Team 17 QA Team and CEO Face Staggering Layoffs

Following widespread videogame layoffs, Team 17, the publisher behind Dredge, Blasphemous 2, and Golf with Your Friends, is letting go of a massive portion of its team.

Though the changes come after Sega, Epic Games, and Blizzard have similarly let go of many staff earlier this week, GameInformer notes that these changes are limited to about 50 positions within Team 17’s QA department and CEO Michael Pattison. 

While this may not seem like a drastic change, GameWorld notes that with Team 17’s smaller team of 438 people, these cuts could affect about “11% of the total workforce,” meaning increased struggle with meeting the team’s high workload. 

Even while the culprit for this company restructuring lies with other AAA studios’ similar decisions this week, IGN notes that “Team 17 Group PLC shares (shares of stock offered to the general public) have fallen steadily throughout 2023, with the company losing almost half its value since January.”

IGN further cites an earlier report into Team17 that revealed concern among staff about pay, working conditions, and management failures that likely played a part in this spread of layoffs. 

Unfortunately for players, this could mean a longer time to wait for new games on the horizon as the team that has faced conditions of overwork and underpay is likely to slow down production to accommodate this restructuring.

Fortunately, as GameInformer notes, Astragon and Storytoys, the sections responsible for Construction simulators and Children’s games, remain unaffected by the restructuring plans for gaming parents or simulator fanatics.

Regardless, even if this is ill news for the indie scene, this year has seen a vast release of hit indie titles like Sea of Stars, Dave the Diver, and Viewfinder. While there may be a slight delay until the next release, players have plenty of indie fun to chew on until the next hit Team 17 title.

Are Upcoming Team 17 Titles Getting Cancelled?

No, as of the time of writing, no Team 17 titles are getting cut. While it will still likely take longer for more of their games to be released, players can still look forward to Team 17 titles like space adventure, Earthless, and dancing pigeon battle royale, Headbangers.

Despite the restructuring, we can demolish Team 17th’s atrocious aliens and ferocious fowl in the weeks ahead.

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