Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations – The Sanctuary 

If you’ve followed our Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations to the letter, you’ll now find yourself at the summit of Sifu’s mountain, with only The Sanctuary, and a reunion with your brother standing in your way of exacting vengeance and completing this game.

The Sanctuary is a tough level, and the battle at the end is a true test of all you have learned. However, before you go bring honor to your family name and all that jazz. You need to make sure that you get all those collectibles lying around. 

There are quite a few to collect in The Sanctuary, and you will probably need to do some backtracking to previous levels if you haven’t made the effort to do that already, but we aim to make this as smooth of a process as we can.

So let’s finish this once and for all. This is Indie Game Culture’s Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations Guide for The Sanctuary. 

Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations – ALL LEVELS

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The Sanctuary – The Big Finale 

#1 – Yang: The Leader

This is an automatic addition to the Detective Board that will be added when you begin the level ‘The Sanctuary.’ This entry explains the player character’s relationship with the game’s antagonist, and the devastating event that has led to this quest for vengeance. 

#2 – Newspaper

As you begin your assault on The Sanctuary, as soon as you enter, head into a room on the left. You’ll see an NPC who will talk to you and point you in the right direction. In this room, you will also find a Newspaper that gives some background on Yang and The Sanctuary. 

#3 – Inner Garden Door

Go through the next set of doors, and straight ahead, you will see the Inner Garden Door. This is a locked shortcut that will later allow you to skip practically the entire level and go straight to the fight with Yang. But for now, just interact with it to add it to your Detective Board. 

#4 – Room 206 + Flower’s Key + Fajar’s Medical Report

Provided you managed to get the Room 206 Keycard found in The Squats, you should make your way to the Guesthouse. This is to the right of the Inner Garden Door.

Head all the way down the first hall, up the stairs on the right, and then all the way down the hall to the left at the top of the stairs. You can avoid fighting most enemies, but you will have to fight one heavy enemy. 

After you do this, access the room, and you will immediately gain the ‘Room 206’ entry. Then head over to the desk below the TV, and you’ll find the Flower’s Key and Fajar’s Medical Report. 

Also, just in case you missed it in our previous guide, The Flower’s Key is used to open the Private Door in the same room you found Keycard 206 in The Squats. This will allow you to collect the Hongbao. 

#5 – Aromatic Garden Door 

Continue along the path of natural progression, and after you deal with the teacher who is leading a class of students in the courtyard, you’ll come to a roadblock in the form of the Aromatic Garden Door. Interact with this, and then head left, as this is where you will find the key. 

#6 – Aromatic Garden Key

After you head left, you’ll eventually find a room with a pair of mini-boss enemies that want to ‘purge’ you, whatever that means. Sounds unpleasant, so take them out, and when you do, you’ll be handed the Aromatic Garden Key. 

#7 – Statue

With your new key in hand, you can head out to the Aromatic Garden, which is the area right before you take on Yang in the final fight, but we are in no rush to go to him just yet.

When you enter the garden, fight the enemies waiting for you, and then keep heading straight, ignoring the stairs up to Yang, and you’ll find a man sitting near a statue. You’ll want to interact with this statue to add a new Detective Board entry. 

#8 – Keycard

After you interact with the statue, you can head up the stairs and fight the three tough minibosses that await you. When you beat the third one, the player will be given a Keycard that will give you direct access to Yang’s office, meaning you can skip most of the level when you return. 

#9 – Alchemist Vows

Head to the top of the stairs, through the door, and at this point, you will be meters away from the final fight in the game. However, before you do rush in and beat your brother senseless, you’ll want to grab the Alchemist’s Vows, which are sitting on a table near an Upgrade Statue. 

# 9 – Yang’s Flowers + The Tombs =The Five Values

You can now proceed to the end-game fight. Here, you will receive three automatic unlockables for the Detective Board when you defeat Yang. However, you will need to fight him an additional time to unlock the final Detective Board Collectible. 

#10 –  Sacred Mountains

Finally, return to Yang in a repeat run, and this time you will need to spare Yang to ensure that you collect the ‘Sacred Mountains’ collectible.

To do this, you will need to break their structure twice in the fight, and at this point, you will be presented with a prompt to spare Yang, thus completing your Sifu Detective Board. Congrats! 

This is Wude

So there we are, done and dusted with a full Detective Board to show for it. Sifu is a wonderful fighting experience, and while I, too, have seen all there is to see in this game, all of this has made me want to jump back in and hone my kung-fu skills again.

So I guess I’ll see you in the dojo. I hope our guides helped a bunch, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture.

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