Best Terraria Seeds

Best Terraria Seeds Explained

Obviously, the best seed in Terraria is the Daybloom seed, as growing Daybloom will give you access to the most potions, and the grass seeds, because who doesn’t like grass?

More interesting is world seeds, which are essentially the DNA of your world. This is for you if you’d like to have the best Terraria seeds explained.

One of the most remarkable features of Terraria is the ability to pick your world seed.

Whenever you create a world, you can choose your world seed by clicking on the seed icon during world creation, and you can use that to use seeds from the internet, play on your friend’s world, or mess around with it to find incredible seeds yourself.

best terraria seeds
Clicking here lets you pick your world seed!

Many of my favorite experiences in this game have been from just exploring the seeds other people posted. While they may have patched out certain things, such as spawning on sky islands or the ocean being missing, some seeds will guarantee you good loot, a unique start, or some dev-intended shenanigans.

However, random numbers or words won’t guarantee any remarkable results. So I will explain each of Terraria’s interesting easter egg seeds and show off some more interesting seeds found by the Terraria community, which might be a fun start to your next playthrough.

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How to Use a Seed in Terraria

All these seeds can be accessed by clicking on the “seed” bar while making a world, entering the seed (marked in bold for clarity), and hitting create. Make sure you know that you need the same letters, but capitalization doesn’t matter, so getfixedboi and GetFixedBoi give you the same world.

Just make a character, click on New World on the bottom, and click on that seed bar.

Feel free to copy the seed from this article, and paste it while entering it into the seed bar, then click create. If you go for any easter egg seeds, you can customize them to your content, with whatever world size, difficulty, and evil you want.

If you go for one of the community seeds, they have specific world settings that will automatically be selected after putting the seed in.

Key Info Up Front

  • Terraria has a bunch of easter egg seeds that are all unique, namely, 05162020, for the worthy and celebrationmk10.
  • A lot of seeds have been found – particularly by the speedrunning community – that give you an advantage at the start of the game, and one of the best is
  • If you want a massive challenge with the potential to do absolutely everything possible, go for getfixedboi, the Zenith seed.
  • Every seed is unique and special, and you should try and explore many of them and see all the cool things that can happen in each.

Selection Criteria

Asking “what’s the best Terraria seed” is a rather loaded question, and depends on your playstyle and what you would want in a new playthrough, so for this list, I have some criteria I followed when selecting these seeds.

  • All seeds are on the table, including the seeds primarily added as easter eggs or for an extra challenge.
  • While I could have just compiled a list of the purely positive seeds that start you off with lavish items, I believe the “best” seeds are the ones that let you start the game off uniquely.
  • Some seeds will be purely for great items, some for hard-to-find items, and some for silly ones. Any seed that does something unique will be considered.
  • The developers crafted all of the easter egg seeds, but the community-found ones are only found thanks to the speedrunning community, who are constantly making new worlds and looking for new seeds.

I believe these criteria will help you find your next new Terraria world seed and guarantee a unique and different experience with each one.

Easter Egg Seeds

The “Drunk” Seed

the drunk seed terraria

  • Seed: 05162020
  • Main Purpose: Dual Corruption and Crimson in one world

05162020 Is the seed you need to put in during world creation to generate the world lovingly referred to by the community and the internal game files as the “drunk” world. The seed is a reference to update, which came out on May 16th, 2020, and had this seed as an easter egg when it came out.

Generally, the main point of the world is having both corruption and crimson in the same world, allowing you to get unique drops from both and the option to fight both sets of enemies and both bosses.

You can also get every ore in this seed; for example, usually, you’d only be able to get either adamantite or titanium, but in this seed, you can get both. You also have a higher chance of running into living trees. (The huge ones that have some neat loot in their trunks.)

scary terraria seed generation
Generating a Drunk World seed

There isn’t much else to say other than that most of the changes to it are neat and freshen up a playthrough of the game. For example, Hell is inverted, so the middle of it is mostly lava, and the edges of it contain the houses.

Also, the Party Girl is the starting NPC instead of the Guide NPC, and you get to listen to some Terraria Otherworld music for a nice change of pace from the standard iconic soundtrack. This seed is just fun to mess around with, all the additions are rather unintrusive and silly, and it’s a great way to play the game, good stuff.

Not the Bees!

notthebees seed

    All jungle, with just the Merchant to keep you company.
  • Seed: Notthebees
  • Main Purpose: A world that is only the Jungle biome

Not the bees! Is a relatively apparent reference to the iconic Nicholas Cage clip and a pretty funny seed. It replaces almost every single biome in the game with a jungle, except the corruption, desert, and Hell.

Everywhere else has become a complete jungle, and where the jungle used to be is now an enormous and interconnected beehive.

The game is possible here; every single thing you would have to do in a regular game playthrough is, more or less, achievable.

How fun this seed can be will depend on your idea of fun. There is a ton of honey everywhere underground, which will always get in the way of mining and slow you down immensely.

A ton of Larvae spawn all over the world, which will instantly summon the Queen bee if you so much as glance at them wrong.

The Merchant spawns instead of the Guide NPC. At least the furnace is readily available, as the Merchant always sells one in the jungle on any Terraria world. Otherwise, this is a pretty hard one to recommend playing unless you love the jungle, but it is unique for what it is.

For The Worthy

For The Worthy seed
Fighting the Wall of Flesh on For the Worthy
  • Seed: For the Worthy
  • Main Purpose: Extreme Difficulty

For the Worthy is potentially the most infamous seed in all of Terraria. Sure, you’ve beaten the game on expert mode, but have you done it on Master Mode, For the Worthy, with no health upgrades?

For the Worthy intends to massively increase the game’s difficulty, as every enemy does more damage (on top of the extra damage they do in Expert or Master), all bunnies become explosive bunnies, and you spawn with the Demolitionist instead of the Guide.

Have you ever wanted a bomb to drop on you whenever you hit a tree or broke a pot? This seed can grant that bizarre wish for you. Even the difficulty you choose when you generate the world gets upped, so Classic becomes Expert mode, and Master mode becomes the otherwise inaccessible Legendary mode.

This is honestly just a well-made world for a bonus easter egg. It makes the game so much more demanding and is a great challenge to go for if you’re a Terraria expert doing their hundredth playthrough. Watch out for lava, be scared of every tree, never hit a bunny, and you’ll be fine.

Celebration Mark 10

05162011 seed
A Party on the beach in this seed
  • Seed: 05162011
  • Main Purpose: Start with great NPCs and excellent items

Celebrationmk10 may be my favorite seed out of all the easter egg seeds. You start on a blue-colored beach with five whole NPCs named after some of Terraria’s core development team.

This seed is meant to be a celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary on May 16th, 2021, and it is just such a pleasant seed with a nice change of pace from the usual game. It is enjoyable to play through and fun to discover all its neat additions.

You start on either the very left or right side of the world with the Guide, the Princess, the Steampunker, a Party Girl, and a Bunny. Most of the world is painted brighter colors, such as the hot pink dungeon, cyan sand, and a purple temple.

You’ll also quickly find that every item you can get from chests, such as in the living trees that are likely near your spawn, has a modifier that is extremely good, namely Warding, Legendary, or Unreal.

You can also encounter two unique enemies in this seed, the Jungle Mimic and Golden Slime, both previously cut and inaccessible content, never implemented.

The Jungle Mimic only spawns in the hardmode jungle. However, it drops some… interesting items. Golden slimes rarely spawn throughout the world, but they drop 15 gold whenever you kill them, so it is worth going for.

You also have a chance of obtaining super rare items, so if you want the Rod of Discord, you could try hopping on this world for a while. This seed is a fun time for anyone looking for a new experience in Terraria, and I would heavily recommend it.

The Constant

The Constant seed is spooky!
  • Seed: Constant
  • Main Purpose: Don’t Starve/Horror game experience

The Constant is a seed added simultaneously as Deerclops and is made to emulate the Dont Starve experience within Terraria closely. Unfortunately, it mainly does this through a sepia filter, making the game a little darker and harder to see.

This is a relatively simple but very effective seed. The player has a hunger status effect that is constantly getting worse the longer you go without eating food, and the only way to make it go away is by eating food dropped from trees, enemies, or crafted at a cooking pot.

A bunch of marble biomes and spider caves can generate on the surface, which is strange, and whenever you walk by cacti, you will take damage. Also, the rain will put out torches (my single least favorite thing in any of these special seeds), and being in darkness for long enough will cause you to take damage.

Honestly, a decent but somewhat annoying seed if you’d like a scarier Terraria experience. And, at the very least, you have higher chances of getting the admittedly pretty cool Don’t Starve crossover items, which is neat.

No Traps

Definitely 0 traps in this image.
  • Seed: No Traps
  • Main Purpose: A world filled with traps

No traps is a self-explanatory seed. There are no traps! There is not a single trick or joke with this. This world has a supreme lack of explosions, boulders, dart traps, and flame pillars. How… Relaxing.

All joking aside, this world’s sole purpose is to kill the player in as many ways as possible, there’s a new boulder around every corner, a new poison gas trap when you open some chests, and pretty much every ore will lead to an explosion. Even heart crystals cannot be trusted.

This is a great world to play if you think you need to get your heart rate higher, but otherwise, it’s funny to play it if only to see all the cruel and unusual punishment the developers are capable of dishing out.

Don’t Dig Up

dontdigup seed
This is where you spawn in this topsy-turvy world.
  • Seed: Dont Dig Up
  • Main Purpose: Starting in Hell and working your way up

Dont dig up is a reference to some standard advice in Minecraft, but the entire point of this one is having to dig your way out of your spawn in the Underworld to reach the surface, which, if anything, is far worse.

You get the Tax Collector instead of the Guide, and the point of the seed is to be an upside-down version of the standard game.

This is probably the most extended list of changes of any easter egg seed, except for the next one. It would be too long to list everything it changes, so I will review some of the biggest ones here.

Namely, you start in the Underworld in a biome filled with many ashwood trees, and all the enemies are weaker than you would expect from Hell.

If you go further up, you’ll find the entire surface has been overrun by your evil biome of choice, with insanely high enemy spawn rates.

One annoying part is that the Dryad and Steampunker never sell the purification powder or clentaminator, not even after the Moon Lord, meaning if your world gets corrupted, it stays like that unless you put in an absolute ton of effort to mine out every last corrupted block manually.

There is no sun, and the entire surface is extremely high up, and if you touch the top of the world, you will die instantly. Honestly, a great seed. Even if it feels a tad depressing, never seeing the sunlight.

It’s a huge success in making the game feel completely different and turning it on its head. I highly recommend checking it out sometime.


zenith seed
Just an ordinary cave on the Zenith Seed.
  • Seed: getfixedboi
  • Main Purpose: Every previous seed combined. Absolute insanity

Getfixedboi is a seed spawned from a hilarious bug report the devs received, and it lives up to the title of the Zenith seed. This is essentially just taking every single easter egg up to this point and mashing them all together to create the most complex and strange experience that Terraria offers.

You spawn in the Underworld with five different NPCs; the surface is entirely comprised of both crimson and corruption, there’s a life-threatening trap around every corner, the difficulty has been raised, there are hives and jungle just about everywhere, you’re feeling hungry, and just about everything is new and strange.

In his words, this seed is impeccable, Redigit’s magnum opus.

The strangest part about this seed is that the game is weirdly still playable. The middle of the world is terrifying, but once you trudge your way to the dungeon and grab a wirecutter, it isn’t too bad.

After a while, it mostly becomes a more challenging version of the Don’t Dig Up seed, and technically, it does contain everything you could want out of these bonus seeds.

If you want to experience every bit of unique content presented in these easter egg seeds, then go for this. Just be sure to down a Red potion, have fear in your heart, and tread carefully.

You should try crafting together all the mechanical boss summons; I hear that should summon Ocram? I’m not too sure, though. It would be best if you go try it out for yourself.

Seeds Found by the Community

These seeds are mostly either for speedrunning or just exciting discoveries made by the speedrunning community while they look for optimal seeds.

Some are fast and for great loot, and others are just fun. But, no matter what they are, they would undoubtedly be a great way to shake up or kickstart a Terraria playthrough.

Do note that you can change most of these to Journey or whatever other difficulty mode you want, but changing the world size or world evil will usually make it not generate properly.

Quick Desert Loot seed

  • Seed:
  • Main Purpose: Quick Bast Statue and Conch Shell (found by zoethecat) Will let you start your playthrough with a super quick bast statue, extractinator, and a conch shell by just running to the left.

This is a quick, fast way to kick off your Terraria playthrough with one of the best passive buff items, an easy way to get gems and ores, and free transportation to both beaches. What’s not to like about this one? Just head to the left and go down the cave for your loot.

A Very Peculiar Jungle seed
One of the wackest spawns I’ve ever seen.
  • Seed:
  • Main Purpose: A spawn in the middle of the jungle (found by Nathan/Papaya) – Ever wanted to spawn in the middle of the jungle, stranded in the middle of a lake, with only a bit of bamboo and a tiny tree for some reason? Well, now you can.

This one is mostly just funny. It’s one of the best I’ve seen because it is hilarious to stand there with the Guide, looking at each other and wondering how you got into this situation.

A Tree Full of Goodies

A Tree Full of Goodies seed
Because who doesn’t like free stuff?
  • Seed:
  • Main Purpose: A bunch of various quick items (found by IcySnowman) – There is quite a lot of good stuff to the left and right, mainly a bunch of cool things you could either use or sell on the right, and a conch and some gold far on the left, not much to say or show about this one, it’s just kind of an ordinary Terraria world, but with more cool stuff.

I’d recommend going to the right immediately, as it contains a ton of chests in the tree. There is also a sky island near spawn with some neat surprises to it as well. Overall, it’s just a plain ol’ good and very fast seed, and it’s the one I recommend if you want to jumpstart a new playthrough but don’t want the gimmicks of an easter egg seed.

The Quickest Enchanted Sword You Could Ever Need

The Quickest Enchanted Sword You Could Ever Need
It might be dark, but I have a cool sword now.
  • Seed:
  • Main Purpose: Quick Enchanted Sword (found by seth/Sh00g7) – Within the first twenty seconds of starting this seed, you can quickly run to the right, dive into the cave, go down and break the Enchanted Sword Shrine that lies at the bottom.

This is especially useful if you are looking to craft the Zenith. I distinctly remember having to search my entire world and never finding the Enchanted Sword, then giving up and fishing for hours to finally get it. I wish I had known about this one at the time.

Stranded on an Island

bamboo rafts in Terraria
If only you could make bamboo rafts in Terraria.
  • Seed:
  • Main Purpose: Start stranded in the middle of a lake (found by Max Overpower) – Have you ever played Terraria and went, “man, I wish I was playing Wind Waker instead”? Well, have I got the solution for you. This spawn is covered in water, with most of the land just being small islands and a single tree.

It isn’t as much of a challenge as any of the seeds that strand you in Minecraft, but it is still funny, and it would undoubtedly be a unique and cool challenge to have to play the game in a wholly flooded world. Water-filled easter egg seed when, Redigit?

Shimmering in the Dark, but Not Hard to Find seed
You wouldn’t believe how long this can usually take.
  • Seed:
  • Main Purpose: Easily found Shimmer (found by alex.) – If you want to get to that brand new liquid from the Labor of Love update, 1.4.4, then here’s your free ticket. This one also sports a strange mid-jungle spawn, but if you head to the right, you’ll find a tree that leads right the way down to a pool of Shimmer.

Shimmer usually takes a while to find; it only generates on the jungle side of the world and under the beach, but I still struggle to locate it every single time. So if you need to transmute, uncraft, or mess around with it, go ahead and try out this world.

Questions and Answers

Question: Do I Need a Seed to Start a Terraria Playthrough

Answer: Nope, the game will generate one for you, even if you leave the field blank.

Question: What is the Best Seed for Making the Start of Terraria Easier?

Answer: Celebrationmk10 provides a ton of great loot for players and a few NPCs at the very start.

Question: What is the Hardest Seed in Terraria

Answer: getfixedboi is the combination of every single easter egg seed up to this point and is incredibly challenging.


Terraria‘s best seeds sport a wide variety of worlds that all allow you to start the game again in a new and unique way, you’ll often find that variety is the spice of life, and you should try mixing it up sometimes.

Maybe instead of starting your next playthrough on a random world, try making the game a horror game, exploring from the bottom up, beginning in the middle of the ocean, or really, whatever else you want that you think would spice up the next playthrough.

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