Lethal Company adds VR Mod and New Enemy Invasions

Lethal Company fans can enjoy extra immersion and challenge with the addition of VR and a new enemy soldier variety themed for the holiday season.

For those who haven’t had a chance to check it out, Lethal Company is a cooperative sci-fi survival horror game that drops four players on various planets where they must scavenge for scrap to meet a company’s rising quota or risk getting vented into outer space.

Between the hilarious and terrifying monster variety like Doctor Who-esk Crying Angel manikins that stop moving when a player is looking at them, bugs that attack players holding scrap, as well as landmines, quicksand, and turrets, Lethal Company is monstrously fun survival horror that has achieved resounded success.

Indeed, RockPaperShotgun details that Lethal Company has seen a peak player count of 132,928 on Steam this past Wednesday, on par with Baldur’s Gate 3 and GTA 5 and surpassing similar multiplayer titles like Ark, Rust, and Dead by Daylight.

Regardless of its success, Flat2VR details in a Twitter post the addition of VR support for players who want to embrace the horror of running from outdoor dogs or giants charging after them.

Frankly, for some of the horrors that depend on player eyesight to deter, like the vicious stalkers that players must run towards to scare off, VR could add an extra challenge to the horror game for players that want to earn that teleporter or romantic table for the ship.

Beyond VR support, the developer Zeekerss has also discussed in a Twitter post adding invasions with “seasonal enemies” that are “not creatures” but “Enemies. Antagonists. Combatants. Foes.”

Despite their vagueness, this post could mean adding an invading force of Christmas-themed hostiles that come to steal players’ scrap or give them nasty gifts that make them long for coal.

Alternatively, these invasions could mean the introduction of PvP, where two groups of players could compete for scrap on the same world and potentially fight and raid each other’s ships to meet the quota.

Along with the addition of mods that increase the player limit from 4 to 8, this could be a hilarious feature for finding scrap or a frustrating new obstacle that punishes players with invasions for remaining in the same world for too long.

Regardless, dedicated Lethal Company employees must prepare themselves for what holiday horrors await them.

Will Lethal Company Add PvP?

Given the current ability to damage and kill other players with shovels and signposts, it’s conceivable that the developers could introduce PvP, forcing player groups to fight each other for scrap or betray their friends to remain the last one standing in an endgame scenario update.

Also, with the developer vaguely hinting at enemy combatants in their latest Twitter post, it’s unclear whether they mean AI bots or other players to battle against on scrap-loaded worlds.

Though surviving against the enemies is already enough of a challenge, other players could be a source of extra scrap or bait when dealing with stalkers and slimes.

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