Hades-Inspired Realm of Ink Announced for Early 2024

Hades fans looking for a new challenge to tackle before the sequel’s release can look forward to Realm of Ink, a formidable isometric roguelike set in a Chinese mythological setting.

In terms of its story, RockPaperShotgun details, Realm of Ink takes a more meta approach with demon slayer Red realizing they’re a character in a series of short stories and embarking on a quest to slay the evil book spirit.

Though this meta-story seems like a strange approach to take, it offers a hilarious lens to the game’s wolf-men, vampires, and monk bosses all having an existential crisis over their false reality and hammering out their issues through violent boss fights.

With the trailer’s superb voice acting for the villains, it’s hard not to giggle at the intimidatingly painted vampire lady screaming that she’s scared and wants to go home.

Whether players will get to recruit these villains and see them in the game’s pagoda safe points like in Hades remains unclear, though the trailer’s attention to their fates indicates they’ll play a more prominent role than as transitory bosses.

Regarding combat, IGN notes that the game appears to be very similar to Hades’s hack-and-slash dodge roll fighting, though with a greater emphasis on mastering martial arts and leveraging distinct Ink-flavored weapons to deal with most foes.

This stylistic everything-is-a-painting approach embodies most of the game’s visuals and combat with weapons tied to Ink Gems and buffable Ink Pets we find within the Ink Realm and the enemies who fire paint-flavored projectiles.

Realm of Ink even teases Pokemon-style transformations for the Ink Pets that become more powerful as they fight beside you.

Overall, it seems like a more violent approach to Chicory: A Colorful Tale if the developer went on to make a violent Hades look-alike instead of another cutesy indie gem. Whether it’ll likewise make players go to art school and paint masterpieces while battling the professor in high-stakes combat remains to be seen.

What is Realm of Ink Based on?

Though it doesn’t appear to copy a particular myth, RockPaperShotgun details that Realm of Ink Largely takes inspiration from Chinese mythology and Buddhism. With the combination of warrior monks and mythological foes, Realm of Ink is sure to offer an entirely new coat of paint on Hade’s Grecian style.

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