Subnautica 3 Announced for Early 2025

Subnautica fans looking for their next taste of undersea survival horror can look forward to Subnautica 3, the third installment of the underwater franchise, in the first half of 2025.

For land dwellers who haven’t had a chance to jump into one of the scariest survival horrors of all time, Subnautica is a sci-fi survival space sim in an alien ocean brimming with strange sea creatures and terrifying leviathans.

Between exploring the absorbing undersea wonderland, building a collection of underwater vehicles, and following the gripping sci-fi story of a dying alien race, Subnautica was a hit survival sim known for inspiring undersea wonder and terror.

Later on, its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, recreated much of its predecessor’s charm, PCGamesN notes, by returning to a frozen-over version of the previous game’s world with an undersea space truck, allowing for a more customizable submarine and undersea odyssey.

While both games have gone on to tell compelling stories following the underwater world, ancient alien architects, and a galactic plague, Below Zero ended with a cliffhanger of traveling to the architect’s homeworld, teasing more of the advanced alien race in the next game.

Though news on a follow-up to Below Zero has remained scarce, RockPaperShotgun details a financial report from the game’s publisher, Krafton, that reveals Subnautica 3’s release date for the first half of 2025, albeit without a clear indication of the game’s premise or new features.

Whether the third game intends for players to continue Robin’s journey on this strange alien world or play as a new character cast into the undersea depths remains unclear, though it’s hard to believe the developers would abandon the exciting sci-fi build-up the last game ended on.

Regardless, players can expect to see more on the fate of Robin and the architects and more undersea action and sci-fi explorations from January to June 2025.

Where Does Subnautic 3 Take Place?

While the location of the third game remains unclear, players could potentially see themselves transported to the strange alien world of the architects playing as Robin after Below Zero in an undersea recreation of the ancient race’s homeworld.

Alternatively, players could be transported back to Planet 4546B as a new character or even an Architext long before the first game’s events.

Regardless, players must keep their eyes open for more news on the Underwater survival sim and sneaky sea leviathans, just in case.

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