Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles – The Museum

I may sound like a bit of a nerd for saying this, but if I’m away on a trip, I love heading to a museum and checking out what fascinating oddities are being showcased.

This is why The Museum level within Sifu was a brilliant time for me. I got to take in some nice artwork, whilst smashing heads of gang members in between exhibits. What more could you ask for? 

Well, perhaps a guide on where all the Sifu Detective Board Collectibles are within the Museum, as they can be a little tricky to locate. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place, as we intend to help you find them all. 

Without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles Guide for The Museum. 

Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations – ALL LEVELS

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The Museum – Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles Locations

#1 – The Artist

You’ll get given this initial collectible for your Detective Board when you start the level ‘The Museum.’ This is a magazine cover celebrating the talents of the revered artist Kuroki, your third target on your quest for vengeance. 

#2 – Security

As you begin the level, you’ll see a pair of security guards up ahead. Simply take these two out, and you’ll automatically get this addition to the Detective Board

#3 – Museum Map + The Museum

After you take out the initial enemies, continue toward the center of the museum, where you will find the stairs to the first level. Before you head up there, be sure to pick up the Museum Map, and this will be added to your Detective Board. 

#4 – Exhibition Flyer: Identity

Look up the stairs after you collect the map and you will see the entrance to the first exhibition. As soon as you enter here, you’ll see a flyer that will offer some background on the art within this exhibit. Sadly, no info on the enemies lurking in there, though! 

#5 – Elevator

After getting the flyer, turn around and follow the path right and around the fountain to find an Elevator. As you proceed through the level, you will gain access to an elevator that will allow you to rise up straight to the top floor in later playthroughs. But for now, simply interact with the Elevator to add it to your Detective Board. 

#6 – Stair Access

Directly behind the Elevator, you’ll see a set of glass double doors. These provide shortcuts to the higher floors, giving you the ability to pick and choose the sections you want to explore, unlike the Elevator that practically skips everything. Interact with these to add them to your Detective Board. 

#7 – Exhibition Flyer: Cycle

You’ll need to fight your way through the first exhibition now, so focus on violence until you reach the second floor. Then, just as you did in the first exhibition, you’ll want to look around when you enter, as there will be another flyer waiting for you.

Oh, and you might want to knock one of the guys before the entrance off the ledge and into the fountain for a hidden achievement. Thank me later. 

#8 – Sean’s Army

This one is unlocked by defeating the pair of minibosses as soon as you enter the first room with the colored Lightbulbs in the second Exhibition.

This note will offer some more info on Sean’s Followers and is unmissable if you want to progress. The best course of action here is to use the lightbulbs to your advantage and spam throw attacks. 

#9 – Exhibition Flyer: Twins

You already know what to do by now, but just for continuity’s sake, when you get to the third floor, enter the next exhibition, and then immediately look around for a Flyer. 

#10 – Museum Keycard + Bodyguard

This is another unmissable collectible, but one that will prove very useful, as it will open new shortcuts around the Museum.

Players will eventually encounter a miniboss on the third floor and will need to defeat them to progress. When you do, you’ll get the Museum Keycard. This will allow you to unlock Stair Access, making navigation between levels much smoother in repeat runs. 

#11 – Artist Residence Door + Family Photo

Keep pushing through the Museum, and as you reach the fourth and final floor, you will have two options. Head left and through the secret waterway to Kuroki, or you can head right and open a shortcut.

Do this, but also, as you do this, interact with the door on the right. This is the Artist’s Residence Door, and you will only be able to access it when you gain the Artist’s Key by accessing Jinfeng’s Safe in The Tower. 

#12 – Temporary Exhibition: Flood

On the fourth floor, if you continue to walk around, you’ll find an Upgrade Statue, and near this statue, you will find a desk with the final exhibition flyer for a temporary exhibition where you can enter the Psyche of the artist. 

#13 – Club Code

Before you go through the strange portal to Kuroki’s temporary exhibition, you’ll want to double back on yourself a little, running past the Artist’s Residence Door, and opening the next set of doors on the right with the Museum Keycard.

This will allow you to access a new area on the third floor, where you will have to fight a Polearm Miniboss. Defeat her, and you’ll get the Club Code, which will allow you to access an important area in The Club

#14 – Strange Mask

When you beat her and gain the code, don’t rush off right away. It may seem like this area has nothing to offer, as there will be no little grey circles to indicate interactable objects.

But if you head closer to this rather odd-looking mask, you can interact with it and gain a new Detective Board Item, as well as an in-game achievement, ‘Path of the Prospect.’ Not to mention, you will now be able to unlock the Calbot Move in your abilities skill tree. 

#15 – Elevator Key + Kuroki’s Inner Circle

Lastly, the player will receive the Elevator Key after they defeat the Blade Feet enemies that attack you just before your encounter with Kuroki.

When you earn this, you will be able to skip all the exhibits on each floor and go straight to the final exhibit in later runs. Plus, it makes returning to the Artist’s Residence Door much more convenient.

A Work of Art 

The Museum is a really interesting level and a memorable one amongst other outstanding options within Sifu. While the exhibitions leading up to Kuroki won’t offer too much of a challenge, in my opinion, Kuroki stands out as probably the hardest boss in the game.

So before you square up against her, be sure to collect all the Detective Board Collectibles on the way. I hope this helps, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture! 

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