Plantera Terraria Guide

Plantera Terraria Guide

Have you ever run into the Jungle and accidentally destroyed a pink, glowing bulb? I bet you regretted your mistake! Plantera comes out of those things, and she’s quite cranky. Lucky for you, I’ve done this many times and have finally learned from my mistakes.

In this Plantera Terraria guide, I’ll run you through some of the best strategies for defeating Plantera. With any luck, you’ll be able to swing your pick with reckless abandon and never be afraid of the consequences, just like I do! That being said, try not to do that if you can sense it’s pretty disastrous sometimes.

About Plantera


Who or what is Plantera? A giant flower of death, that’s what! Did you think big flowers weren’t scary? Think again because Plantera will prove you wrong very quickly.

Plantera’s an absolute beast of a boss, with 30000 health and 36 defense. Her attacks do the following damage:

  • Melee attacks do 50 damage
  • Seeds do 44 damage
  • Poison Seeds do 54 damage
  • Thorn Balls do 62 damage

Plantera can’t be poisoned, confused, or knocked back. In addition, her Poison Seeds can poison you for a few seconds. To summarize: if you aren’t well prepared for this fight, you’re dead meat.


When you break the pink bulb in the Jungle, Plantera spawns further away from it and grapples toward you, grabbing onto nearby walls with long vine hooks. Plantera can also grab onto background walls in her second form, making her faster.

Unlike you, Plantera can go through blocks, which makes fighting her through the Jungle’s many tunnels and small rooms difficult. The hooks on Plantera’s vine arms also do damage and can’t be destroyed, so don’t touch them.

During her first stage, she travels slowly, inching towards the player. This stage is primarily concerned with ranged attacks; she will fire Seeds at you and won’t get too close. As you damage her, she will start to fire Poison Seeds and Thorn balls.

The second stage is where things get a little more difficult. Plantera’s adorable pink bulb exterior will disappear, revealing a thorny mouth. At this point, she will become faster and much more aggressive, attacking you up close instead of using ranged attacks. Her hits do 70 damage, making this form deadlier than the last.

Her frequent rushes toward you make it harder to attack, as you’ll have to run away simultaneously. She also has smaller mouths that spawn on her body and do 60 damage. They only have 1000 health, so they can be destroyed quickly. The other thing in this form is her spores, which will drift toward you and do 70 damage on contact. They can be killed in one hit.



“How do you defeat such a monster?” you might be asking. I’ve got you covered.

Before you even think about destroying the pink bulb, the first thing you should do is build an arena. I usually go to the jungle and search for the pink bulb, then build my arena around the bulb, leaving it square in the middle. I generally make a large rectangle arena with ample space to dash left and right and fly around.

I also recommend you put torches all around so that Jungle enemies won’t get in the way of the battle and that you seal the arena before you start the battle. When I’ve tried to fight Plantera in the past, I’ve sometimes forgotten to treat the area and got attacked by both Jungle baddies and Plantera, which is a pretty fatal combination.

Here are some things you can add to the arena to make the fight easier:

  • Honey, Campfires, and Heart Lanterns all give you life regeneration
  • A Star in a Bottle regenerates mana
  • Bast Statues boost defense
  • Garden Gnomes increase luck
  • Sunflowers give you a buff that increases movement speed and reduces enemy spawns

Another thing you can try is destroying all of the background walls in your arena. Plantera’s second form grabs onto the background and uses it to move faster, so breaking it makes her a little slower. I rarely ever do this, though; I usually build a big enough arena that it isn’t a problem, but if you want to make fighting Plantera for the first time that much easier, then you should do this.

If you’re too lazy to dig out an arena in the Jungle, look for a Bee Hive. It’s already pretty large and will make building an arena a bit easier. The only downside to using a Bee Hive is that you’ll have to break hive blocks, which spawn honey and bees and can really slow the building process down if you aren’t careful. You’ll also have to kill Queen Bee before you can use the Hive.

One thing I’ve seen people do is to use a Hellevator to defeat Plantera. In case you didn’t know, a Hellevator is a straight shaft mined from the surface to the Underworld. You can spawn Plantera in the Jungle and then make your way over to the Hellevator and drop, fighting Plantera as you fall down. I recommend you dig a tunnel that connects the pink bulb to the Hellevator to avoid any problems with spawning Plantera or getting to the shaft.

Also, be wary of fall damage; If you don’t have a Lucky Horseshoe or a way to prevent yourself from hitting the ground, you’ll die, and the boss battle will end.

Finally, make sure that your Hellevator doesn’t lead to lava so that you don’t risk taking damage or losing Plantera’s loot.

As with all bosses that spawn at night, you should try and start the battle as soon as night falls. You should also max out your health before fighting the boss. If you haven’t already been collecting Life Crystals up to this point, do so now. Once you’ve maxed out the lower health tier, look for Life Fruits in the Jungle and consume them until you get to 500 health.

The last thing I’ll say is this: it helps to have friends. If you’re struggling to fight Plantera on your own, get a friend to help you. Bosses in Terraria have HP that scales with the number of players, but having more people on hand can still make the fight easier. For one thing, Plantera won’t target one singular person. And if a player dies, they can just come back to the boss room and rejoin the fight.



Technically, you could fight Plantera with all kinds of gear. But I’m not a tryhard, so I’ll give you the best recommendations possible.


Generally, you should shoot for the best possible armor that you can before fighting a boss. In Plantera’s case, the armor set with the highest defense is the Turtle Armor. However, it will be challenging to build as you have to get three Turtle Shells that only drop very rarely from Giant Tortoises. Some others I recommend are:

  • Chlorophyte Armor. It’s easier to get than Turtle Armor and has a high defense stat, several damage and movement boosts, and a Leaf Crystal that fires at enemies.
  • Titanium Armor. It’s weaker than Chlorophyte but has the Titanium Barrier buff, which builds a shield around you. It’s not a bad choice.
  • Hallowed Armor. Anything weaker than this and defeating Plantera becomes much more demanding. Unless you are using a specific build with a weaker armor set that has stat boosts, shoot for this one at the very least.



As for weapons, a number of them would work well on Plantera. Here are some great choices:

  1. Fetid Baghnakhs. These things have insane attack speed and can tear through just about anything. If you can get close enough to Plantera to hit her with these, you can kill her very quickly.
  2. The Terra Blade is a great all-around sword and would work well at this level, but it takes some work to build. You can also use the True Night’s Edge or the True Excalibur. Both would be good choices, just not as good as the Terra Blade.
  3. I’ve used the Yelets yoyo on her a lot. It’s not a bad choice for this battle, especially since you can get it in the Jungle.
  4. The Megashark is an excellent gun for this battle and even for future ones. Pair it with Crystal or Chlorophyte Bullets for plenty of damage.
  5. The Daedalus Stormbow can absolutely shred bosses when paired with Holy Arrows. I love using this one to fight Plantera.
  6. If you’re into magic and need some health, the Life Drain can be useful for taking health from Plantera’s minions in the second stage. 

Other Gear

Assuming a good armor set and weapons aren’t enough to defeat Plantera, here are some other ideas for how you can make short work of her:

  1. Use potions. Terraria has a ton of potions with many uses, like Ironskin Potions, which boost defense, Inferno Potions which create a fire barrier that does damage, Lifeforce Potions which increase your max life, and various others. You should always have a healthy supply of health potions as well (and mana potions if you’re a magic-user).
  2. Movement accessories. A pair of wings can really help in this battle, or a mount like the Gelatinous Pillion, which can fly. Various other accessories can help you move around faster, like the Cloud in a Bottle which lets you double jump, or the Hermes Boots, which lets you run faster. These can be combined with other accessories to make even stronger ones that serve multiple functions, such as the Lightning Boots or the Blue Horseshoe Balloon.
  3. Combat/buff accessories. The Ankh Shield, for one thing, is a mighty shield that protects you from almost every debuff in the game. The Cross Necklace gives you temporary immunity after being hit. Many accessories help you do more damage or other types of damage, such as the Fire Gauntlet, which allows you to light enemies on fire and increase damage and attack speed. There are tons of accessories in Terraria and many ways to combine them, which gives you room to build the most powerful and efficient character possible.

Destroying Plantera Unfairly

destroying plantera

If you didn’t want to do this more traditionally and wanted to cheese Plantera as quickly as possible, you have options for that too.

You can build an arena with two teleporters that allow you to attack Plantera without having to get close or take damage. Go down to the Jungle and dig out a long hallway with two Teleporters on either side and a pressure plate next to both. Make sure Plantera is in the middle of the hallway and attack her from a distance. Once she gets too close, press the pressure plate and teleport to the other side.

You can keep doing this until she dies. If you wanted to get fancy about it, you could also use timers to time when the teleporters go off and avoid having to press on a pressure plate each time. You could also use levers to teleport if you wanted to.

Note that the hallway can’t be too long, or else Plantera can despawn. On the mobile version, it should be between 125 and 150 blocks. On other versions, try to build it at a length of fewer than 200 blocks.

Another option is to use the bees! If you built your arena in a hive, you can break a hive block and spawn bees. Stay in a pool of honey to regenerate, and the bees can’t kill you. They constantly do damage to you and make you invincible.

However, you have to use a weapon that doesn’t come back to the player so that you don’t kill the bees. The Flying Knife is a good example. It works like a Magic Missile, but it stays out all the time. This allows you to damage Plantera without killing the bees that keep you invincible.

There are many other methods, but these are two pretty good ones, in my opinion. I’ve personally used the teleporter one a few times, and it works very well. The only downside is having to set it up. It’s easier than building a massive arena, though. If you’re fighting Plantera for the first time and don’t want to risk dying, the teleporter method is ideal.


Question: Can I fight Plantera on the surface?

Answer: To my knowledge, no. Plantera is a boss meant for the underground Jungle. Your best bet is to stay underground and build around defeating her.

Question: What’s the absolute fastest way to kill Plantera?

Answer: The Zenith is the strongest melee weapon in the game, and I’d say it’s the strongest weapon in the game, period. It tears apart everything in its path. I’ve used it on Moon Lord and killed him in seconds. That’s probably your best bet, but it’s an endgame weapon. It can only be crafted using weapons you get from Moon Lord.

Question: How many times can I fight Plantera?

Answer: Technically, you can fight Plantera unlimited times. The pink bulbs that spawn her grow randomly in the Jungle. You can even build a platform to farm them.

Question: What’s the best drop from Plantera?

Answer: I think the most valuable drop is the Seedler since it can be used to craft the Zenith. I like the Seedling too. That’s a matter of opinion, though.

Plantera Terraria Guide: Conclusion

As with many other bosses in Terraria, Plantera might seem daunting at first. It certainly was for me the first time I fought her! But with a bit of preparation and care, it isn’t too hard to beat her.

The interesting about the game is that there’s a way to work around the difficulty of just about any boss, all the way up to Moon Lord. If ever there was a boss I felt the need to cheese, it was him.

Plantera doesn’t require cheesing, though. I recommend that you give the fight a good old-fashioned try first. Just make sure you’re ready before you do. You can do it!

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