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While indie games typically may not be huge games that can keep players enthralled for hundreds of hours, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t detailed, meticulously crafted and in some cases, quite difficult. There are tonnes of tricky puzzles to solve, hulking bosses to overcome, hidden secrets to uncover and innovative game mechanics that can be tough to truly master. However, we aim to bridge the gap and make sure that, no matter what challenge you take on within the indie gaming space, that we have your back.

We aim to do this through providing a series and comprehensive indie game guides from different genres and indie developers. Here we will cover the most popular games within the space and guide you from the first moment to the last.

We promise that you will never find yourself stuck or at a loss with one of our guides to help you. So take a browse down below and find the guide that will help you beat the boss, find those secrets and solve those puzzles.

Also, be sure to check back here regularly as we aim to consistently offer guides for all the best indie games. Meaning we will aim to cover the biggest new releases.

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