How to Get Flame Organs In Palworld

Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm, and it’s easy to see why with its depth of systems, a wealth of cool creatures to capture, and mass of items to accumulate. However, one thing that can be a barrier to entry is that the game doesn’t hold your hand, and acquiring these items isn’t always a walk in the park. 

One item that falls under this category is Flame Organs, a resource that will allow players to quite literally play with fire in a number of ways, but at first, it’s not 100% obvious where to find these organs. 

However, we wouldn’t leave you hanging. We have a guide that will show you how to acquire Flame Organs, the steps to do so, and why it’s so important. Without further delay, this is Indie Game Culture’s How to Get Flame Organs in Palworld Guide. 

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Item Fact Sheet 

NameFlame Organ
LocationDrop From Flame Type Pals
UsesUsed to make Fire-based items, enhancements, and tools
Level RequirementsN/A

Where to Find Flame Organs In Palworld

Flame Organs are actually pretty easy to find in Palworld, and if you’re really keen to build a collection, you may be able to find them mere minutes into your adventure. From the starting zone, if you head downhill toward the nearest Fast Travel Marker, you’ll likely come across a pack of Foxparks, one of the most common flame-type Pals in the game. All you have to do to collect a Flame Organ from them is either kill them or catch them. 

You will only get one Flame Organ for your efforts as this is a low-level creature, but as the game progresses, you will find stronger flame-type Pals that will drop multiple Flame Organs at a time, so as your level rises, be sure to farm for Flame Organs in areas where you yield the most Flame Organs per catch or kill. 

Depending on your starting island, other early-game Pals that drop Flame Organs include: 

  • Rooby 
  • Arsox

What Can I Use Flame Organs For?

Provided you have located a group of flame-types and got some Flame Organs, you are now in a position where you can use these resources to make some pretty cool stuff that will allow you to explore new regions of the map safely, use new abilities, and craft helpful tools and base buildings. If you’re wondering how to use these resources wisely, then wonder no more. Here is a complete list of all the recipes that require a Flame Organ: 

ItemLevelFlame Organs Required
Tropical Outfit12x
Fire Bow52x
Flame Arrows51x
Foxpark’s Harness65x
Primitive Furnace103x
Fire Arrow Crossbow155x
Arsox Saddle1610x
TocoToco’s Gloves1810x
Cooking Pot173x
Flame Cauldron2020x
Vanwyrm Saddle2110x
Antique Couch Set221x
Hip Lantern2210x
Heat Resistant Metal Armor258x
Improved Furnace3415x
Metal Barrel Set371x
Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor4012x
Electric Kitchen415x
Incendiary Grenade411x
Electric Heater4110x
Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor4816x

Can You Feel The Heat?

So there you have it: a clear and easy way to get Flame Organs early in the game and a complete list of what you can use this item for. I hope that this resource helps you find these drops fast, and I hope that your new tools and abilities help you become the best Pal Tamer you can be. As always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture! 

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