Callum Marshall

Callum is the gaming managing editor and a gamer who will always try to shine a spotlight on indie games before giving AAA titles the time of day. He loves nothing more than finding an unearthed early-access title and seeing what they have to offer. Plus, he’s even got a tattoo of The Traveller from Journey, so you know that love for indies is legit! While overseeing the day-to-day running of the site, you’ll commonly see Callum carve out some time to produce some content on one of his favorite games of all time, and lead from the front. Callum has been around the block within the gaming industry, working as an Editor-in-chief for a number of well-respected gaming outlets, he has worked as a games tester, he has gaming podcast experience, has worked in gaming PR.

Lies of P Review – I’m a Real Soulsborne!

Ah, the wonderful world of public domain characters, household names that anyone can claim as their own. Have you ever noticed that the entertainment industry goes through phases of showering us with movies, TV shows, and video games, all depicting a well-known character in a new light? Plenty of properties have gotten this treatment, such …

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sea of stars fishing guide

Sea Of Stars Fishing Guide – Reel ‘Em In

As is custom within indie games in the post-Stardew-Valley era, there seemingly has to be a fishing mini-game incorporated into every game in some shape or form. Honestly, it’s so common you would think it was law. However, while this may sound like criticism, it’s far from it, as I, generally speaking, love fishing mini-games, …

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Sea of Stars Recipes Guide – Garl’s Kitchen Is Open For Business

It’s very easy to get caught up in the cool battle animations and the grandiose stories told in JRPGs. However, a truly masterful RPG can make you stop and take note of the smaller details in the world, and one way that many games have done this is through the medium of food. Final Fantasy …

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