Satisfactory Launches Update 8 With Unreal Engine 5

Satisfactory fans can set their factories to rejoice mode with a massive update to the game featuring many visual, gameplay, and quality-of-life improvements.

First stated in a corny YouTube update with one of the developers personally walking through Satisfactory’s world being chased by radioactive hogs, the video reviews a host of additions like an improved jetpack, additional starting poles to pipes and conveyor belts, and the move to Unreal Engine 5.

Regarding the move to Unreal, the devs discuss integrating Nanite and Lumen for more comprehensive visual overhauls. For the virtualized geometry system Nanite, this should improve the look of the game’s setting by focusing on realizing the game’s cliffs and rocks.

Meanwhile, Lumen’s Global Illumination system enhances lighting and reflections for more grounded and realistic scenes, though it’s disabled by default in the settings to improve PC performance.

Regarding gameplay, the developers discuss adding Power Towers for long-range power transportation, two new hog enemies, and ziplining through the facility to move through an ever-expanding facility.

Chief among the additions likely to please fans who have played for hours is the ability to lock objects in place and nudge them for more enhanced placement, as well as dismantling and sampling obsolete blueprints to clear out space for more efficient designs or examine them when placed together.

Also, to name some more of the quality of life additions, the addition of world partitioning should allow players to stream levels without substantial hitches, vehicles will no longer bounce on foundations, and players can apply a dismantling filter to get rid of buildings of a specific type.

In addition, the developers have added new traversal mechanics like three types of jetpack biofuel like solid, packaged, and liquid biofuel, that offer better speed and control, improved ziplines for riding through facilities, and reusable parachutes for accidentally falling off cliffs or treacherous scaffolding.

Overall, Satisfactory’s update promises a significant overhaul to the factory sim’s visuals and gameplay for almost endless building and assembly optimization fun.

Whether players are longtime fans of Satisfactory or Factorio fans looking for a 3D upgrade, this next update should allow players to experience the intensive assembly game like never before.

Can you Remove Satisfactory’s Enemies?

Yes, as detailed in the devlog, this update adds several accessibility features that should allow players who want to focus solely on the building elements of the game to reduce enemy speeds and remove Arachnid spawns for an easier, less stressful playthrough.

Though this feature is disabled by default to offer a more “satisfying” challenge, players can immediately go into Satisfactory’s settings and remove all enemies from their game.

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