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Sifu, a Kung-fu fighting indie game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide, is more than just a combat-focused game.

It’s also a story that involves a lot of exploration, and detective work if you want to understand every aspect of this story dripping in vengeance and intrigue. This boils down to beating up everyone in the room and then checking the environment thoroughly for collectibles.

Sounds easy, but the items needed to complete the Detective Board can be quite hard to track down. So, in this guide, we aim to uncover the secrets of Sifu’s Detective Board, helping players unlock every mystery and gain a deeper understanding of the game’s intricate storyline.

Without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles Guide for The Squats.

The Detective Board in Sifu – What Does It Do?

The Detective Board in Sifu is a unique feature that records all significant items, encounters, and information that the protagonist comes across in their journey. Everything from special enemies, keys, and flyers that provide background information is carefully documented on this board.

It plays a critical role in unraveling the game’s storyline and unlocking valuable shortcuts and intel. Not to mention popping those achievements associated with each portion of the detective board. 

Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations – ALL LEVELS

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The Squats – Getting Started

#1 – Fajar – The Botanist

You’ll get this first collectible upon entering the first level, ‘The Squats.’ This gives some intel on your first target, gang leader Fajar. This is unmissable, so there is no need to look for this one. 

#2 – Skull Letter and Avenue Door

The Skull Letter is a note found stuck on a door blocking the protagonist’s path. The Avenue Door, meanwhile, is a locked double glass door that the protagonist encounters inside an apartment complex. This will offer a nice shortcut for later replays of this level. 

#3 – Purple Mist 

The Purple Mist, a drug that has become prevalent in the city since the protagonist’s father’s death, is a drug that Fajar and his cronies have been pushing, and perhaps sampling.

This is shown when you find a batch in the gang members living quarters. Don’t they know a good dealer never dips into their own stash? Amateurs. 

#4 – Dirty Money

If there are two things you tend to find in abundance at a drug lab, it’s drugs and money. You already found some drugs, so now to find the cash.

After you fight your first heavy enemy you’ll see mountains of bills resting on a desk behind the big guy. 

#5 – Club Flyer 

Can you smell foreshadowing? This flyer is a nod to the next level in the game, and a character you will meet a little later called Sean.

You’ll find this on a table in an area where a group of gang members are counting cash. You’ll know it’s the place because they’ll also be talking about The Club. 

#6 – Metal Gate

Just around the corner from where you grabbed the Club Flyer, you’ll see a locked Metal gate. This is another shortcut you’ll be able to use later, but for now, just head over there and interact with it, adding the Metal gate note to the Detective Board. 

#7 – Bunch of Keys 

This is actually quite easily missed. When you come to near the end of the level, you’ll be able to progress to the Fajar fight, or take a little detour into a little side office.

If you do, you’ll encounter a pair of tough mini-bosses with melee weapons. Take these guys out, and you’ll be handed the Bunch of Keys, which can be used to open up the ‘Metal Gate’ shortcut to get through the Warehouse much faster. 

#8 – Purple Flower

Speaking of that Metal Gate, if you head through that, you’ll find yourself in an area where there are a lot of enemies to deal with. So, first of all, fists up and get busy.

Then, after you have dealt with all those guys. On a table in the center of the room, you’ll find a Purple Flower, the plant that acts as the source of the Purple Mist. 

#9 – Keycard 206

After this, you’ll come to an area with much more foliage and bamboo, signaling that Fajar isn’t too far away. But if you take a moment, you’ll find stairs leading to a side room. As you enter you’ll see a collectible on the table. This is Keycard 206, a collectible that will allow you to access a secret room in the Sanctuary level later in the game, so it’s well worth seeking out. 

#10 – Private Room Door

Before you rush out of the room with the keycard, peer around the green curtain just beyond where you picked up Keycard 206.

Here, you’ll find a Private Locked Door. You can’t access it yet, but be sure to interact with it to gain the Detective Board note. 

#11 – Hongbao

The Hongbao is a red envelope that further explains Fajar’s illness and backstory. This can only be accessed by obtaining the Flower’s Key from Room 206 in the Sanctuary.

So, you will need to replay The Squats to obtain this collectible. This is found behind the Private Room door listed above. 

Squatter’s Rights

So there you have it, all the Detective Board collectibles present in The Squats. It’s a level that only scratches the surface of the perils that await you in Sifu’s campaign, but even though it’s the first level, unfocused players will get their ass handed to them.

We hope this helps you avoid replaying too many times, and be sure to check out our other Sifu Guides to nab all those other Detective Board Collectibles. Thanks for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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