Best Technology To Unlock First In Palworld 

Survival games tend to have one thing in common. You start with nothing, and through bashing rocks together, hammering a few nails, and battling the elements, you gain a better understanding of the world and are able to craft new and interesting tools to help with progression.

Palworld follows suit by offering the player the ability to accrue Technology Points and Ancient Technology Points, which can be used to unlock new craftable Base Buildings, equipment, and more. 

However, you may be someone who likes to hoard your in-game resources until you are absolutely sure that investing in certain Unlockables will be a valuable addition. Well, if you happen to be in that camp, then this guide is geared towards you! 

We have created a handy guide that will detail all the items and equipment that you should unlock first in your Technology Tab, So without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Best Technology To Unlock First In Palworld Guide. 

How to Earn Technology Points

Okay, so before we begin tackling the best items to unlock on your Technology Tab, you’ll need to know how to earn the points needed to do so. These points are accrued in two ways, which are:

  • Levelling Up 
  • Unlocking Fast Travel Markers 

If you need a guide on how to level up fast in Palworld, then we have you covered!

How to Earn Ancient Technology Points

Now, while Technology Points are earned through natural play and exploration, you need to go a little out of your way to Earn Ancient Technology Points. Which for those unaware, are points that can be used to unlock rare items in the purple column of your Technology Tab. 

Simply put, the only way you’re going to earn these Ancient Technology Points, is if you take on Bosses within the world. This can be Bosses that are located in Towers, such as Zoe and Grizzbolt at Rayne Syndicate Tower. Or this can be selected Alpha Pal Variants dotted all over the map. 

What Technology Should I Unlock In Palworld Early? 

Okay, so now that you know what these points are, and how to get some, it’s time to talk about the essential upgrades you’ll need to choose if you want to get a leg up on the competition in Palworld. So here is a selection of the best unlockables you should focus on getting early in the game: 

#1 – Pal Mission Essentials 

The most obvious unlockables, especially in the early game as you build your first base and add more worker Pals into the mix, are the unlockables that are required to complete Pal Missions. Pal Missions are accessed at the Pal Box, and usually tend to be items that help build a functional and multifaceted base. 

In the beginning this will be adding Straw Beds for your Worker Pals, and perhaps a bed for yourself too. However, this will get more complex as time goes on, asking players to build Ranches, Breeding Stations, Logging Mills, Automated Assembly Lines, and much more. 

There are far too many unlockables that fall into this category to go listing, and they will all be important at different periods of your playthrough. So before using your Technology Points, just take a glance at what is needed next to complete Pal Missions, and this should help you make a smart decision. 

#2 – Sand, Sea, and Flying Mount Enhancements 

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a varied team of Mounts in your Party when exploring in Palworld.

In the early game, getting around on foot is fine, but it soon becomes more hassle than it’s worth as it tends to be way too slow. So it’s best to grab a Pal that can serve as a Mount and then unlock their respective Pal Enhancement. 

If you need a guide on the Best Beginner Mounts In Palworld, we have you covered! 

The best course of action here is to try and catch a Pal that can carry you over land, one that can take you across bodies of water, and one that can fly high in the sky.

So our suggestions for beginners would be Direhowl, as they are the fastest beginner Land Mount, and Surfent, as they are the only realistic beginner Water Mount option. Then, finally, go with either Nitewing or Vanwyrm as your flying mount. 

#3 – An Egg Incubator 

Catching Pals through exploration is great, and you’ll find some amazing Pals as you go. However, there are some rare Pals in Palworld that can’t really be accessed unless you visit very high-level areas.

But there is a way around this. You can hatch eggs found in the wild, and these will award the player with a random pal of the egg’s type. 

You can find either Standard, Large, or Huge eggs, and this dictates the rarity of the Pal inside. But to hatch them, you will need to unlock an Egg Incubator. This is an Ancient Technology Unlock, and therefore, you will need to beat a boss to get the Points needed. So we suggest training up to around Level 15 and then taking on the Rayne Tower Syndicate Boss. 

#4 – A Mega Shield 

In case you weren’t swiftly caught this fact as a huge Pal killed you in one shot early in your adventure, let me tell you. The player character is incredibly flimsy, and that is why you need as much protection as you can get.

Pals to fight for you is essential. Armor is also a great thing to have, but above all, you need a shield to soak up damage and essentially give you a free hit before enemies start chipping away at your HP. This is a much-needed resource when battling, and when fleeing battles that are beyond you at this point. 

#5 – Heat & Frost Resistant Armor

Then, lastly, if you want to start exploring beyond the beginning areas and islands of Palworld, you will need to craft Heat and Frost Resistant Armor, which will protect you from the elements as you explore the Volcanic and Frozen areas of the map.

These areas play host to Bosses in Towers, rare materials, and awesome Pals to catch. So, it makes sense to have these Armor types in your possession in case you need to brave the conditions and explore further. 

Long-Term Items To Save Resources For

Then, as the game progresses, you’ll realize that Technology Points become more scarce, and there are only so many Map Markers you can seek out. So, you’ll need to focus on unlocking the things that matter to ensure you progress at a steady pace. So be sure to collect the resources for these unlockables, and unlock them as soon as you can: 

#1 – Pistols, Rifles, and Explosives

Guns are something that, based on the Palworld promotional material, you would have assumed the player would have access to fast, but in truth, it actually takes a while to unlock guns in Palworld.

You’ll be able to unlock Muskets and Makeshift Pistols in the mid-game, and then you’ll gain access to Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Elemental Grenades, and more as you level up further. 

So we would suggest that you unlock these as they become available, as the more imposing you can make yourself, and the more you can assist your Pals in battle, the better. 

#2 – A Breeding Farm 

While Egg Incubators will get you so far with regards to Breeding pals, you’ll need a Breeding Farm if you really want to create Pals that are perfectly geared toward your playstyle.

You see, with access to a Breeding farm, you can create Fusion Pals. Pals that have been fused together to offer a new typing, moveset, set of traits, and a new aesthetic. 

You’ll need to stock up on Milk, Eggs, Honey, Berries, and Flour, and build a Cooking Station. As Cake is the primary resource needed to make Breeding occur. But if you can do that, you’ll open Palworld up infinitely and be able to create the custom Pal of your dreams. 

#3  – Pal Sphere Assembly Line

While you can craft Pal Spheres yourself pretty early on, and you can also find them lying around in the world when you explore. The fact of the matter is that you’ll want a way to passively produce these Pal Catching tools so you never run out when you need them most.

The best way to ensure that this can happen is by creating a Pal Sphere Assembly Line, a Base Building that will allow you to have your Base Pals produce these Spheres at scale.

When trying to catch a rare Pal, or a Lucky Pal, you never want to be stuck with no way to catch them, and with this Base Building unlocked, that becomes a worry of the past. 

#4 – A Giant Feed Bag

You can unlock a Feed Bag pretty early in the game, but as you begin to carry top-tier Pals with you on your travels, you’ll begin to realize that carrying thousands of Red Berries in a Small Feed Bag just won’t cut it anymore.

This is why we suggest getting a Giant Feed Bag from the Ancient Technology Tab. This will allow you to bring five different varieties of food with you, and can ensure that even the most gluttinous Pals on your Party remain well-fed. 

#5 – Homing Sphere Launcher

Then, lastly, we have what is perhaps the best unlock in the entire game, which is why you’ll need to grind all the way to max level if you want to add this to your collection. The Homing Pal Sphere Launcher is exactly what it sounds like. 

It behaves like a normal Rocket Launcher, but instead, it fires Pal Spheres, and they home in on nearly Pals, allowing you to keep a huge distance from Pals and try to catch them from afar.

This can ensure you stay out of trouble while you try to collect Pals on your travels, and generally, this makes Catching pals a breeze. You won’t unlock this one for a long time, but it gives you something to strive for! 

A Tech Whizz Is Born

As you can see, there is quite a lot of stuff that can be unlocked on the way to Max Level in Palworld. However, not all unlockables are created equal, so be sure to hold onto your Technology Points until you are absolutely sure that your investment will suit your playstyle and help you become a Pal taming extraordinaire. 

We hope that this guide helps you invest wisely, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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