Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations – The Tower

After taking out Fajar in The Squats, Sean in The Club, and Kuroki in The Museum, only two targets stand in your way. Before you get to take on your brother in The Sanctuary, you’ll have to take on Jinfeng, the CEO.

She’s a tricky customer, to say the least, and The Tower can prove to be a bit of a Labyrinth, making combat tough, and finding collectibles along the way even tougher.

However, you needn’t stress, as we have put together a helpful list of all the Tower Sifu Detective Board Collectible Locations, ensuring that you can get what you need and get out of there without so much as a bruise.

Without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations for The Tower.

Sifu All Detective Board Collectible Locations – ALL LEVELS

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The Tower – A Deadly Descent

#1 – Jinfeng: The CEO

This is an automatic unlock for entering the fourth level within Sifu, The Tower. This offers some background on Jinfeng, explaining that she is a revered Kung-Fu master, and is best known for her philanthropic pursuits. Which she still pursues to this day due to the huge and rather suspicious influx of capital. 

#2 – Employees

You’ll earn this one when you enter the level and engage with the first set of enemies manning the desk and guarding the elevators. This one is unmissable.

#2 – Art Auction

The Art Auction flyer reveals the collaboration between Kuroki’s Museum and Jinfeng. Seems Jinfeng was happy to throw money at Kuroki’s projects. This is found in the room to the left of the elevators in the lobby.

#3 – Elevator

Head back to the lobby and head for the elevators. You’ll notice one that is open, and one that is closed. Interact with the closed Elevator, and this will add a note to your Detective Board. You will need a keycard to access this Elevator.

#4 – Jinfeng’s Computer + Jinfeng’s Safe +Artist’s Key + Guardian’s Vows

After you take the ride up the Elevator, you’ll arrive at the top floor where Jinfeng, or at least a figment of your imagination resembling Jinfeng, will be waiting for you. Listen to what she has to say, and then after she disappears, fight the goons that converge on your position.

Once they are dealt with, head back to her desk and interact with her computer. This will add a note to your Detective Board, but to access Jinfeng’s safe, you will need the Hacker Key.

This is obtained by heading back to The Club and having a discussion with The DJ, as shown in our The Club Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles Guide. So be sure to check that out.

After you get your hands on this, return to Jinfeng’s office, and you’ll be able to access her Safe, containing the Artist’s Key and the Guardian’s Vow.

#5 – The Sanctuary

Continue through the corporate offices, and you will eventually find yourself in a compact room with a handful of Corporate Goons.

You’ll need to defeat all of these guys, and then when you’re done whooping ass, you’ll want to pick up a flyer in the room. This will make a not-so-subtle nod to the upcoming final level within the campaign.

#6 – The Rift + The Assassins

This one is another automatic pickup for progression through the level. You will reach an area in the offices where you must enter an elevator shaft, and after you defeat the enemies that swarm you, the Elevator will plummet, lowering you into The Rift, a new and dangerous area of The Tower.

#7 – A Conspiracy + Hui Su + Shadows

After you make your way through the initial stages of The Rift, you’ll encounter a glowing hideaway where you will encounter a tough miniboss.

Dispatch her, and you will be awarded ‘A Conspiracy’ and ‘Hui Su’ for your Detective Board. Also, along the way, you will pick up ‘Shadows’ by defeating basic enemies in The Rift. 

#8 – The Dawn + Elevator Keycard + Sun Mei

A little further on, you’ll find another underground lair of sorts, this time with the markings of ‘The Dawn.’ This is a secret order wiped out by the Guardians, and if you want to add that info to your Detective Board, you’ll need to take out the 2nd Miniboss in this underground area.

As a bonus, you’ll also be awarded the Elevator Keycard for the previously inaccessible Elevator in the lobby, allowing you to skip right to The Rift in future replays.

Corporate Takeover

So there you have it, all the Collectibles present at The Tower. This one is a little more streamlined compared to some of the other levels, with quite a few automatic pickups available.

Regardless, we hope that this list helps you track down any spare items evading you, and as always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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