Spiritfarer Spirits Guide

Spiritfarer Spirits Guide: Spiritcarer 101

Spiritfarer is a management game where you play as Stella and her cat Daffodil. They are the new Spiritfarers, the fairy masters who collect, care for, and help lost souls to pass on to the afterlife. Spirits have simple wants: warm beds and full bellies. And to cater to those wants, Stella must gather resources like wood, fiber, and ore to build homes and grow various foodstuffs to serve tasty meals.

Coinciding with all of that is the game’s narrative loop. Happy guests open up to Stella, sharing tales from their past life, their hopes, their regrets, and their perspectives on death, ultimately relying on Stella’s help to find peace and depart through the Everdoor.

Welcome to a Spiritfarer Spirits Guide.

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My Bottom Line Up Front

Stella decided to be a caretaker, not me. As an only child, I’m more about being taken care of. Spiritfarer put me through the hell of responding to these spirits’ every whim. Surprisingly enough, I loved every second of it; yes, even planting one hundred carrots and peaches for a talking bird and bull.

This guide provides a detailed overview of each spirit, their background, their likes and dislikes, and even their favorite food.

A Complete Guide on How to Make Spirits Happy


Image FromSpiritfarer Fandom

Location: Alt Harbor


Gwen likes Comfort Food and Fine Dining Food
dislikes anything with Shellfish and Fruit
‘s favorite food is Black coffee
‘s spirit flower is the Asphodel


  • Personal Connection: You’ll receive this request right after meeting Gwen. All you have to do is give her a big hug.
  • Set Sail, Captain!: So, you found your boat, and it’s a mess. Gwen will set you on the right path towards cleaning it. You’ll have to head to Albert’s Shipyard, upgrade your ship to a bigger-sized one then return to the boat. Gwen will now task you with cleaning it up. With your upgrade, you just got a brand new Blueprint Table, which you can use to clean the ship up and get some salvaged resources. Once you have got everything ready, head back to where Gwen is and build a Guest House so she can stay with you. Note that you’ll need ten maple logs for this.
  • I Get Cranky When I’m Hungry: Turns out, Spirits do eat food. Like 98% of the human population, Gwen gets hangry when she hasn’t eaten. After you’ve given her a bed to sleep on, Stella will explain that she’s hungry, which means you need a Kitchen. It does, however, require Bright Jelly to be fully built. So, to find Jellyfish, navigate to the dark, cloudy area on your map projector. Glims are obtained by popping them. However, the green ones contain the Bright Jelly. After you’ve finished, use the Blueprint Table to construct your Kitchen. Then go inside the kitchen and make some popcorn for Gwen. Don’t worry; she’s got the raw materials for it. Gwen not only tends to be hangry but also a picky eater, so make sure you write down her preferences!
  • Seeds for the Future: Wait, so how exactly did Gwen get the corn? Some inquiring will get you answers: you need to get a field (on your ship, of course) and plant some seeds. Gwen will guide you through this process. You’ll also need to purchase seeds for your Field. But first, make your way to Mosstein Cove to gather the required resources. When you arrive, speak with Gwen first, then board your smaller boat to head to the island. She’ll explain that you can cut these trees down. Return to your boat and up to your Blueprint Table to begin building your Field. You’ll need to find seeds now, so navigate to Hummingberg, where you’ll meet Theodore. Get back to Gwen and then to your ship once you have all you need. Don’t forget to water and sow your seeds in the Field.
  • The More, The Merrier: So, you’ve just got some new guest rooms, a kitchen, and a field to plant seeds “for the future.” Is it just going to be you, Daffodil, and Gwen on the ship? Spoilers: no. Gwen will shortly let you know that there are other spirits in need of your care, beginning in Barkensheim Creek. Set your map’s coordinates for that location and set sail.
  • Spring Feet: This request requires you to acquire a new ability: growing roses and lilies on your feet. Just kidding. It’s the double jump activity. You can grab it at the Hummingberg shrine.
  • Usonia 1: Gwen might feel a bit jealous of the equal treatment you are giving to the rest of the spirits aboard the ship. She’s a special snowflake and wants you to build a home for herself outside of the Guest House. After acquiring the blueprint for Gwen’s Lodge, proceed to the Blueprint Station to begin construction.
  • Cut From the Same Cloth: Soon after you get the Lodge built, Gwen will tell you you need a way to make fabrics and threads. All you need to do is build a Loom on your ship, and she’ll then guide you through a tutorial on how the mini-game works.
  • Back to the Past: It’s time for a non-tutorial quest. Yay! Gwen will approach you about visiting her family’s home, Villa Maggiore. When you arrive, speak with her again before entering the house. While investigating the mansion, a spirit will leave you with a Music Box and a Loom upgrade on the upper balcony. On the upper left floor, you’ll also find old carpet. When you’ve finished exploring, return to Gwen and give her the Music Box. Then return to your ship.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: In this quest, Gwen will walk you through the basics of improving your Loom. You can now turn the thread into fabric, too.
  • Pretty on the Inside: You saw Gwen’s manor. She’s an uptown girl. She’ll ask that you fully upgrade her lodge by decorating it with a reading corner, a bookcase,  and wall decorations.
  • Taking Time Off: After doing all this gathering and building work for her, you’d at least expect a “thank you,” but what you get is, “I’d like to be left alone for a while.”
  • I Must Be Off: Your next mission is to find out where Gwen went. Inquire with the other spirits on your ship about her whereabouts. She’s returned to her family’s old estate; it turns out. Return to Villa Maggiore to find her. She’ll explain that she’s ready to go after speaking with her and getting her back on the ship. Set out towards the Everdoor.
  • One Last Time: This last request is where you’ll sadly say goodbye to Gwen. You’ll have to row your way to the Everdoor with her and go through all your memories together before parting ways.


Atul From Spiritfarer Fandom

Location: Barkensheim Creek


Atul likes Everything
dislikes Nothing
‘s favorite food is pork chops
‘s spirit flower is the white lily


  • Sticky Fingers: When you arrive at Barkensheim Creek, board the Caronte and make your way to the island. Your next recruit will be on the island’s far side. He threw a lemon into the pond, and you must fetch it. Once you’ve got this task covered, he’ll reveal his true form: good ole uncle Atul. He’s good at cooking and ship repairs.
  • Sea Master 2000: If you don’t have an uncle obsessed with fishing, do you even have an uncle? The first item on Atul’s list is to update your fishing rod. After casting your line and feeling something catch on, reel it in using the same button.
  • The Drawing Board: Atul will approach you about improving your Blueprint Station after your visit to Hummingberg. So, return to Albert’s Shipyard to accomplish this. The Sawmill, Loom, and Foundry are all included in the Hobbyist Blueprint.
  •  Woodwork: After improving your Blueprint Station, Atul will approach you and ask you to install a Sawmill.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: Once you’ve got the Sawmill up and running, Atul will walk you through the basics of using it.
  • Atul’s Workshop: Oh, you thought he wanted to teach you a lesson just for the sake of it? You know nothing. Now that you’ve figured out how to collect planks from the Sawmill, Atul will ask you to build his workshop.
  • The Sommelier: It’s not hard to come across bottled messages while you’re fishing. When you find one for the first time, Atul will eagerly ask you to open it.
  • Movie Night: Atul’s hungry after so much woodwork and fishing. He wants you to cook everyone’s favorite movie night meal: popcorn.
  • Big Stove: If there’s something everybody likes about spending time with relatives is that they often give you something nice after the hangout is over. Uncle Atul will give you a Kitchen upgrade to cook new meals!
  • Local Union 2187: You can cook new meals… for Atul. What a sneaky bastard. He’d like you to cook his favorite food: pork chops.
  • Fishing Trip: It’s time for more meal cooking. After Atul’s finished his Pork Chops, he will ask you to get him some Fried Chicken. To make this one, you need a Crusher. Put some Sunflower Seeds in the Crusher if you already have it, or upgrade it at Albert’s Shipyard to get Sunflower Oil and make the Fried Chicken he asked you for.
  • Spice Up Your Life:Uncle Atul does work a lot on his workshop. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade? Add a shower, a desk, and a picture frame to his workshop to improve it fully.
  • Family Style: New house, new Atul. He’ll now reach out to you and ask about hosting a large family-style dinner. He will request that you go around and ask each spirit what their favorite dish is. Report back to Atul once you have all of the information.
  • Sous-Chef Extraordinaire: Atul will delegate the responsibility of dinner preparation to you. The recipes will differ based on the alcohol you have on board.
  • Au pied de grenouille: After you’ve finished making all of the meals and given them to Atul, he’ll tell you that he’d want to spend dinner elsewhere than the boat: Hummingberg.
  • Uncle’s Gone?: After enjoying this lovely family dinner, you’ll have to confront some hard news: Atul’s gone. Like, for good. Unfortunately, he died without visiting Everdoor, but you can locate his Spirit Flower, a White Lily, in his room.


Summer From Spiritfarer Fandom

Location: Hummingberg


Summer likes Salad and Dessert
dislikes Non-vegan Food
‘s favorite food is Grain Salad
‘s spirit flower is the Oxeye Daisy


  • Nature Class: Summer will request that you build a Garden for your ship when you first meet her. She’ll give you some brief instructions on how to use it and a tip to make your plants grow faster after you’ve built it.
  • An Old Acquaintance: Summer will approach you shortly after finishing the Nature Class request to inquire about seeing a specific location on your map that has been bothering her. This site is known as the Quartz Dragon and has a simple mini-game. Simply hop to the various areas on the Dragon’s back to mine Ore.
  • Laying at the Ley Line: It won’t be long before Summer asks for a house of hers. Like the rest of the spirits, the quest will be completed after you’ve built her one.
  • The Diffracted Cabinet: Following the completion of Summer’s Sanctuary, she will have an extraordinary request for you. She requires three different healing gems to feel better. Citrine, Amethyst, Diamond, Hematite, or Opal will do.
  • The Oneness and the Wholeness: After you’ve gathered and delivered her three, she’ll request that you accompany her to a place on Mount Toroyama. Speak with Summer again on the pier once you reach Mount Toroyama. She’ll then ask you to meet her at the top of the cliff, so begin climbing using the mines. She’ll ask you to join her in meditation, which you can do by interacting with the large rock behind you. After that, meet her again on the dock.
  • A Cold and Dreamless Slumber: Summer’s been sleeping a lot, so Alice will suggest you visit Albert to check out what’s wrong. When you arrive, he’ll explain that Summer requires a temperature-controlled room and will provide you with an HVAC system for her room. Return to your boat and up to your Blueprint Table to install the HVAC system in Summer’s home.
  • The Metastatic Coil: Summer will approach you and tell you she has other dreams about a different dragon. She’ll ask if you can help, so set sail towards the Aluminum Dragon on your map. Summer will then tell you that she needs some alone time. On the other hand, Summer explains that it’s time for her to leave the next day, so they set sail for the Everdoor together. When you arrive at the Everdoor, speak with her again, board your smaller boat and sail over.


Alice From Spiritfarer Fandom

Location: Mount Toroyama


Alice likes Dessert and Old-fashioned Food
dislikes Exotic Food, Acquired Tastes, and Stimulants
‘s favorite food is Veggie-pot Pie
‘s spirit flower is the Peace Lily


  • One Shoop, Two Sheep: Alice is looking for assistance in locating a friend for her sheep. So, if you return to Gurenu Fields, you should be able to find one for her. She’ll also ask for a house before boarding your ship, so grab your building tools.
  • A Coat of Wool: Alice will accompany you on the boat with one of her sheep and encourage you to shear its wool. You can now use it to obtain Wool Thread at the Loom. She’ll next urge you to build a Sheep Corral for the sheep. You can also feed the second sheep on Mount Toroyoma for it to return to your boat.
  • Of Warts and Ropes: Alice now has a few demands. She primarily desires a Wardrobe, a Commemorative Dish Collection, and Framed Photographs. Alice will also give you a periwinkle dress and colors for Daffodil if you complete the Wardrobe. I mean, I suppose moms are in charge of your clothing.
  • Apples and Oranges: Alice will ask you to construct an Orchard. After you’ve finished building it and planted your first tree, Alice will ask if you want to go on a vacation with her. Set sail to Nordweiler since she’ll ask to go there because it reminds her of her Swedish romance novels.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: She’ll take you on a walk around Nordweiler to do some sightseeing. Then, she’ll ask to talk with you again once you’re back on the boat. She appears strangely out of sorts and will request some space. Aw, man. Here we go again.
  • Taking the Low Road: Some spirit will say they’re having trouble getting around and ask that you move Alice’s residence to the ship’s deck level. After that, check in with Alice the following morning. She’ll request that you accompany her to the ship’s bow.
  • A Chilling Realisation: Alice will be seeking for her late husband, Eugene, when she awakens the following day… who is not on your ship. She’ll also want her “old wooly,” so offer her some Wool Fabric. She’ll also give you new attire, which will be in your closet and valuable for the following request.
  • Annie’s Lost Hat: Alice will ask you to take her back to the front of the ship the following day. Go to your closet and put on Annie’s Beach Outfit from the previous request. She won’t identify you completely, though, because the Annie she’s seeing wears a red hat. To return to the Wardrobe and put on the crimson hat. To your (and everyone’s) dismay, it’s time for Alice to visit Everdoor. When you return to the ship, you’ll find her Spirit Flower, a Peace Lily, in her room.
  • Astrid


Astrid From SpiritFarer Fandom

Location: Bottom Line Corp.


Astrid likes Plain Food and Soup
dislikes Sugary Food and Fine Dining Food
‘s favorite food is Noodle Soup
‘s spirit flower is the Bright Mallow


  • Something to Write Home About: Soon after installing your mailbox through Albert’s Shipyard, you will get a Protest Flyer from someone at Bottom Line Corps. I’m guessing you already know where you’re going next. When you arrive, proceed up the ladder and to the right. A strike will occur, led by a purple spirit in the center. This will finish the request and move you on to the next one.
  • Unite!: I know you didn’t expect to partake in a full-scale retaliatory strike, but here you are. If you approach the protest leader in the center, she will ask you to address the cowardly CEO and see if he will come to talk to his staff. After som eback and forth, he’ll agree to everything and you’ll be able to tell the protest leader the excellent news.
  • Feed Your Elders: You don’t want Astrid rocking up your boat, do you? You better feed her soon. Any simple meal will do.
  • Three Sisters: Astrid wants to introduce you to a friend: a turtle named Olga, who lives southwest of Bottom Line Corps. Meet Astrid in the front of the ship to speak with Olga, the turtle. She’ll also bring up Giovanni, whom Astrid appears interested in.
  • Bars of Gold: Astrid will advise you to construct a Foundry on your ship, which you can improve at Albert’s Shipyard. You must feed ore into the furnace, then coal into the burner to power it. Whatever ore you put into the machine will be melted into Ingots once it reaches the specified temperature. At the end of the minigame, you’ll get your ingots.
  • Humble Abode: Giovanni, Astrid’s husband, is missing somewhere in the world. Talk to Astrid and start looking for him. You will travel to Iwashima Countryside, Furogawa, and Loneberg. You’ll find him quickly (he has the outline of a lion above his head), and he’ll return to your boat with you. When you return, speak with Astrid, welcome him aboard, then speak with her again, and the request will be completed.
  • I Have My Doubts: We knew Giovanni was trouble from the second he boarded in. However, Astrid’s still finding out. Sneak with her to uncover Giovanni’s secret.
  • Indiscreet Meeting: Following your conversation with Astrid, she will ask you to read an odd letter Giovanni received in the mail. She will also want you to begin following him around to discover what is happening. The letter, it turns out, is from Jennifer, a spirit in Oxbury. So, your next task is to go to Oxbury and wait until dusk to find him. Once at Oxbury, a short cutscene will play that shows Giovanni outside of a building. No, you can’t kick people out of your boat, sadly.
  • Retrograde: You’ll scold Giovanni; he’ll move out of their bungalow, and Astrid will need some time alone. That’s it. That’s the quest.
  • A Second Wind: Astrid is still processing Giovanni’s decision to go to the Everdoor. She’ll need six days to be alone.
  • Lovers for Life: After these six days, she’ll want to go to the Everdoor- shocker! So find your bearings and get ready to part ways with your lynx friend.


Giovanni From SpiritFarer Fandom

Location: Loneberg


Giovanni likes Stimulants and Fine Dining Food
dislikes Eggs and Carbs
‘s favorite food is Beef Fondue
‘s spirit flower is Common Borage


  • Indiscreet Shopping: Giovanni’s first request is that you go to Bottom Line Corps. He wants to get her a Box of Chocolates. When you have the Box of Chocolates, Giovanni will pull you aside again to tell you that chocolates aren’t enough. He’ll advise you to pick some Roses in the park. Why are you doing all this cutesy shopping for Giovanni again? No clue.
  • A Place for Strangers: After his breakup with Astrid, Giovanni will summon you and request that you build a place for him to crash at. Albert’s Shipyard is where you can get the Lounge Blueprint upgrade.
  • One Last Drink for the Road: Giovanni will admit that he believes he has outstayed his welcome. He’ll then request that you accompany him to the Everdoor.


Gustav From Spiritfarer Fandom

Location: Furogawa


Gustav likes Acquired Tastes and Exotic Food
dislikes Anything Fried and Sugary Food
‘s favorite food is Surstromming
‘s spirit flower is the Red Poppy


  • Five Views of Mount Furogawa: When you get to Furogawa, you will encounter another spirit. He’ll ask you to locate a Woodprint for a collection he’s assembling, which he believes is in Theodore’s shop. A competing art collector stole the item, but he’ll give you the coordinates so you can find her (-150, 150). He’ll also offer you a tiny figurine to gift her, which you should not sell. Give her the figurine you received from the spirit, and she will give you the Woodprint.
  • Taillé dans l’Or Massif: Gustav will request that you add a figurehead to your boat to make it look less dismal. This request is granted once you have improved your ship with Hermes’ Hymn from Albert’s Shipyard.
  • Lock and Load: Your good old collector just wants to ensure you’ve got all the upgrades available on your ship. He joins the party quite late, so you likely do.
  • The House of Bau: What is an art collector without his gallery? You should build one for him soon.
  • The Search for Erich Deskmann: Gustav is looking for a desk for his office. Oxbury is home to a woodworker. His companion can be found a little down at the cafe with a green logo on the front. The barista wants dinner. But not just any food; he wants a Surf n’ Turf feast, which is challenging to prepare. Talk to him again, and he’ll switch to a basic Casserole. When you offer him dinner, he will tell you that he requires 450000 glims. Instead, talk to his ex-girlfriend in Oxbury and tell him what’s happening. She’ll say he’s welcome to return to her home. When you speak with him, he’ll give you the desk upgrade for Gustav’s Gallery.
  • The Master Forger: This is just another tutorial quest. Gustav wants you to build a Smithy and teach you how to use it.
  • Fully Loaded: After he has his desk built, Gustav will provide you with additional designs to complete his show: a neoclassical Nordic Fireplace and a Maximinimalist Clock. Gustav is relatively straightforward: he’ll plainly state he’s ready to go to the Everdoor after this.
  • The Old Violinist: This is the end for you two. You’ll just have to row him to the Everdoor and say goodbye.

Bruce and Mickey

Bruce and Mickey
Bruce and Mickey From Spiritfairer Fandom

Location: Southpoint Docks


Bruce and Mickey likes Pub Food
dislikes One Ingredient Food and Anything with Crayfish
‘s favorite food is Garlic Bread
‘s spirit flower is the Fennel Flower


  • Bullying for Beginners: When you get to Southpoint Docks and climb the ladder, Bruce and Mickey will be on your left. They’ll tell you to bully a nearby spirit. So go over there and talk to the orange spirit. After that, return to them and explain what you did.
  • The Rhythm of the Night: Bruce and Mickey will instruct you to go for Pulsar Rays, located straight south of you on the map, so set sail towards them. Pulsar Ore can be found here. To collect Ores, simply run head-on into the glowing lights.
  • Smash! Smash!: Of course, this dynamic duo will introduce you to a new upgrade. They want you to build a crusher to smash stuff. You know where to go.
  • Mini Palace: As Mickey and Bruce (it does sound off when you invert their names, huh?) used to have a lavish lifestyle, they ask you to build a mansion.
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Once their mansion is up and running, they want you to add something shiny, significant, and flashy. No, there’s no such item in the game; you need a chandelier, a home cinema, and a liquor table.
  • A Taste of Home: It’s only natural that such tasteful people would like particular meals. They order a Lobster Roll. So, put Wheat in the Windmill to get Wheat Flour, then bake it with a Lobster. Give it to Bruce and Mickey after it’s finished cooking. They’ll quickly decline because Mickey is allergic to crayfish, so they’ll have Fried Chicken instead.
  • Camping in a Cadillac: You did work hard in trying to impress them both. They want to say thanks. Head to the Greymist Peaks for a lovely camping trip with these two.
  • Mask Off: The duo solicits your help on their next big score. You’ll have to plant 100 carrots, then 100 peaches, and then talk to them. After you’ve finally grown and picked them up to inform you that you botched the entire business. Then, they say they’re ready to go to the Everdoor. I mean, I guess you’re better off this way?
  • Brothers Until the End: When you’re ready, just take them through the Everdoor.


Elena From Spirirtfairer Fandom

Location: Crow’s End Inc.


Elena likes Plain and Healthy Food
dislikes Fine Dining Food, Fried Food, and Meat
‘s favorite food is Green Salad
‘s spirit flower is the Cypress


  • Missing Credentials: This one’s quite simple. If you’ve got the Dash ability, you’ve passed. If you don’t, she’ll guide you through it.
  • Elena’s Dharma: Elena will then assign you three distinct tasks to do. They are pretty hard, but who doesn’t love a strict teacher? She’ll want you to finish the Gold Dragon in less than 6 minutes, catch more than one-third of all Deadly Pulsar Rays, and catch more than one-third of all Severe Lightning Strikes. You will receive treasure maps once you have finished these objectives. After discovering these treasures, return to Elena and give her one of the objects you discovered.
  • Four Walls and a Roof: Like any other spirit, Elena needs a house. The good news is she doesn’t want much, just four walls and a roof.
  • On The Sea of Tranquility: It’s time, isn’t it? Walk Elena through the Everdoor. Goodbyes are always sad, but at least you got to hug her, right?


Buck From SpiritFairer Fandom

Location: —  —


Buck likes Old-fashioned Food and Comfort Food
dislikes Lactose meals and Fruit
‘s favorite food is Tomato Pizza
‘s spirit flower is n/a


  • A Lair of Wonders: Buck may be found at the top of Hikarishima Lighthouse. When you arrive at the lighthouse, a cutscene will begin, and you will be presented appropriately. Talk to Buck again when you get back on the ship. He’ll tell you that the designs for his chamber are on Edgeborough Lane, so head there. When you arrive, go to the Raccoon Inc. Shop and buy it, then return to the boat.
  • The Silver Company: Buck will want you to find some of his friends for a gathering when you finish building his house. Jerome is from Hummingberg, Bryan is from Bottom Line Corps, and Bob is from Oxbury. After you’ve spoken with everyone, return to the ship and speak with Buck. He’d like 5 Popcorn, a Corndog, and some Toffee. Set sail for Nordweiler after providing him with all of his necessary snacks. Once in Furogawa, look for the Oracle tree between two houses. So return to your boat and insert those into your map projector.
  • Demons of Light: Buck wants you to learn a new skill. You’ll find the Hidden Shrine if you cruise to the coordinates they told you. Proceed to the shore, then watch a brief cutscene with Buck and his companions. When he’s finished, he jumps to the platforms to reach the shrine at the cliff’s edge. Return down to Buck once you’ve obtained the ability.
  • The Fires of Tondor: It’s time to put your Light Burst skill to the test now that you have it. Buck will assign you a new mini-game in which you must utilize Light Burst to defeat cardboard Shadow Steel Orcs. It’s straightforward; simply run around and activate the ability at each lighted cardboard cutout. You must now light several lighthouses, including Nordsee Pier, Sandwich Walk, and Hikarishima Lighthouse. You never take Buck through the Everdoor. He sticks around with you until the end.

Parting Words

Gwen, Atul, Summer, Gustav, Astrid, Giovanni, Stanley, Eleanor, Buck, Bruce, and Mickey. Each has a story to tell and has the wisdom to impart. Ask developer Thunder Lotus what Spirit Fare is about, and they’ll tell you it’s a cozy game about dying. I wouldn’t say they are quite right. It wouldn’t look this pretty if it were, for starters.

Specifically, Spiritfarer is concerned with dealing with loss and the comfort and support needed to get through tough times. It’s a resonant theme expressed through every inch of the game design art style, characters, plot, and, perhaps most of all, mechanics. Through this routine of ferrying spirits to the afterlife, preparing them for the incredible journey beyond, the player is ready to support Stella when it’s her time to do the same. That’s not a game about dying; it’s about life.


Question: What To Do On the Caronte?

Answer: Satisfy the spirit’s every need by hugging them, knowing their culinary tastes, and satisfying their last wishes before they leave. You can also harvest fruits and vegetables; there is room for singing and guitar playing, the tranquility of fishing in the sea, and some specific sequences such as catching lightning or jellyfish and taking certain stones from a dragon that appears in the sea.

Question: How To Make the Spirits Happy?

Answer: There are essential elements that all spirits share: they need to eat, they need affection, and to feel comfortable; for this, you must -as you can imagine- satisfy their needs, harvesting and then cooking their favorite dishes, as well as paying attention to each of their requests.

Question: When Should Spirits be Taken to the Everdoor?

Answer: This is a matter of opinion, but I recommend keeping spirits around for as long as possible. They have different interactions with other spirits that you might miss if you take them to the Everdoor too soon. They provide valuable items, not to mention companionship. They sometimes show up in new places you visit to give you their insight on it or reveal extra tidbits about themselves.

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Bonus tip: have a box of tissues on hand.

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