End of an Era: Samurai Punk, Creator of Killbug, Announces Studio Closure

Fans of Killbug’s intense action will have to quash their hopes with the announcement of the game’s developer, Samurai Punk, shutting down.

For those unfamiliar with the studio, Game Developer details that Samurai Punk is an Australian indie developer known for a few titles, notably Killbug this year, and with other games like Feather and Screencheat. With some absurd entrees like a Roomba going on a violent rampage or a competitive multiplayer shooter where players have to screen peak to find other players’ locations, Samurai Punk has made some ridiculous games culminating in Killbug, an Ultrakill meets Devil Daggers arena shooter.

Boasting highly traversable content in a bug-packed arena, Killbug sends players flying through the air, devastating a horde of incessant insects and squishy bugs with an SMG and blade. However, with the wave of recent videogame industry layoffs and firings, the team discusses on their website ceasing “development at Samurai Punk” with the team’s designers looking for new roles in the industry.

In the announcement, the team discusses Samurai Punk’s origin ten years ago during Australia’s job shortage in 2014 as they banded together to prevent them from moving overseas. Though Samurai Punk didn’t elaborate on the reason for the studio’s shutdown, this is far from the first indie studio to close shop, with others like Dang, Team 17, and Mediatonic either having to cut down massive chunks of their team or shut down entirely.

Whether it was due to budgeting costs or competing creative ideas, the studio members are splitting up, each looking for different jobs and imploring other studios to consider their team members’ applications. Hopefully, fans of Killbug and other Samurai Punk can look forward to similar high-octane bug violence or delightfully absurd ideas in the studios the members join.

Will Killbug Still Be Playable?

Yes, even as the team goes their separate ways, the developers still intend to keep their current titles playable as gamesindustrybiz details that Samurai Punk will maintain some support on its titles to ensure the continued existence of its projects.” Though players are unlikely to see any new content or get to look forward to a sequel, they can at least appreciate consistent bug fixes to keep the games serviceable.

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