Murillo Zerbinatto

With a seasoned pedigree in RPGs, Murillo is a beacon of expertise in the gaming industry. While his heart belongs fervently to JRPGs, with a special nod to "Final Fantasy," he's now branching out, bringing his vast knowledge to the Indie game space. His aim? To shine a light on the burgeoning world of Indie RPGs. Among his many accomplishments: A complete and immersive journey through Final Fantasy XIV's main story. The notable triumph against the Mysterious Figure in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Holding the coveted platinum trophy from Final Fantasy X. Murillo's insightful articles have graced the pages of Xfire. For a deeper dive into his gaming odyssey, explore his PSN profile at Ryu-Akechi. As he joins Indie Game Culture, Murillo is poised to become your guide to the hidden gems and masterpieces of Indie RPGs.

Sea of Stars Question Packs Guide

Sea of Stars has a myriad of collectibles to promote its excellent adventuring and exploration. Rainbow Conches, Musical Sheets, fishes, combo scrolls, recipes, and many other items are all available for the taking. However, one whose meaning always confounded me was the Question Packs. I’ve had about eight Question Packs at once and didn’t know […]

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blaspjemous 2 children of moonlight locations

Blasphemous 2 Children of Moonlight Locations

Blasphemous II features numerous optional collectibles ranging from accessories, hidden nuns, life and fervour bar upgrades to small angels carrying vials of blood called Children of Moonlight. While many of these collectibles add new features or smooth your gameplay, like enhancing The Penitent One’s strength, some are requirements if you aim to unlock Ending A,

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