other enemies, they can make traversal incredibly stressful. They’re not Gup, though; those only spawn on the moon Petrichor V.

They follow you incredibly slowly and don’t turn corners very well, so they can tend to get stuck right where the door is and prevent you from leaving the facility in an emergency. Therefore, I’d recommend grabbing a boombox and throwing it down where you came in since it’ll make the Slime move faster and make your situation a little less sticky.

Bunker Spider

bunker spider Lethal Company Monsters
Image from Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Shovel/Sign, Radar Booster with Stun, Having no weight also helps
  • Killable: Yes, in 5 hits
  • Stun Effect: Effective

The Spider is a terrifying enemy that can tend to jump-scare you the first few times you play the game, but once you get used to dealing with it, it ain’t too bad. If it sees you or you step in one of its webs, you’ll find it running slowly towards you, which can get caught if you aren’t ready to handle it.

Avoid the webs (or destroy them with a shovel), and if you want, beat the Spider to death with a shovel or sign, which is made easier if you have it being stunned constantly by a Radar Booster. If you have very little weight, you can also choose to jump over the Spider since it has no aerial movement. Also, try turning on Arachnophobia Mode; it’s hilarious.


lethal company monsters thumper
Image from Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Radar Booster with Stun, Shovel/Sign
  • Killable: Yes, in 4 hits
  • Stun Effect: Effective

The Thumper is probably the most threatening of all these more common enemies (everyone before the Bracken), mainly because it sprints towards you with terrifying speed, screaming loudly. The main thing keeping this one from being a massive threat is that it takes a few more hits to kill you than other enemies, so you can just tank hits and jump over it.

If you have one, you can also put down a radar booster and have your Terminal Guy™ stun it constantly so you can quickly get away. You can also put in a bunch of practice, get the spacing just right, and bash its head in with a shovel. This is the most challenging kill in the game I can recommend trying, but if you can get it just right, you’ll be the hero of your entire squad.

Snare Flea

snare flea Lethal Company Monsters
Image from Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Shovel/Sign, Walkie Talkie, Zap Gun, Teleporter
  • Killable: Yes, in 3 hits
  • Stun Effect: Extremely Effective (Technically)

The Snare Flea is easily the most unfair enemy in Lethal Company, and I think it’s dumb that the only way to deal with it is to have a sign or shovel on hand (or a friend with one). They’ll be stuck on the ceiling, waiting for someone to walk under them, and when they do, they’ll latch on, causing you to drop your items, slowly drain health, and die (or go to critical health in single-player).

The only way to get this thing off is by smacking it with a weapon, but you won’t always have those, either because of bad luck or because you don’t have money. If you’re in multiplayer, it’s genuinely better to have all your items drop in a safe space, find a railing, and jump off into the pit so the Snare Flea won’t be able to hurt anyone else.

Hoarding Bug

hoarding bug Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Shovel/Sign, Unvaluable Items, Doors
  • Killable: Yes, in 3 hits
  • Stun Effect: Somewhat effective

The Hoarding Bug is one of the least threatening enemies that somehow always gets me. It’ll run around you, sporadically and randomly moving around, but if you get too close to it for too long, it’ll fly up and start attacking you. You can always out-damage it, though, so if you have a shovel and are only facing one, feel free to get an easy kill.

If you don’t want to fight these guys, avoid them to the best of your abilities; they don’t really aggro you unless you’re close. If you want them to go away for a while, give them a piece of scrap you don’t care about and watch them leave. You can also just shut a door on them; they can’t do anything about it. Door Stuck.

Spore Lizard

spore lizard Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: None
  • Killable: Yes, in 3 hits
  • Stun Effect: Somewhat Effective

Spore Lizards are half-passive dudes that don’t aggress you at all. They’ll back up when they see you and only shoot out a poison gas cloud if you back them into a corner or get too close. I don’t have much to say about this; you can technically kill them, but just let them mind their own business, and it’ll be fine.


bracken Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Shotgun
  • Killable: Yes, in 5 hits (but using melee weapons is a death sentence)
  • Stun Effect: Minimal

The Bracken (or Flowerman) is the most iconic, terrifying, and weird enemy in Lethal Company. He’ll often appear suddenly when you turn a corner and rush you down, snapping your neck, sometimes without you ever seeing him. His behavior initially feels like an instant death, but there is a way to deal with him; it will just be a bit odd.

He wants you to look at him, but not too much. Glance at the Bracken, get it to back up, then look away, keeping it in your peripheral and only eyeing it again if it starts to approach. This game of chicken can technically be ended by hitting it with a weapon, but that’s just begging for death. As in most things, using a gun is much more effective.


coil head Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Stun Grenade, Radar Booster with Stun
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: Very Effective

I’m sure the British reading this will appreciate that they’ve added Weeping Angels; however, I don’t appreciate it because they’re mean and brutal to be around. You have to look at them to get them to stop moving, but you also have to look around to know where you’re going and be aware of other enemies or look at the door to leave the facility.

They don’t technically one-shot you, but it’s damn near close. It’ll destroy you within a few seconds of coming into contact, but you can stun it (namely with the Radar Booster) to delay this process, and you can try to lock it behind doors to make it less of a threat. Either way, keep your eyes on this one cause it’s going places.


nutcracker Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Shovel, Radar Booster with Stun
  • Killable: Yes, in 5 Hits
  • Stun Effect: Somewhat Effective

Now, for the newest enemy, added to the game pretty recently, you’ve got the Nutcracker, a Christmas-themed creature with a gun. He’ll only be able to spot you if you’re moving, but when he does spot you, that gun is a two-shot on you that’ll kill you instantly if you’ve lost any health at all. I hope you haven’t taken fall damage!

You can avoid them by standing still and waiting for them to leave, but we want that gun. Set up a Radar Booster, have your Terminal Guy™ stun it constantly, and beat the Nutcracker to death to steal that gun. This thing can kill Brackens and Maskeds that are nearly impossible to kill otherwise, and having a bit of range makes everything so much easier; just make sure to get ammo.


Lethal Company Monsters jester
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Walkie-Talkie, Signal Transmitter, Stun Gun, Radar Booster with Stun
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: Extremely Effective

The Jester is dumb. It’ll run up to you, and eventually, after following you for a bit, it’ll start cranking and playing its song, which lasts for 40  seconds before a massive head pops up, relentlessly chasing every player in the facility down with extreme speed, killing everyone instantly and forcing you to leave if you want to live.

I’d recommend having walkies and/or a signal transmitter on deck to inform everyone immediately when a Jester is spotted. As well as that, luring a Jester near the door and having one player Stun Gun it or having the Terminal Guy™ stun it with a Radar Booster will give you 60 seconds total to escape. Once everyone’s out or dead, the Jester will return to normal after a few seconds.


masked Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: Shotgun, Walkie Talkie, TZP Inhalant, Radar Booster with Stun
  • Killable: Yes
  • Stun Effect: Effective

Masked are also part of the most recent update, and they take on the form of a player wearing a Comedy or Tragedy mask, imitating players. When they grab you, they’ll vomit blood on you, turning you into one of them, acting like a regular player on the Radar, and having a pretty well-done and convincing AI. Don’t beam them on the ship; it’s not worth it.

To avoid these dudes, first, know they’ll follow you out of the facility, so you’re in trouble if there are a few of them. They’ll run at the same speed as you, but you can take better routes, kite them around corners, climb up and jump down ladders, and generally give them the schmixup. They might corrupt all your friends, but at least you can schmove and kill them.

You can become masked by grabbing a Comedy or Tragedy mask as scrap and interacting with it by left-clicking, but you won’t get transformed if they’re sitting in your inventory. I can’t recommend trying to melee these guys, but using the shotgun is the quickest way of preventing infection and keeping yourself safe.

Ghost Girl

ghost girl Lethal Company Monsters
Image from the Lethal Company Fandom Wiki.
  • Recommended Tools: None
  • Killable: No
  • Stun Effect: None

Ghost Girl is simultaneously the rarest and most complex character in the game, and I’ll be taking a bit longer to explain how she works. Once she’s spawned, she’ll first choose a player to target, which isn’t (entirely) random, and you can influence who she picks. This is your insanity meter, which only matters for this enemy and some minor aesthetic stuff.

Whoever turns their camera the most (which also decides the “Most Paranoid” rank) will increase their chance of getting targeted. I don’t recommend reducing this, as getting bearings on your surroundings is essential. You’ll also have increased chances by being critically injured, but you should probably try to avoid damage regardless.

Holding items with more than 150 credits of base value increases your chances, though achieving that for a long time is unlikely. Finally, to reduce your insanity meter, you should stay around other players (or hear them on the walkie), remain on the ship, and avoid being alone in the facility since that’ll increase your insanity a lot.

She’ll target whoever has the highest insanity score and start making breathing noises behind them. If they look at her, she’ll eventually skip toward them, instantly killing them on contact. She always spawns behind her target and can not be aggroed if you don’t look at her, so don’t turn around. This is only effective in combination with other enemies.

If you have a Ghost Girl targeting you, simply become the Terminal Guy™, place your Terminal where it’ll block the ship’s door, and you can never die to her. She can only target one person at a time, so you’ll be eliminating her as a threat entirely and keeping your teammates safe at the same time. I hope you know how to work that computer!

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the most dangerous enemy in Lethal Company?

Answer: The Jester demands everyone leave the building within less than a minute, and if they don’t, it’ll insta-kill them, so watch out for the Jack in The Box.

Question: How do I avoid enemies in Lethal Company?

Answer: You’ll have to face enemies in Lethal Company at some point, but to avoid coming across them too often, try not going to Eclipsed Moons and knowing where the exit in the facility is so you can easily escape.

Question: How do I kill enemies in Lethal Company?

Answer: You can use the Shovel, Stop Sign, or Yield Sign to defeat many enemies in the game; though they won’t stop attacking you until they die, defeating the Nutcracker and using its shotgun may be a better idea.


leviathan lethal company
Earth Leviathan

Lethal Company’s menagerie of monsters may feel a bit too difficult to deal with at times, and that’s mostly because you can mix and match them all, finding a pair of any of these. A Slime might be a slight nuisance on its own, but when it’s blocking the exit while a Jester and Bracken are on the prowl, it seems quite a bit more terrifying.

You can deal with many of them, either using items or killing them with the signs you find, but sometimes the better option is just running. I’ve lived plenty of encounters by just running right the way back to the door I came in, holding down the E key, and just hoping I wouldn’t be murdered in the second it takes to leave, which usually works out.

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