Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Guide

If you are someone who was as hyped for Lies of P as myself, then chances are that you played the demo right the way through and played the opening few hours of this Indie Soulsborne gem. You likely took out the Scrapped Watchman and thought, that wasn’t so bad; this will be a breeze.

Well, that’s exactly what I thought as I returned for what would be my full run-through of this Pinocchio-inspired bloodbath. I knew things were going to ramp up in difficulty at some point, but little did I know that the next boss on the conveyor belt of pain would serve as one of the pointiest difficulty spikes you’re likely to encounter in a Souls title.

King’s Flame Fuoco is the first boss you’ll encounter that was not featured in the demo and serves as a stern test that will force players to react fast, play aggressively, and master all of the early mechanics if they intend on progressing to Midnight Town and beyond. It’s a brilliantly frustrating boss fight that I will do my best to guide you through with grace and aplomb.

So grab your preferred Legion Arm; it’s time to show this glorified furnace who is boss. This is Indie Game Culture’s Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Guide!

How to Get to Kings Flame Fuoco

As Souls fans know, half the battle of beating a boss is battling through the hordes of regular enemies to reach them, so I’ll show you the path to this hothead below.

Beginning at the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer, you’ll have two paths, one leading down an alleyway to an area with two puppets and a more heavy-duty puppet. This isn’t the way to go, but there is an optional boss called the Puppet of the Future that you can take on for some extra Quartz and Ergo.

puppet of the future Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss
Image by Callum Marshall

If you do choose to battle them, be sure to bring items that can clear your Corruption stat, and be sure to stay below them, hit them about three times, and then get out of range before they smash you. Rinse and repeat, and they’ll go down. If optional bosses don’t interest you, then disregard all of this.

The way you want to go to progress is up the stairs to the right of the Stargazer; this will lead you up to a metal walkway, where two puppets wait for you. The Puppet String is a great Legion Arm to equip for the sections ahead, as you can bring individual puppets close and beat them silly without getting overwhelmed by multiple enemies.

After the first goes down, you’ll see another one up ahead. There is a weak wooden floor just before him that you should try to platform over. If you don’t though, it’s no big deal, as the way forward is down there anyway. Just know that if you do fall through, you’ll need to move fast to create space between you and the puppets waiting below.

falcon eyes Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss
Image by Callum Marshall

You can fight them or hightail it forward, entering a room where a crane lift will drop something, creating an opening through the floor below.

You’ll want to hop down there, where a strong, shielded enemy will be waiting. He seems tough, but as long as you remain wary of his shield bumps and charges, he’s the same as the more oversized puppets you have fought. Take them down and move forward. Or, if you have a Trinity Key, you can head up the ladder to the left, where you will find a secret door. Up to you.

After that potential detour, head forward, and you’ll come across the midway point Stargazer. Salvation! You can run through the pipe to an optional area with some valuable items, but the juice isn’t really worth the squeeze, in my opinion. So instead, head up the opening to the right.

stargazer Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss
Image by Callum Marshall

Eventually, you will come to a long corridor with Puppets lining the walls on either side. Not to mention a molten ball of fire that barrels toward you repeatedly. The good news is that once you know it’s there, you can use it to your advantage. By luring puppets out of their hiding spots and then letting the giant lava ball do the rest.

Alternatively, time your runs, hide in the little nooks to the side, and you can mostly ignore the puppets along the way. Just watch out for the last couple of puppets; they are more persistent than the others.

Lies of P how to get to Kings Flame Fuoco Boss
Image by Callum Marshall

After this, you’re basically home-free. You’ll come out the other end and encounter Red Fox and Black Cat, who will inform you that they were supposed to be helping Venigni but bolted.

Meaning you’ll have to go in and pick up the pieces. That being said, they do give you the option to buy a quarter of a rare book, which will be helpful later, so take that opportunity if you have the Ergo to spare.

Then, you’ll want to walk up the walkway toward the factory entrance, and before you enter, you should use the machine that will lower the Red Pipe. That will slot right into the space below, and this will create a shortcut between the area you accessed, the Puppet of the Future, and the Factory Entrance.

Lies of P how to get to Kings Flame Fuoco Boss
Image by Callum Marshall

Almost there, but still a little bit to do. Firstly, in the factory, there is a handful of puppets and a large Flame Puppet doing a patrol of the area. I would advise you work around the edges of the room, not drawing aggro with the big enemy in the middle. Just take out the basic enemies on the way and then work back on yourself, walking across the beams above until you find Venigni and the Central Factory Stargazer.

After this, you can go about taking down the large enemy in the middle, or you can run on through and down the slope to where Kings Flame Fuoco awaits. But I would say that it’s quite beneficial to kill this large enemy, as they will drop a Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter, which will offer some much-needed Fire Resistance during this fight, so proceed at your peril.

Now, the real battle begins!

Preparing for Fuoco

Now that you’ve made it to this hot-headed boss, it’s time to sort out your Loadout before heading in. Honestly, because it’s so early in the game, there aren’t a lot of considerations to be made here, but there are a few things that you can do to gain the upper hand.

Here’s the Loadout that I would propose for the Fuoco fight:

  • Weapon: Electric Coil Stick Head +3
  • Defense Items: Workshop Union Lightweight Frame, Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter, Belfort Break Cartridge, Workshop Union Certified Liner
  • Legion Arm: Fulminis
  • Useful Items: Status Purification Ampoule, Fable Catalyst

The thinking behind this Loadout is that, you can’t fight fire with fire, but you can fight it with Electricity, so the standard coil and handle weapon will do wonders here when combined with the Fulminis Legion arm. This means that you can inflict shock status consistently throughout the fight and use shock attacks when your stamina is low to keep damaging them consistently.

Also, you’ll want to bring along Purification items as there is a chance that you won’t get clear of their environmental attack that causes Overheat damage. So, having one of these on hand completely negates any danger in this situation.

Also, be sure that your weapon is upgraded to at least +3 before you take on this fight. If you have been exploring the previous areas fully, then chances are you have enough Hidden Moonstone to make this happen already.

Okay, now, onto the fight itself!

Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Battle Guide

Phase One

The key to winning this fight is by staying up close and personal with Fuoco, learning their attack patterns so that you can dodge at the right times, and remembering to haul ass when they attempt to hurt you with their Overheat attack. When you boil it down, it sounds pretty simple, but this boss will initially knock you on your ass, trust me.

Before you go in, you have the option of bringing a Specter with you, and as is the case with most Lies of P bosses, it doesn’t hurt to bring them along, but don’t expect them to make a huge difference. In this fight, it essentially makes the first stage much faster, but don’t expect them to be alive by the time Fuoco hits their second stage.

Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss phase 1
When he makes this pose, he’s going to charge. Image by Callum Marshall

The first stage is pretty simple, to be honest. He will only really make use of a handful of attacks, but all of them pack a real punch. The standard attacks are essentially a single-sweep attack, a triple-sweep and spin attack, and a smash attack. Then you have the Glowing-red attacks, which are a very easily avoided charge attack, and a very powerful slam attack.

All you need to do in this section is watch their movements and wait until they strike to dodge. Parrying and blocking are not advised here unless you are very good at getting perfect parries. Then, when you dodge, get in behind, get 2-3 hits in, and keep just enough stamina to dodge the incoming sweep attack. Rinse and Repeat, and the first phase will be over before you know it.

Phase Two

The second phase of this fight is where the battle is won and lost. Your Specter will be gone by this point, and Fuoco’s attacks get more dangerous, if you give him space, that is. The second phase will begin with Fuoco planting their feet and opening their front hatch.

When they do this, run to the furthest wall you can, as this will create a ‘floor is lava’ situation that will inflict Overheat damage. If you don’t clear out of there fast enough though, it’s no biggie; just have a purification item on hand to clear the status, and then get up close to them once again.

phase 2 Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss
When you see the fire in their belly, haul ass! Image by Callum Marshall

If you don’t, they will shoot oil clusters onto the battlefield, and then proceed to shoot fireballs at you. Keep zigzagging to close the gap, and when you are up close to them, you just have to use the techniques that worked so well in the first phase. The only real difference this time is that Fuoco may use a Flamethrower attack, but this actually represents a great opportunity to sneak behind them and get some free hits off.

The only thing that can stop you at this point is if Fuoco uses the overheat attack again, which will mean you’ll have to work to get up close with them again after running to safety, but it’s all pretty straightforward from here. Plus, if you keep the attacks consistent enough, you’ll also be able to stagger them for a strong Fatal Attack.

Also, a little pro tip from me. If you have a fully charged Fable Bar, and you do go with the Loadout I suggested, you’ll want to couple this Fatal Attack with the Electric Coil slam attack. This will leave them with a slither of health, and then you can see them off to claim your spoils for a job well done.

The Spoils

After you beat Fuoco, you’ll be able to return to Hotel Krat and speak to Venigni who will give you access to a machine that allows players to craft and modify their Legion Arms. Plus, you will gain access to a new merchant in the form of Pulcinella, who will sell you Cranks to modify your Weapon Handles, amongst other things.

Image by Callum Marshall

However, by simply beating King’s Flame Fuoco, you will gain the following items:

Of all these things, the High-Powered Flame Amplifier is probably the biggest ticket item, at least immediately, as this will allow you to immediately craft a Flame-powered Legion Arm when you return to Hotel Krat. However, you’ll want to keep hold of your King’s Flame Ergo for a while instead of cashing in for a 5,000 Ergo boost, as this will allow you to trade it for a Legendary Weapon or Amulet later down the line.

Firefighter Extraordinaire

king's flame fuoco

So there you have it, a complete guide on how to reach and how to defeat the first real challenge that Lies of P throws at you. King’s Flame Fuoco is a strong adversary, but with some dodging skills, and some heavy attacks employed at the right time, you can cut them down to size in just a few minutes with little to no bother at all. Easier said than done, but I hope that this sets you on the path to victory nonetheless. As always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture.

FAQ Section

Question: Is Fuoco in the Lies of P Demo?

Answer: No, the bosses present in the Lies of P Demo are the Parade Puppet, The Mad Donkey, and The Scapped Watchman.

Question: What Boss is After Fuoco?

Answer: This depends on if you take on the optional Bosses along the way, as it could be The Avowed, or it could be The Puppet of the Future. However, the next non-optional boss is the Archbishop.

Question: How Long Does It Take To Get To Fuoco?

Answer: You should get to this boss in around 3-5 hours, depending on how proficient you are in the Soulsborne genre.

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