Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles – The Club

After taking out Fajar in The Squats, Sifu then asks the player to head to an establishment where the bass is thumping, and equally if you don’t keep your guard up, you’ll get a thump too.

The Club is the area of the game where you will encounter Sean, and take out your second target on the way to avenging your father, but along the way, you’ll want to make sure you get all the collectibles for the Detective Board.

So, with that in mind, here is Indie Game Culture’s Sifu All Detective Board Collectibles Guide for ‘The Club.’

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Sifu ‘The Club’ Collectibles Revealed

#1 – Finding Sean

As is the case for all the bosses within the game, you will obtain this collectible offering some basic background on them as soon as you start their respective levels.

So when you hop into ‘The Club’ this will be added to your Detective Board.

#2 – The Clubbers + Flashkick

The next collectible isn’t all that hard to find. As long as you don’t die, you’ll get this one naturally. This one is earned by beating up all the clubbers in the dance floor area and also defeating the Flashkick miniboss.

#3 – Access Door

After you beat up the Flashkick enemy, hook to the right of the dance floor, and you’ll find a door; this is a shortcut that will lead you deeper into the club, but until you have the means of accessing it, simply interact with it to add it to your Detective Board.

#4 – Code Door

After you check the door on the right, head to the left of the dancefloor. When you do, two goons will pop out of a door to your left and attack, so you’ll need to take them out first.

Then, after they are taken care of, head forward and interact with the door to add it to your Detective Board.

#5- Disciple’s Pass and Sean’s Values

Here’s another set of two Detective Board collectibles that go hand in hand. These are unmissable and are obtained after defeating the large group of enemies within Sean’s School.

This will grant you the Disciples Pass, which grants the player access to ‘The Burning,’ and also, you’ll get an entry that explains Sean’s values and his obsession with strength and discipline. 

#6 – Tech Guy

After you complete this are within Sean’s School, continue along the natural path, and you will come to an area where you can either head back into The main area of the club, head toward Sean, or head up the stairs to an optional area.

Head up the stairs, and you will encounter four standard enemies and one heavy enemy. Dispatch them and then continue forward into the back booth. 

Here, you will find the Tech Guy. Don’t attack him. Instead, have a conversation with him and ask him for information on Sean. he’ll inform you he’s no friend of Seans, and in fact, he doubts anyone is. This will add a note on the Tech Guy to your Detective Board. 

#7 – The Three Trials

After you chat with the Tech Guy, head back toward the stairwell, and back toward Sean’s School, taking the door you ignored before. This will lead you to an area with loads of Sean’s Disciples who are training, but none will be hostile, yet. 

head toward the guy at the far door, and he will inform you that ahead are the ‘Three Trials.’ Ask what they are, and he will reveal that they are ‘Agility, Dexterity, and Endurance.’ 

Upon learning this, a new item will be added to your Detective Board. 

#8 – Sean’s Values II

You’ll need to go through these Trials before you find another Detective Board item so you can focus on fighting for a while. However, after you beat the final miniboss you’ll come to an area that is engulfed in flames.

Along this path, keep an eye out, and you will see some etchings on the wall. Be sure to read these to add a new item to your board, allowing you to further understand Sean’s teachings. 

#9 – Fire Chest + Fire Key + Sean’s Father

Further along this path, you will encounter an area with a counter, and behind that counter is The Fire Chest. This cannot be initially opened, but you will gain a note on your Detective Board for interacting with it. 

To access the Fire Chest, players will need to visit the third level, The Museum, and will need to take down a particular enemy who is on the third floor. This will grant players the Club Code.

Then, you can return to The Club, open the door to the left of the Dance Floor, and then kill the enemies in that room to get your hands on the Fire Key. Then, make your way through the level and open the Fire Chest. 

Inside that chest is a portrait of Sean’s Father, giving you some insight into Sean’s upbringing, and, naturally, adding another item to your Detective Board. 

#10 – Hacker’s Key

Lastly, we have a key that is given to the player in The Club, but you’ll only be able to get it after you interact with Jinfeng’s Computer on the fourth level, The Tower.

When you do find this computer, which is pretty unmissable as it’s on the path to progression in that level, return to The Club. 

When you do, work your way back to the Tech Guy’s booth again, and this time you will be able to ask him if he can help you access Jinfeng’s computer, and sure enough, he’s happy to help, offering the player the Hacker’s Key. 

In Da Club

So there you have it, all the Sifu Detective Board Collectibles for The Club. It’s the level where you’ll have the most enemies to deal with, and it’s great for racking up high scores, but be sure to take a moment to hunt for all the collectibles as you go.

I hope this helps, and as always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture! 

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