blasphemous 2 cobijada locations

Blasphemous 2 Cobijada Locations

One of the places we’ll frequently visit in Blasphemous 2 is the Prie Dieu, a type of prayer desk that aligns with the game’s religious theme. But we simple players know them as saves or checkpoints.

Like the bonfires in Dark Souls, the Prie Dieu emit a feeling of safety, peace, and tranquility. They restore our entire HP and add a checkpoint, but in return, they respawn every monster we’ve defeated.

But what if I told you we can enhance these sanctified spots even further? It took me a while to realize, but saving some lost nuns, known as Cobijadas, is extremely useful for evolving our Prie Dieus and giving them new features, like the convenient fast travel between all of them. Got you on that selling point, right?

In total, there are four upgrades, each one better than the last. The Fast Travel upgrade is the third and by far the best among them all. So, if you want to know how to find all of them, join me in this Blasphemous 2 Cobijada Locations guide, and let’s unlock teleporting for everyone!

Rewards for Finding Cobijadas

Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

The good news is that we only need to find 9 Cobijadas. The bad news is that almost all of them are hidden behind secret breakable walls. Luckily, I managed to locate them all because I was paranoid and swung my weapon at every possible corner.

As you save Cobijadas, the matriarch asks for a tribute in Tears of Atonement. Paying this tribute lights up a new lamp, and voilà, the Prie Dieu is upgraded, and a new feature is unlocked.

  • Prie Dieu Level 1 – Unlocks the option to travel back to the City of Blessed Name.
  • Prie Dieu Level 2 – Also recovers Fervour Bar while resting and unlocks the Confess option to remove Guilt.
  • Prie Dieu Level 3 – Unlocks the option to travel between Prie Dieus.
  • Prie Dieu Level 4 – Unlocks the option to access the Altarpiece of Favours and change your Figures.

Also, you earn a Cobijada Mayor Figure for finding every Cobijada and a trophy/achievement. This Figure automatically regenerates health, which is as good as it sounds.

All Blasphemous 2 Cobijada Locations

I’ll list the Cobijadas in the order I found them because it all happened very organically – except for the last one, which I had to search the entire world map for.

Cobijada #1 – Sacred Entombments

After defeating Radamés, the boss of Sacred Entombments, continue to the right and down the steps. When you reach a small ledge, jump into the space below it and strike the wall to the left. It will break and reveal a white Cobijada behind it.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #1 - sacred entombments
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #2 – Grilles and Ruin

There’s a very suggestive enclosed space at the top of Grilles and Ruin, one room before venturing into the Choir of Thorns. Hit it, and you’ll find a small Cobijada all scared and alone there.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #2 - grilles and ruin
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

First Cobijada’s Tribute

After rescuing the first two Cobijadas, the largest one asked for a 1500 Tears of Atonement tribute. The first upgrade allows you to travel back to the city from any Prie Dieu.

blasphemous 2 first cobijada’s tribute
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #3 – Mother of Mothers

From the first Prie Dieu of Mother of Mothers, go all the way to the right until you reach a room with a ladder going down. There’s a very suggestive chandelier near a hidden wall that a Castlevania player would naturally hit.

The Cobijada is behind that wall, next to a statue of the Redento, the Genuflecting Pilgrim, from Blasphemous 1.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #3 - mother of mothers
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #4 – Choir of Thorns

Use the teleport at the top of Choir of Thorns and descend until you reach the location on the map shown in my screenshot.

This is one of the few Cobijadas that isn’t hidden behind an invisible wall. Technically, it’s still concealed because you need to use the double jump to reveal a hidden area and a mirror. Hit this mirror with the Sarmiento & Centella and teleport next to the Cobijada.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #4 - choir of thorns
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #5 – Repose of the Silent One

Once you acquire the double jump, you can return to the initial map, Repose of the Silent One, and reach a previously unreachable ledge. Follow the path and find the Cobijada behind a breakable wall.

However, if you want to avoid doing this preliminary backtracking, you will naturally pass through this area after defeating Sinodo, the boss of Severed Tower. The path that opens up after him is a shortcut that takes you back to Repose of the Silent One and, consequently, within reach of the Cobijada.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #5 - repose of the silent one
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Second Cobijada’s Tribute

The second time I visited the big Cobijada, she asked for a tribute of 3000 Tears of Atonement and lit the second lantern, bulking up the Prie Dieu.

At the second Prie Dieu upgrade, interacting with it restored both my health and fervour, making my life much easier, especially during enemy farming.

blasphemous 2 second cobijada’s tribute
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #6 – Labyrinth of Tides

From the Palace of the Embroideries rightmost Prie Dieu, go east twice until you get to a vertical room with two flying well-knit birds and those jumping nasty little buggers in the topside. One of them is hidden inside a drawer.
In the same place where the drawer is, drop down the platform, and you’ll find the Cobijada down below.

Blasphemous 2 cobija locations Palace of the Embroideries
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Third Cobijada’s Tribute

The third tribute is what we’re aiming for here: fast travel between Prie Dieus. For the bargain price of only 6000 Tears of Atonement, you’ll unlock the game’s best feature, significantly reducing your backtracking.

blasphemous 2 third cobijada's tribute
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #7 – The Severed Tower

This Cobijada is a bit more complex than usual because it involves the chain sidequest of the Procession of Shadows. During your gameplay, you’ll come across quest items called Forgotten Tribute. These items serve as currency to trade with an NPC named Procession of Shadows, marked on the map as a blue-tinted coin.

When you deliver these Forgotten Tributes to a Procession of Shadows, they move you to a separate room from the current map, usually taking you to a previously locked gate and providing excellent items.

There are a total of three Forgotten Tributes, so it’s three trips with the Procession of Shadows. On the last trip, you’ll end up in the Severed Tower. Upon leaving that room, you’ll encounter a mid-air dash obstacle, and just after crossing it, the Cobijada will be behind a wall.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #7 - the severed tower
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

But it wouldn’t be fair for me to guide you to the location of this Cobijada without showing you how to reach it. So, I’d like to tangent briefly while I teach you where to find all the Forgotten Tributes and the locations of the Procession of Shadows.

How to Complete the Procession of Shadows Sidequest

Forgotten Tribute #1 – Sea of Ink

The first one is really hard to miss, as you acquire it right at the beginning of the game. Shortly after gaining the ability to climb certain walls in Profundo Lamento, you’ll follow a path that takes you back to the City of the Blessed Name.

Before you reach the city, there’s an elevator in a room to the left that takes you to the Sea of Ink. If you’re early in the game, it’s still a dead end. It becomes a mandatory destination later on, so it’s virtually impossible for you to miss this tribute.

blasphemous 2 forgotten tribute #1 - sea of ink
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Forgotten Tribute #2 – Sacred Entombments

The second Forgotten Tribute can be acquired after obtaining the Veredicto and the Sarmiento & Centella. In Sacred Entombments, you must ring a bell in the initial part of the map. This will cause platforms to appear to the right.

Proceed on these platforms, hit another bell, and on the second set of platforms, there’s a mirror waiting for your rapier strike to teleport you to the position of the Forgotten Tribute.

blasphemous 2 forgotten tribute #2 - sacred entombments
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Forgotten Tribute #3 – Labyrinth of Tides

This tribute is in the same room as Cobijada #6. You’ll likely acquire it on your way to her, as it’s in the lower part of the maze and is part of the mandatory path.

But if for some reason you ignored it, now you know where it is. After this one, you’ll have all three Forgotten Tributes available in Blasphemous 2.

blasphemous 2 forgotten tribute #3 - labyrinth of tides
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Now you only need to know the location of the Procession of Shadows to deliver the coins. Luckily, once you give a tribute and are transported to a new place, that location becomes the latest Procession whereabouts.

So, if you’ve collected all the Forgotten Tributes before delivering them, you can complete the quest in one go.

Procession of Shadows #1 – Choir of Thorns

The first Procession of Shadows is located in Choir of Thorns, in an isolated room in the middle left. When you speak with the NPC and deliver the Forgotten Tribute, they’ll transport you to Profundo Lamento, where they will stay.

blasphemous 2 procession of shadows #1 - choir of thorns
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Procession of Shadows #2 – Profundo Lamento

If, for some reason, you already delivered the first Forgotten Tribute before this guide and needed to remember where they went, I’ve got you covered. The Procession of Shadows is in Profundo Lamento, a tad above the only Prie Dieu on the map.

Give them the second Forgotten Tribute, and get ready again for another trip to Choir of Thorns. The world goes full circle. If you have the third and final coin, deliver it. Otherwise, come back later.

blasphemous 2 procession of shadows #2 - profundo lamento
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Procession of Shadows #3 – Choir of Thorns

Luckily, the last location of the Procession of Shadows is next to a teleportation room. So, teleport to the area and pay the final tribute, finally voyaging to the Severed Tower.

There, you’ll receive the Cierzo figure necessary for Ending A, as well as the path to reach Cobijada #7. Phew, this nun took the hide-and-seek game to the next level.

blasphemous 2 procession of shadows #3 - choir of thorns
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #8 – Sacred Entombments

This Cobijada is located on the upper left of Sacred Entombments. You’ll need the double jump to reach this spot. In this location, you’ll find an Abandoned Rosary Knot and, on the adjacent wall, the Cobijada.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #8 - sacred entombments
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Cobijada #9 – Choir of Thorns

In the Choir of Thorns, there’s a blue traversable obstacle that requires a mid-air dash. By doing it, you’ll reach a seemingly empty location. The wall is practically begging for a hit. Strike it, and you’ll find the last Cobijada, finally rescuing all of them.

blasphemous 2 cobijada #9 - choir of thorns
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Fourth Cobijada’s Tribute

The last tribute requires a measly sum of 12500 Tears of Atonement and evolves the Prie Dieu into its final form, becoming an imposing structure with angels hovering around.

Now you can exchange your Figures at any Prie Dieu, which sounds somewhat redundant. After the fast travel feature, you could teleport to the city, speak with the Artisan, and then return to whatever map you were before. At least, it saves time.

blasphemous 2 fourth cobijada's tribute
The game displayed a minor bug here as if I had activated every lantern already – Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto

Also, you’ll earn the Cobijada Mayor figure, which is a very great tool for those who have the need and patience to stand still recovering health.

With that, we’ve acquired all the Cobijadas. Most of them are easy to find, except for the one hidden behind the Procession of Shadows sidequest. I hope you enjoy the Prie Dieu upgrades and that this assists you in your quest for 100% completion in Blasphemous 2.


Question: Why should I Rescue the Cobijadas in Blasphemous 2?

Answer: Saving these noble ladies allows you to evolve the Prie Dieu, unlocking new features for our beloved save point. The ability to recover the fervour bar with every rest is beneficial, but the option to travel between them is essential for those aiming for 100%.

Question: Do I Need to Find Cobijadas to Unlock Blasphemous 2 Ending A?

Answer: No. The requirements for Ending A are independent of the Cobijadas, even though they share a step, which is completing the Procession of Shadows sidequest.

Question: Where can I Find All the Cobijadas in Blasphemous 2?

Answer: All of them are hidden behind a darkened space, either behind invisible walls or narrow gaps that require sliding. My guide helps you find all of them, packed with screenshots and practical directions… I hope.

Found All the Hidden Cobijadas

For those curious, “Cobijadas” were women who, in some villages in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia, dressed in black garments, leaving only one of their eyes uncovered – the right one. Interesting trivia, isn’t it?

But for us, Blasphemous 2 players, they are hard-to-find characters worth the effort we put into hunting them down because the Prie Dieu evolutions pay off in the long run much more than our constantly nagging at every wall possible.

Remember to check out our other guides on Blasphemous 2 and our review. The game presents numerous elusive secrets even for the most seasoned Metroidvania players.

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