Lies of P Last Stories Guide

Lies of P’s stories fascinate me. From a man who married a puppet to a sidekick who murdered and replaced their hero, I loved the bizarre mix of cruelty, love, and puppetry that comprised Lies of P’s narrative.

Even if I later grew uninterested in the main story’s strange plot, finding out your best friend was an eldritch nightmare all along was a welcome surprise that kept me hungry for more.

In this Lies of P Last Stories guide, I’ll review the minor side stories surrounding characters like Antonia, Sophia, and Venigni so we can get the All Last Story’s achievement. As a bonus, I’ll detail how to get the two Last Stories that impact the ending of Lies of P.


To complete all stories, across two playthroughs, we must:

  • Choose to attack Alidoro later
  • Give Antonia the cure
  • Complete the Riddle quest to obtain an incomplete toy we can gift Venigni.
  • For the main story, complete the game again, choosing once to kill Sophia and refuse Geppetto, then accept Geppetto on a second playthrough.

Lies of P Last Stories Explained

Almost every main character in Lies of P has a Last Story relating to recovering from past trauma or making peace with their final moments before death.

While there are several side characters surrounding Lies of P, including a Broken Puppet in the Barren Swamp that wants to be our friend and a deluded old mother, we only have to focus on the characters Antonia, Venigni, Eugenie, Sophia, Geppetto, and Simon.

Note: some of the following stories relating to Geppetto and Sophia require completing the game twice to complete every Last Story. Also, these stories contain some spoilers for Lies of P’s main plot, so beware if you want to keep every plot revelation fresh.

Story of the Refined Old Lady – Antonia

Lies of P Story of the Refined Old Lady Antonia
Image by JT Hussey

Perhaps the most straightforward Last Story to complete, Story of the Refined Old Lady, centers on Antonia’s petrification disease and prolonging her final moments. We can start this ending once we finish the 7th chapter and gain access to the Golden Apple Tree.

After this event, Polendina contacts us, saying that he’s potentially found a cure for Antonia using the Gold Coin Fruit but is worried it would cause her pain.

Besides revealing that he’s a puppet with an awakened ego, Polendina allows us to save Antonia or leave her alone.

After choosing to save Antonia (don’t worry, she won’t be in any discernable pain), she briefly recovers, leaving everyone happy for her health return and even promising to dance with us at the next ball.

Unfortunately, however, after chapter 11, Antonia dies writing a note to us we can find in her wheelchair in Geppetto’s office, wishing us the best and leaving Polendina an emotional mess who “erases” his heart before giving us the achievement.

Story of the Stranger Girl – Eugenie

Lies of P Story of the Stranger Girl Eugenie
Image by JT Hussey

Following Eugenie’s worship of the hero Alidoro, with a few interactions like Eugenie making Alidoro gloves and Alidoro telling us how much he despises her and everyone else, eventually, we learn that Alidoro is a fraud who used to go by the name Parrot.

We discover that the real Alidoro was killed by his sidekick Parrot, who stole the place of the real Alidoro after they threatened to turn him in for stealing antiques.

By chapter 10, Alidoro reveals the location of Hotel Krat to alchemists to save his skin, prompting us to attack him for his heinous crimes.

*Note: Alidoro is our primary source of boss weapons, so consider completing this quest in a second playthrough instead if we want to obtain every legendary weapon in the game the first time around.

After attacking Alidoro, we obtain the cryptic vessel we can take to Venigni that reveals the fate of the real Alidoro that we can take to Eugenie to break her heart and earn us the achievement (Hooray?).

Story of the Prince – Venigni

Lies of P Story of the Prince Venigni
Image by JT Hussey

After rescuing Venigni from his factory and talking to him at Hotel Krat, we learn his tragic backstory of how his parents were killed by a mad puppet when he was young, giving him lifelong trauma. However, despite the authorities covering up his parents’ death, Venigni devoted himself to improving upon the Grand Covenant so no one would have to fear puppets ever again.

Luckily, we can give Venigni the closure he desires by completing the King of All Riddles’ story quest in which we find and answer five riddles over phones, obtaining Trinity Keys we can use to open Trinity Sanctums.

Eventually, after correctly answering the fifth riddle, we can confront the King of All Riddles, a mad puppet on Alchemist Isle who became self-aware and swore vengeance on the creators of puppets and Krat society. As it happens, the riddler, also known as Arlecchino, murdered Venigni’s parents and is darkly fond of Venigni, considering himself personally responsible for the industry titan’s success.

After talking about Venigni with Arlecchino, they give us an incomplete toy we can return to Venigni to give him closure on his childhood trauma and earn ourselves the achievement for all our trouble. We can also talk to Venigni’s puppet, who has been awakened this whole time and has sought to raise Venigni the best they could by acting as a pseudo-guardian.

Spoilers Ahead

The remaining Last Stories have significant story ramifications for Lies of P, so take caution if you want to experience the story without any intrusion from me! 

Story of the One Who Dreamed Guide – Simon

Lies of P Story of the One Who Dreamed Guide Simon
Image by JT Hussey

Story of the One Who DreamThe primary antagonist for much of the narrative, Simon, is an egotistical alchemist who seeks to become god to create a world where there is only truth.

While Simon may come off as irredeemable for his ruthless experiments on the city in spreading the petrification disease and creating forced evolution, we soon learn that he was born with the power to read minds, which has driven him mad.

From hearing his master call him a failure in his head to listening to the callous disrespect of his peers, Simon went on to betray his master, partially out of revenge but primarily to gain Sophia’s love.

However, despite destroying Krat and ruining himself, Simon fails to gain Sophia’s affection and is ultimately responsible for her ill fate.

After defeating Simon as the penultimate boss of Lies of P, the dying alchemist relays his story the best he can before succumbing to his wounds, giving us the achievement and dying.

Story of the Blue Butterfly – Sophia

Story of the Blue Butterfly - Lies of P Sophia
Image by JT Hussey

The reward for the good ending of Lies of P also earns us the Story of the Blue Butterfly, which we can get for easing Sophia’s suffering after encountering her in person and refusing Geppetto’s asking for our heart. This decision forces us to fight the Nameless Puppet, a challenging final boss that’s the remnants of our old body before we became the Ergo that was put inside a puppet.

While this is a demanding boss to beat with a brutal second stage, we can trivialize the fight with Uroboros’s Eye and coat the weapon with decay to make quick work of the boss. Eventually, the Nameless Puppet is destroyed, ending Geppetto’s unethical attempts to bring his son back.

Following our victory, we can return to Geppetto’s room in Hotel Krat and pick up a letter, giving us the achievement. We also see a small scene on a train hinting at the release of a sequel centering around Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz.

Story of One Father – Geppetto

The polar opposite of the previous ending, this Last Story asks us to side with Geppetto, handing over our heart and watching him kill us before sticking our heart in a puppet that then comes to life.

Following this scene, we witness Geppetto and his son meeting outside Hotel Krat and rejoicing over being back together while the other members of Hotel Krat lie dead in a nearby ditch. Though this is the bad ending of Lies of P, we don’t have to fight the Nameless One, so I recommend this ending if we want an easier end to our journey and don’t mind the bloodshed.

Like the previous Last Story, we can return to Hotel Krat and pick up the letter on the table in Geppetto’s room to earn ourselves this achievement.


Question: How do I get Lies of P’s Last Stories?

Answer: Talking to characters every chance we get is generally a viable strategy to get on the path to completing their Last Stories. While some Last Stories force us to kill main characters, complete side quests and make choices, it’s relatively evident how to get a particular Last Ending if you pick the more morally upstanding options.

Question: How do I get the Story of the Blue Butterfly?

Answer: After letting Sophia die refusing to join Geppetto, you can return to Hotel Krat and interact with the nearby letter to get this conclusion to the game’s good ending. Be warned that you cannot get this ending if you choose to keep Sophia alive or join Geppetto and will have to complete the game once again.

Question: Are Lies of P’s Last Stories Worth Completing?

Answer: Yes, while Lies of P’s narrative is rather strange, its Last Stories add more depth to the main characters and juicy world-building. However, Eugenie’s narrative revolves around killing Alidoro, who we need for redeeming boss weapons, so consider not completing this quest if we want to continue to trade for later legendary weapons like Uroboros’s Eye.


Masterfully done, Puppet champion! You’ve explored the depth behind each main character, appreciating their tragic pasts and ulterior motives.

Between learning about Venigni’s connection to my favorite character, the King of All Riddles, and Geppetto’s dark side, I appreciated how Lies of P twisted these characters from Pinocchio into something new and dark.

While I still felt like some characters deserved more screen time (i.e. the Red Fox and Black Cat’s stories ended prematurely), I appreciate how the narrative could adhere to its fairytale story while integrating moral dilemma and Eldritch Nightmares into the mix. Regardless, I hope these characters survive to make it to the next entry!

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