Hollow Knight Godhome Guide

Hollow Knight Godhome Guide

Godhome is a part of the Godmaster Hollow Knight DLC and is the ultimate trial of mastery and tolerance. In this Hollow Knight Godhome Guide, we will go through every fight in the Pantheon of Hallownest.

The first four Pantheons (Pantheon of the Master, Pantheon of the Artist, Pantheon of the Sage, and the Pantheon of the Knight) will briefly be discussed in this guide as the Pantheon of Hallownest has all bosses.

It is exponentially more difficult than the first four. The Pantheon of Hallownest will be divided into groups separated by benches. We will talk about Hollow Knight charms and spells.. a lot.

The groups as mentioned above will be separated by benches meaning that we will go through everything from the start-up until the first bench and introduce strategies and charms of how to defeat each boss; then go over every boss between the first two benches and so on until the last bench and Pure Vessel with Radiance.

Opening the Godhome

Hollow Knight Godhome

Unlocking the Godhome is the easiest part of this adventure and takes no time if you already have everything you need.

  • There are four Simple Keys in Hollow Knight. If you didn’t use all of them, you could skip the first part, which is hunting down an enemy behind the Colosseum of Fools. More information and a brief rundown of the Godhome on this page.

The Godhome can be entered after freeing the Godseeker from her casket in the Junkyard under the Royal Waterways using a Simple Key and then Dream Nailing her.

When you enter, you will see that you need to have defeated every boss in that Pantheon before entering it. The first four each have ten fights; Grey Prince Zote is excluded if you didn’t save him from danger during the game.

After you complete the first three, the fourth one will open. After you complete the Pantheon of the Knight, the Pantheon of Hallownest will be unlocked.

Bench Points

  • The last three benches are where the real show starts, as they are exponentially more challenging than the previous ones.
  • The sixth group starts with the Enraged Guardian from the Pantheon of the Knight, and it just slides into the fourth Pantheon bosses ending with the White Defender. Luckily, there is a bench after the White Defender and another one after Nightmare King Grimm.
  • In the last group, you don’t have to worry about your health as it replenishes after defeating the Pure Vessel, but your Soul doesn’t, so keep that in mind.

Group #1 – the Use Whatever Group

Hollow Knight Godhome

The first group has eleven fights before the first bench, which is much more than the rest, but the first eleven battles are the easiest ones. We won’t talk about each of the boss’s attacks because you already know which attacks they have. We will talk about which attacks and charms you can use to make this journey easier.

  1. Combat Room: Vengefly Kings; Health: 735 (left) / 430 (right) = 1165
  2. Combat Room: Gruz Mother; Health: 650
  3. Combat Room: False Knight; Health: 780
  4. Combat Room: Massive Moss Charger; Health: 480
  5. Combat Room: Hornet (Protector); Health: 900
  6. Non-combat room – Godseeker
  7. Combat Room: Gorb; Health: 650
  8. Combat Room: Dung Defender; Health: 800
  9. Combat Room: Soul Warrior; Health: 750
  10. Combat Room: Brooding Mawlek; Health: 1050
  11. Combat Room: Brothers Oro & Mato; Health: 500/600 (Oro) + 1000 (Mato)
  12. Bench

You can go through all of these battles without switching out your charms once, but switching some on each bench can greatly sweeten your act; consider doing this in the previous Pantheons as well while doing bindings. The charms you can use all the time are Shaman Stone, Mark of Pride, and Quick Slash.

Every spell is great to use, but Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek and Desolate Dive/Descending Dark are best because of their ability to use multiple hits on an enemy.

Abyss Shriek and Descending Dark both hit three times. Vengeful Spirit and Shade Soul both hit numerous enemies at the same time and knock them back, giving you the possibility of hitting one or more enemies more than once per cast.

For the first eleven battles, I suggest focusing on just passing them as quickly as possible to get to the good stuff. This can be done by using Unbreakable Strength and Shaman Stone along with either Quick Slash or Soul Eater. You can use whichever charm helps you not fall onto the spikes after defeating Gruz Mother.

Some bosses have minor changes in the arenas, and they can take a few tries to get used to. Defeating every boss as quickly as possible (unless you’re going for the stagger strat) goes for every boss in the Pantheons. Still, in this first group, you can get used to using Unbreakable Heart and other damage output increasing charms for the later bosses easily.

The most challenging fight here is undoubtedly the last one against Oro and Mato. It is the only tricky one as I still think the fight against Sheo is easier than this one.

The fact that Brooding Mawlek is placed before Oro and Mato makes it more difficult; that’s why I advise perfecting the art of hitting whenever you can and as frequently as you can. Obviously, it ends the fights sooner, but in cases where a boss can’t be staggered, there is no reason not to attack whenever you can using both spells and your Nail.

Using Desolate Dive/Descending Dark in these last two fights is your best friend; in the fights before these two, you will see that every boss is weak to every spell in the right moments.

You can hit many bosses before their beginning-of-the-fight scream animation, so try that as well.

  • Vengefly Kings are weak to Desolate Dive/Descending Dark while they’re diving and Vengeful Spirit while they’re stationary. You also get invisibility frames from Descending Dark. You can pogo off them off the screen if you calculate ahead. The risk has to be calculated
  • Gruz Mother is weak to Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek, Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul, and the Nail at all times. Even Descending Dark and Desolate Dive.
  • The False Knight is weak to Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek and his own rock balls..
  • You get the picture.

You see the Godseeker here, and this is the first time she doesn’t instantly insult you.

Group #2 – the Use Whatever Group 2.0

  1. Combat Room: Xero; Health: 650
  2. Combat Room: Crystal Guardian; Health: 650
  3. Combat Room: Soul Master; Health: 950
  4. Combat Room: Oblobbles; Health: 1100×2 = 2200
  5. Combat Room: Sisters of battle; Health: 500+750×3 = 2750
  6. Bench

This group has five battles, Xero has three platforms, and the Mantis Lords are sisters, apparently. There is not much to say here that doesn’t also apply to the first group.

You can do this to Soul Master:

  • Xero is weak to Vengeful Spirit, and if you get lucky, Howling Wraights/Abyss Shriek
  • The Oblobbles have a second phase after you kill one, and unless your bullet hell game is strong, you should deal equal damage to them during the fight.
  •  The sisters of battle (fighting against all three Mantis Lords after the first phase) are easier than you might assume

Group #3 – the Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek Gang

  1. Combat Room: Marmu; Health: 416
  2. Combat Room: Flukemarm; Health: 500
  3. Combat Room: Broken Vessel; Health: 700
  4. Combat Room: Galien; Health: 650
  5. Combat Room: Paintmaster Sheo; Health: 950
  6. Bench

Marmu is hilarious. Really easier than in the Pantheon of the Artist.

Every boss in this group is weak to Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek, and you can stand below them and do this ^ the entire time as long as you have Soul. As Sheo is tough to miss, the Broken Vessel is the one that stands out here a bit. The Broken Vessel is also weak to Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul; when he dashes towards you, dash into him, trust me.

As this group is so weak to Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek, I recommend using Soul Eater or Cather, Shaman Stone or Spell Twister. Quick Slash, Mark of Pride, and Longnail to get Soul and then use it. Even Grubsong wouldn’t be wrong here.

Group #4 – Unbreakable Strength Group

  1. Combat Room: Hive Knight; Health: 850
  2. Combat Room: Elder Hu; Health: 600
  3. Combat Room: The Collector; Health: 900
  4. Combat Room: God Tamer; Health: 750
  5. Combat Room: Troupe Master Grimm; Health: 1000
  6. Bench

In the Pantheon of Hallownest, the Collector is cancer so use Fragile/Unbreakable strength! It also helps with Elder Hu and God Tamer as they can’t be stunned. Charms that go great with Fragile/Unbreakable strength are Longnail, Mark of Pride, and Quick Slash.

  • Hive Knight jumps around and dashes into you, so consider using Sharp Shadow throughout this group. ALWAYS DASH RIGHT BACK INTO THE ENEMY THAT’S DASHING TOWARDS YOU!
  • We don’t talk about Nail Arts enough, but here it is..Use them while battling against Elder Hu, the Collector, and Troupe Master Grimm.
  • Use Desolate Dive/Descending Dark against the God Tamer and focus only on the Beast. Use the actual God Tamer to get Soul and be wary as he can jump into you after you’ve defeated the Beast.
  • Sit below Troupe Master Grimm and use Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek while he’s doing the Pufferfish attack to take him down as soon as possible while not worrying about your HP as there is a bench right after. Just don’t get too comfortable.

Group #5 – Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul is the Life of the Party

  1. Non-combat room
  2. Combat Room: Watcher Knights; Health: 350×6 = 2100
  3. Combat Room: Uumuu; Health: 350
  4. Combat Room: Winged Nosk; Health: 750
  5. Combat Room: Great Nailsage Sly; Health: 1050
  6. Combat Room: Hornet (Sentinel); Health: 800
  7. Bench

After the fourth bench is the second Godseeker sighting, here she talks about Unn, saying how the power Unn possessed faded with time. If you Dream Nail her, she will say that the Godseeker troupe would give their minds to see Unn and his power.pu

Every boss here is weak to Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul, and the Watcher Knights are great as practice for this one. Uumuu is in second place here.

  • Winged Nosk is just a Vengefly King in disguise.
  • With Sly, you can also do this without worrying about your HP because Hornet is next:

  • Let’s not talk about Hornet

Group #6 – Longnail & Mark of Pride Tribe

  1. Combat Room: Enraged Guardian; Health: 650
  2. Combat Room: Lost Kin; Health: 1200
  3. Combat Room: No Eyes; Health: 570
  4. Combat Room: Traitor Lord; Health: 800
  5. Combat Room: White Defender; Health: 1600
  6. Bench

Longnail and Mark of Pride stack with one another. Using both simultaneously between these two benches is a great idea. No Eyes is sadly maybe the hardest boss out of the five because of the arena she’s in; she’s the White Palace boss and annoying as all hell.

The whole fight feels like a loop, and I can never wait for it to be over. In the Pantheon of the Knight, she can at least be a Soul refiller, but here she’s just a pain and what is probably a two-minute fight lasts for twenty minutes in real-time.

  • I’m sure you got as much practice as you needed with the Enraged Guardian being the first boss in the Pantheon of the Knight, so we will ignore his existence.
  • Lost Kin is easier than Broken Vessel
  • NO Eyes! Amirite? Use Great Slash against No Eyes.
  • The Traitor Lord is difficult for many people, but the trick is to use Fragile/Unbreakable Strength with Mark of Pride and Longnail. Dash towards the enemy to establish dominance.
  • The White Defender can be marked as the hardest boss here, but he is no match for No Eyes. Use Howling Wraights/Abyss Shriek and Desolate Dive/Descending Dark against him and pogo him upwards as much as you can to avoid taking damage. The good thing is there’s a bench after this.

Group #7 Longnail & Mark of Pride tribe 2.0

  1. Non-combat Room
  2. Combat Room: Soul Tyrant; Health: 1250
  3. Combat Room: Markoth; Health: 650
  4. Combat Room: Grey Prince Zote; Health: 1400
  5. Combat Room: Failed Champion; Health: 1080
  6. Combat Room: Nightmare King Grimm; Health: 1250
  7. Bench

In this Godseeker room, the Godseeker will talk about the White Lady and how she escaped the Godseekers’ powerful mind with ease and asks herself the same thing we ask ourselves if she is doing it on purpose. If you Dream Nail the Godseeker here, she will ask if the White Lady is one of “them,” and I have no idea what that means; thank you, Team Cherry.

Unlike in the fifth group, where Hollow Knight rewards you with Hornet after defeating Sly, you get Nightmare King Grimm as a reward for defeating the Failed Champion. Yes, Nightmare King Grimm ended my run half an hour ago.

  • This is the beginning of the end. Soul Tyrant is the easiest boss. You can use Cyclone Slash on the Soul Tyrant in the second phase while he’s stationary and extend your Cyclone Slash by repeatedly pressing the attack button.
  • Markoth is the hardest Dream Warrior, and he will end your run if Soul Tyrant hasn’t. I dodge his swords and aim to attach while his shields are roaming around the room.
  • Grey Prince Zote is also cancer. If you saved Zote, you did something wrong and made a mistake. Use whatever 3.0. Hardest boss in the game, 0 competition
  • The Failed Champion is on steroids.
  • Don’t tank damage with Nightmare King Grimm like you did with Troupe Master Grimm, and he will end your entire career.

Group #8 – the Death Sentence Gang

the death sentence guide

  1. Non-combat Room
  2. Combat Room: Pure Vessel; Health: 1600
  3. Combat Room: The Absolute Radiance; Health: 2200

Here in the encounter with the Godseeker, she will talk about the Pale King and how his “afterglow lays heavy upon this kingdom” and how that power was the thing that brought the Godseekers to the kingdom. She refers to him as God-King when you Dream Nail her and asks why the Pale King reduced himself to match “Our meagre shells..”.

There are already guides made on the Pure Vessel and the Absolute Radiance:

You can follow these two detailed guides to defeat the second and third hardest bosses in Hollow Knight (after Zote). Here we will discuss them briefly.

The Pure Vessel can be staggered, but still, you might need Quick Focus to get enough healing in as he does two masks of damage like Nightmare King Grimm does.

The Pure Vessel is the Dream version of the Hollow Knight, and he has almost the same attacks. You already unlocked him, and if he is ending your runs a lot, you can go into the Hall of Gods to practice until you defeat him and unlock the Absolute Radiance.

The Absolute Radiance can’t be staggered, so just aim to get to the last phase with as much health as you can as you have opportunities to heal during this fight.

The Radiance and the Absolute Radiance are kind of all of the bosses combined into one, but harder. She has orbs that fly into you like the Soul Warrior, Soul Master, and Soul Tyrant. She has sword walls similar to the ghosts that No Eyes has and Spiked Floors that you have to avoid like the floor doesn’t exist. Not to go all into this, but you’re ready even if it doesn’t seem so. Good luck!

  • Use Desolate Dive/Descending Dark while fighting the Pure Vessel
  • Use Howling Wraights/Abyss Shriek while fighting the Absolute Radiance


Question: Is Pantheon of Hallownest Doable?

Answer: The Radiance and the Absolute Radiance are kind of all of the bosses combined into one, but harder. She has orbs that fly into you like the Soul Warrior, Soul Master, and Soul Tyrant. She has sword walls similar to the ghosts that No Eyes has and Spiked Floors that you have to avoid like the floor doesn’t exist. Not to go all into this, but you’re ready even if it doesn’t seem so. Good luck!

Question: How Hard are the Mantis Lords?

Answer: The sisters of battle (fighting against all three Mantis Lords after the first phase) are easier than you might assume

Question: Is Nightmare King Grimm the Hardest Boss?

Answer: Don’t tank damage with Nightmare King Grimm like you did with Troupe Master Grimm; he will end your entire career

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