Magic Storage Terraria Guide

Magic Storage Terraria Guide

Ever had a problem in Terraria where you didn’t sort your chests but wanted to find a specific item? Have you dug through 20 different crates to find that accessory you forgot was required for the item with the ginormous crafting tree? Well, there’s a solution, a mod that is essential for every modded playthrough: Magic Storage.

If you want to use mods, you’ll have to use the free DLC for Terraria, Tmodloader. Once you do, though, be sure to pick up Magic Storage off the mod browser to solve each and every one of your storage issues.

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Magic Storage Terraria Guide: Bottom Line Up Front

  • Magic Storage is a mod that helps you dump every item in Terraria into one place
  • The items become easily sortable and searchable
  • You can also access every single crafting station from one location
  • You make Magic Storage using wood, iron/lead, tungsten/silver, and various gems.

So what is Magic Storage, Anyways?

Magic Storage is similar to the M.E. system from the Applied Energistics Minecraft mod, which you may know from Skyfactory or Feed the Beast.

However, if you don’t know that mod, don’t worry; all you need to know is that Magic Storage will let you dump all your items into one big container that doesn’t take up too much space and then quickly sort and search through them later.

That isn’t all, though; you can make the most basic version of Magic Storage right from the start of the game, but you can upgrade it quite easily as you progress, using Demonite, Hellstone, Hallowed bars, and various other materials.

You can also make the crafting interface, which lets you store all your different crafting stations and craft everything you want, all in one place.

Magic Storage is meant to completely replace the system of having a ton of different chests named things like “blocks” or “weapons” and offers an easy place to dump your entire inventory off and quickly find any item you’re looking for later.

Getting the Materials

The bare minimum for Magic Storage to be set up is:

  • 20 Pieces of Wood
  • 4 Iron/Lead Bars
  • 2 Diamonds (or 3 Shadow Diamonds)
  • 7 Emeralds
  • 10 Silver/Tungsten Bars
  • Any Chest

With these, you can get a single storage heart and a single storage unit. You are going to want more storage components, which require the following:

  • 10 Pieces of Wood
  • 2 Iron/Lead Bars
  • 10 Silver/Tungsten
  • Any Chest

These will give you more room for more items in your Magic Storage system, don’t place too many, though, as if you have 10 Crimtane or Demonite bars, and an Amethyst, you can upgrade your storage units.

You will also want the Crafting Interface, which requires the somewhat lofty price of:

  • 10 Pieces of Wood
  • 2 Iron/Lead Bars
  • 2 Diamonds (or 3 Shadow Diamonds)
  • 7 Sapphires

This will allow you to put all your crafting stations into one place and craft items directly from your storage system.

Wait, what’s a Shadow Diamond?

Shadow Diamonds are an optional alternative to regular Diamonds; every boss will drop a single Shadow Diamond upon killing them for the first time.

This holds for every boss except the Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulu; you can only get one Shadow Diamond from killing either, so if you defeat one, you cannot get a Shadow Diamon from the other.

This is an easier way to get diamonds for the crafting recipes in the mod, as sometimes diamonds can be hard to find, and sifting slush and silt is entirely random. Feel free to use shadow diamonds if you’d rather have a more consistent way of crafting the recipes.

Where to Find the Materials

While some of these materials are pretty easy to get, some are rare. You might already have quite a few of each stockpiled, but if you do not, here are the easiest ways to get all these.


Wood is one I probably don’t have to describe to you. Just break some trees. But, if you want an excess, make yourself a sky-bridge out of dirt, put some grass seeds on it, and throw a ton of acorns on that.

Iron and Lead

Iron and Lead can be found as ore underground, and you will most likely see it in the cavern layer when the background changes from dirt to stone.


Diamonds are rare; you could find the clear gem deep underground where the background is rocks and lava, or you could grab an exctractinator (I always find them in the desert) and sift some slush, silt, or desert fossil. This will usually give you all the gems you need and more.

Sapphires and Emeralds

Sapphires and Emeralds are less rare than diamonds and not too hard to find, especially if you come across gem caves while spelunking. Just look out for their blue and green luster; you should see them in time.

Silver and Tungsten

Silver and Tungsten are slightly rarer than iron and lead and are thus easier found a little further down. Search for the white or green ore, and you’ll come across quite a bit.


Chests are easily crafted with wood and iron, but you could also loot the chests you find underground and then mine the chest itself completely free.

After you’ve obtained all the materials, it’s time to put them all together to set up a super simple and easy-to-use storage system.

Have All the Materials? Here’s How to Set it Up

all the materials terraria

All you need to do is make your iron and wood into storage components, then make the Storage Heart, Crafting Interface, and as many Storage Units as you want.

Then, place all of these together (make sure all of them are touching) and right-click your Storage Heart to take items out and put things in, and the crafting interface to, well, craft.

You can now take everything out of your chests and dump them in this storage system. You can also grab every crafting station you have, like the furnace, workbench, and sawmill, and put them in the slots at the very top of the Crafting Interface’s menu.

crafting terraria

Just make sure you understand how each works. For example, you can only put items in the Storage Heart and craft items in the Crafting Interface. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to dump off some things and open up my Crafting Interface, shift-clicking items into it only to realize that it just puts them in the crafting station slots.

I’d recommend hitting “loot all” on your chests, then breaking the chest and turning it into another storage component until you have as many storage components as you had chests. But again, you might not want to make too many since we can upgrade them pretty early on.

How to Sort Through your Storage System

Storage System Terraria


At the top of your Storage Heart’s interface, you will see a bunch of icons that may seem a little overwhelming initially, but they’re all there to help you sort out every single one of your items.

The ones on the top will let you sort by default sorting, by the in-game item ID (which just essentially means by the date each item was added to the game), alphabetically, by the value they would have when sold, by how much damage they do, by how many of them you have, or by how many stacks you have.

All these are made so you can quickly look through your storage and find the item you need, even if you don’t necessarily know the name.

All the icons on the bottom are filters and will only show you that type of item when you click them. So, for example, if you click on weapons, you will only see weapons, and if you click on blocks, you will only see blocks, etc.

Perhaps the most valuable is the search bar on the top right. You can easily type any item name you want to find in your hundreds of items. If you’d like, you can also search by the mod, so you can type “@Calamity” to see all the items from Calamity.

You can also filter by mods by clicking where it says “all mods,” as well as depositing all the unfavorited items in your inventory by clicking “Deposit all” and resetting all the filters you’ve set by hitting “Reset” in the top right. All of these are pretty handy, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve pressed “Deposit all.”

How to Fully Customize Your New Storage System

Customize Your New Storage System Terraria


If you’d like to, say, make your Magic Storage accessible throughout your entire base without having to pay a hefty price or even having to see most of it, then that is all entirely possible. You can do quite a bit of extra customization and make your storage system yours while making it as easy to access as you’d like.

With 10 Wood and an Iron/Lead Bar, you can make 16 Storage Connectors, which are placed in the same way fences are, and are used to easily link up your storage system to any access points, crafting interfaces, or extra storage components that are hidden underground.

In addition, whenever Tmodloader updates to 1.4.4, you’ll be able to apply Echo Coating to your storage connectors, making your entire storage system invisible and only having the parts of your storage that you want to see.

Another addition to your Magic Storage you could consider making is Storage Access, which is made with the following:

  • 10 Wood
  • 2 Iron
  • 1 Diamond (or 1 Shadow Diamond)
  • 7 Topaz

This will essentially act as another Storage Heart, allowing you to put in and take out items as you please. This is mainly useful if you’d like to have several access points strewn about your base since you can only have one Storage Heart per storage system, and they’re pretty expensive in comparison.

A Convenient New Crafting Station

As long as you have a Sky Mill, one new thing you may want to add to those top slots of your Crafting Interface is the Broken Snowglobe.

This recipe only takes 300 of either Snow or Ice blocks and allows you to craft the Snow Biome exclusive recipe, namely, snow clouds. This is a different type of cloud that rains down snow instead of, well, rain. Neat!

How to Move your Storage Units

Want to remove the storage units after you’ve placed them? Then, after you’ve beaten Skeletron, you can buy an Actuation rod from the Mechanic and craft the Storage Unit Wand by combining it with a Storage Component.

This wand will allow you to deactivate storage units, which will empty their storage into the rest of your storage system, allowing you to easily remove them to craft their upgrade manually, move them somewhere else, or delete them.

You can break and move your Storage Units before deactivating them, but be careful, as if they’re not empty, you could end up deleting some precious items.

Upgrading your Storage Units

magic storage terraria


So you want to get more storage but don’t want to make a ton of expensive Storage Units that all take up space? There are two ways to give you more items in your storage system while not taking up a single block of extra space.

Upgrades will be unlocked as you progress through the game, and while you can start Magic Storage right after you get home from your first cave-diving adventure, you’ll have to wait a while before you get too many upgrades.

However, while the upgrade might look like a brightly colored circle, they typically add 40 stacks of storage capacity to each unit, so they’re worth going after.

You can make the upgrade and then right-click on your Storage Unit of choice with it or craft the upgraded unit using the upgrade and the storage unit of the previous upgrade.

The latter may sound more complicated, but it would be easier and quicker to pre-craft all your storage units if you place down your storage system later in the game.

Crimtane/Demonite Storage Upgrades

Crimtane/Demonite Storage Upgrades require 10 Crimtane/Demonite bars and one amethyst each. They can technically be acquired from the beginning of the game, but due to the scarcity of evil ore, you’re better off crafting these upgrades with the Crimtane/Demonite dropped by the Eye of Cthulu.

Hellstone Storage Upgrades

Hellstone Storage Upgrades are first available immediately after fighting the Brain of Cthulu or Eater of Worlds, as Hellstone requires a Demonite/Crimtane pickaxe to mine. So you may want to wait a little longer before diving into the Underworld and mining a bunch of Hellstone and Obsidian to craft the 10 Hellstone bars and one topaz needed for each of the upgrades, but if you feel like doing it ASAP, then go for it.

Hallowed Storage Upgrades

Hallowed Storage Upgrades are costly and require defeating The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime. As for why it takes all three mechanical bosses, I am not sure, but what I do know is it takes 10 Hallowed bars that exclusively drop from these bosses, as well as 1 Soul of Fright, Soul of Might, Soul of Fright, and a sapphire. Quite the hefty recipe.

Blue Chlorophyte Storage Upgrades

Blue Chlorophyte Storage Upgrades are exceedingly complex and expensive to obtain. You will need 5 Shroomite Bars from crafting Chlorophyte bars and Glowing mushrooms together at an autohammer exclusively purchased from the Truffle, which needs to be in a player-created surface mushroom biome.

On top of this, it also requires 5 Spectre Bars, which requires combining Chlorophyte with Ectoplasm from the problematic enemies in the post-Plantera dungeon. If that wasn’t enough for you, you also need 2 Beetle Husks, which only drop from Golem, and a single emerald.

You need all these materials for each storage upgrade, so if you don’t feel like upgrading your storage this far, that is incredibly valid.

Luminite Storage Upgrades

Luminite Storage Upgrades are obviously post-Moon Lord as defeating him is the only way to acquire the 10 Luminite bars you need, and from the event you went through to summon Moon Lord, you also need 5 Solar Fragments, Vortex Fragments, Nebula Fragments, and Stardust Fragments, as well as a single ruby.

In my opinion, the biggest flaw with this mod is just how expensive these upgrades get, I would only need a few storage units if these weren’t such hefty requirements, and yet, we aren’t even done.

Terra Storage Upgrades

Terra Storage Upgrades are exclusively for people who need a super condensed storage system. It also requires you to fight the Moon Lord for the unique Radiant Jewel drop, which is made mainly for crafting this recipe. You also need a diamond or a Shadow Diamond.

While this does double your already massive storage, keep in mind for each upgrade of this you want to craft, you need to fight the Moon Lord again (and it isn’t even a guaranteed drop).

If you’re playing with Calamity, you could craft this with 20 Cosmilite Bars instead of the Radiant Jewel at Draedon’s Forge. With Elemental Unleash, you could craft it with an Infinity Crystal at a Purium Anvil.

I don’t see the point in either of these recipes since if you’re playing with these mods, you’re probably more capable of killing the Moon Lord exceptionally quickly, but they’re there if you want them.

How to Access your Storage from Any Base

storage terraria

Remote Storage Access is something you may have seen if you were browsing recipes in The Guide’s crafting menu. While it seems like it could be pretty early-game, it is somewhat tedious and expensive to set up and is more meant for later in the game when you’ve got resources to spare.

The Remote Storage Access block is not hard to craft, but its use is a bit complex. You can put it wherever you want, including your Storage Units, Storage Access, or Storage Crafting Interface, but putting it next to the Storage Heart won’t work.

To craft the Remote Storage Access, you need the following:

  • Ten pieces of Wood
  • 2 Iron/Lead
  • Diamond (or 3 Shadow Diamonds)
  • 3 Rubies

Once you have it, you can place it on your storage system (again, anywhere except next to the heart), and when you click on it, it will tell you to get a locator or locator drive. To craft a Locator, you need the following:

  • 10 Meteorite Bars
  • 5 Amber

Once you’ve got that, you can right-click on the Storage Heart with your locator, then go to wherever you put your Remote Storage Access and right-click that with the locator. Congratulations, you’ve established a connection, and your locator is consumed.

This feature is primarily for when you have multiple bases set up and would like to access your storage at any of them easily.

For example, maybe you have a base in every biome to use the Pylon system, or perhaps you have a temporary base while working on another, more complex home. Either way, the Remote Storage Access comes in handy.

But what if you wanted to take your Magic Storage with you on every adventure? Well, if you’re at the very end of the vanilla game, and don’t mind going through a few hoops, then you’ve got yourself a deal.

First, we need a Locator Drive, which is essentially the same as the locator but doesn’t get consumed upon use. To make it, you’ll need the following:

  • 25 Martian Conduit Plating from the Martian Madness Event
  • 5 Luminite Bars

Once you have that, get the following:

  • One Radiant Jewel from the Moon Lord
  • One Diamond (or 3 Shadow Diamonds)
  • 7 Rubies

Now you can go to an Ancient Manipulator (Or, more likely, your Crafting Interface with an Ancient Manipulator inside) and craft the Portable Remote Storage Access.

Hold this item and right-click your Storage Heart, and boom, you can now access your entire storage system no matter where you are. This is highly convenient, and I’d recommend using the Radiant Jewel for the portable storage compared to the Terra Storage Upgrade.

On a modded playthrough where there are a billion items, which are sometimes necessary, this item is an absolute essential.

Facts and Questions

Question: Do I need Magic Storage for a modded playthrough?

Answer: No, but it is highly recommended. Most mods will add a ton of new items, and Magic Storage is super helpful in storing and sorting them.

Question: How do I get Magic Storage in Terraria?

Answer: First, download the mod on Tmodloader, make storage components with iron and wood, and make storage components and a storage heart with tungsten and gems.

Question: Can I add Magic Storage to my Vanilla Terraria?

Answer: No, but you can transfer your world from Vanilla to Tmodloader quickly by launching Tmodloader, going to your worlds, and pressing “Import.”


Magic Storage is an absolute essential for any modded Terraria playthrough. Mods like Calamity, Thorium and the Spirit mod all add tons of new items that would take up space in those chests that take up even more space in your house.

Magic Storage is an easy solution, giving you a way to dump all of your items in one place quickly and then easily find them later.

I recommend having this mod on for any modded playthrough you do, even if you’re playing vanilla with some quality-of-life mods.

It just helps me throw most of my stuff in a single place and is way nicer than making a ton of chests, naming each one, and then manually sorting through all your items. This may be one of my favorite mods because it’s so simple and incredibly helpful.

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