Shadows of Doubt Announces Mystery and City Building Mod Tools for December

Detectives looking for their next case can return to Shadows of Doubt’s dystopian streets with the announcement of the Mystery and City Building Mod Tools for December.

For those unaware of the immersive sim, Shadows of Doubt is a procedurally generated detective game set in a dystopian futuristic retro city where players explore the dark belly of a crime-ridden city to solve murders.

As detailed in our review of Shadows of Doubt, the detective sim boasted an impressively simulated pixelated city with organic gameplay centering around breaking into apartments and combing through stacks of office records to piece together suspects.

While the game had an impressive atmosphere and gameplay with some truly organic moments, like humiliating suspects by throwing chicken sandwiches in their faces and jumping out of a 15-story building, players could survive with their cybernetic legs; the repetitive and frustratingly complex mysteries made the experience wear thin.

Luckily, this modding update can rectify this issue by adding custom mysteries with tailor-made murders, buildings, and quests.

To specify, Shadow of Doubt’s developers detail in a Steam update that besides achievements and a few other secrets, their December update shall add a “text editor tool, in-game city editor, and mono build” for modders to build custom cities and mysteries.

While the text editor tool allows for messing with the game’s citizen chatter, conversations, v-mails, and more, the city editor should allow for renaming and placing buildings throughout the dystopia.

Meanwhile, the mono build should allow for a more open path for testing mods, albeit with less stability and performance. This update will enable modders to forgo Shadows of Doubt’s procedurally generated world in favor of more personal experiences for players interested in a custom campaign with a story and ending.

From a story following the case of the serial murderer to cracking down on a government conspiracy to lace cola with mind-control nanites, who knows where modders will take this wild new addition to the detective sim?

How Do I Mod Shadows of Doubt?

Though the mod tools have yet to be released, players who already own a copy of the detective sim can join Shadows of Doubt’s Discord and apply for the role “Crunchers” to begin playtesting the mod tools and create custom maps.

While it’s unclear whether Shadow of Doubt intends to incorporate its mods as a component of Steam Workshop or some in-game features, would-be detectives can get their hands on this suspicious new addition this December.

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