blasphemous 2 figure locations

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations

Blasphemous 2 learned a lot from its predecessor, as you can see in our review. The second game improved on what was already great and refined the rough edges of the first game. One of the new additions that enhanced the Blasphemous 2 experience was the Figures, wooden-carved sculptures that provide different effects when equipped.

Playing around with the Figures and hunting for new Resonances to develop different builds was one of my most enjoyable moments in the game. I dare say it’s also why the game became slightly easier than the first, as some Figure combinations turn you into a powerhouse.

Furthermore, some Figures are essential to unlock Ending A, as a specific combination between them is needed to pave the way for the considered True Ending. Want to know how? Then check out this Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations guide to find these power-ups and achieve the coveted Ending A.

All Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations

There are a total of 35 Figures, each with its own peculiarity, effect, and combination. While that’s a lot, the good news is you only need to collect four of them to achieve Ending A. However, along the way, you’ll come across many others.

Some are simple and provide practical effects. Others become powerful when paired with another Figure, unleashing a Resonance.

This guide will show you the locations of all the Figures. Since Blasphemous 2 has a minimap, I’ll use screenshots to indicate their exact location alongside practical directions. I’ll focus on being concise and efficient, as there are many, and some are easy to find.

I’ll list them all according to the order they appear in-game, but some will be grouped together if found in the same place, like in shops, for example. So, if you’re looking for a specific one, orient yourself based on the order that’s missing in your game, and you’ll quickly find it here.

The Anointed One, the Veteran One, and the Punished One Figure

These three Figures share a particularity. They change locations based on your starting weapon. Eventually, the game provides us with all three weapons in specific areas. However, if you already have said weapon because you started with it, you will receive the corresponding Figure that strengthens it instead.

I started with the Veredicto, so instead of finding the weapon, I found The Anointed One, a Figure that increases its attack. The same happens with The Veteran One and Sarmiento & Centella and The Punished One and Ruego Al Alba.

The other Figures you’ll be missing can be found in Casio’s shop in Forlorn Patio, an isolated room in Streets of Wake. My screenshot points out where Casio’s shop is.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations the veteran
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Thurifer Figure

In Sacred Entombments, there’s a space reachable only with a double jump. I marked it with a blue dot on the map. You need to climb up there, hit the chain to drop the cage, and then slide on that cage to reach a golden chest with the Figure.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations the thurifer
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Ecstatic Novice Figure

With the Veredicto and Sarmiento & Centella in hand, go to the tower to the right of the shop in the City of the Blessed Name.

Climb the stairs, ring the bell, and jump on the platforms to the left until you’re near a house with a mirror to the left. Hit the mirror, and you’ll teleport upwards, near a button on the ground that calls an elevator.

Ride the elevator, cross the roof, and exit on the other side, descending another elevator. Close to this elevator is another house with a shortcut to stairs. Inside the house is The Ecstatic Novice.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations ecstatic novice
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Scribe, the Partisan, Viridiana, the Flagellant, and the Bishop Figures

Regina is the shopkeeper in the City of the Blessed Name. She sells five Figures: The Partisan, Viridiana, The Flagellant, The Scribe, and The Bishop.

Pretty straightforward here. Pay the woman and receive the Figure in return.

the scribe Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Próximo Figure

One of the most time-consuming Figures to acquire. Próximo is the angel who asks you to rescue all the Children of Moonlight. Therefore, to obtain their Figure, you must save all of them. Luckily, I wrote a guide with the location of all of them. You can check it out here.

Once you’ve rescued them all, you can ascend the tower and reach the top. There, you’ll find the Giant Rattle item. Upon delivering the rattle to Próximo, he’ll give you the Remembrance of Próximo, which, when given as a memento to the Sculptor, will reward you with the Próximo Figure.

proximo Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Cobijada Mayor Figure

Another really demanding figure. To acquire the Cobijada Mayor, you must save all nine hidden Cobijadas throughout the world of Blasphemous 2. Coincidentally, I also wrote a guide on where to find them, so follow the steps there. I highly recommend saving the Cobijadas as they unlock fast travel between Prie Dieu.

After saving all of them, talk to the Cobijada Mayor, pay the tributes, and she will reward you with her Figure when all is said and done. You’ll find the NPC in the City of the Blessed Name; the map shows an icon of her room.

cobijada mayor Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Cisterna Figure

This Figure is automatically earned after defeating the penultimate boss of the game. It was added in a post-launch update, so those who played the review copy and had beaten the boss would have to play the entire game again just to acquire it – such as in my case. No screenshot because I don’t want to spoil one of the last scenes for you.

Gregal Figure

Gregal is one of the four Figures needed for Ending A.

To get it, you must go through the same process that you did for Próximo Figure. First, save all the Children of Moonlight. Then, after you climb the tower and pick up the Giant Rattle, notice a secret passage and a climbable wall in the left corner. Climb it, and you’ll find the Gregal Figure in a golden chest.

gregal Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Pilgrim Figure

The double jump ability is necessary. The Figure is on a high ledge in Grilles and Ruin. To reach it, you have to go to the room on the right side, slide through a gap, use the double jump, and pass through another opening, falling onto a ledge in the adjacent map with the Figure.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations pilgrim
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Pillager Figure

To acquire this Figure, we need the double jump and aerial dash. A gate in the lower part of the Labyrinth of Tides keeps you away from a golden chest. On the same map, there’s a traversable obstacle with an aerial dash that leads you to a statue.

Interacting with the statue temporarily opens the gate, so you must run against time. Equip the Veredicto because you are required to hit a bell and activate platforms.

the pillager Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Tirso, the Thirst & Lebeche Figure

Lebeche is one of the four Figures needed for Ending A.

You acquire these three Figures similarly, and there’s a long process to acquire Lebeche. All of them are rewards for completing the Battle Challenges within the game. These Battle Challenges are an arena found in Streets of Wake. I’ve explained how it works and how to activate all of them in a separate guide, so check it out.

Tirso is the reward for completing the first Battle Challenge, while The Thirst is the prize for the second. Lebeche, however, is the last reward after completing all five Battle Challenges. It’s quite the ordeal but it pays off in the long run.

The Maiden / The Unwavering One Figure

In Choir of Thorns, there’s a path where you need to use Sarmiento & Centella and traverse through mirrors until you reach a staircase. Next to this staircase, there’s a wooden wall that should be broken with Ruego Al Alba.

Climb the staircase, jump as close as possible to the wall, and perform a downward strike. The positioning is a little awkward, but it does the trick. Inside, you’ll find an NPC covered in honey who will reward you with The Maiden Figure.

However, if you equip The Maiden, it will eventually break as you strike enemies. If you talk to the NPC after the Figure breaks, he will mend the broken parts with honey. Do this three more times, and after the final fix, it will become The Unwavering One with enhanced effects.

the maiden Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Demented One Figure

In the lower right corner of the map, you’ll find a climbable wall reachable with double jump and aerial dash. Continue along its linear path until you come across a golden chest with The Demented One inside. This is one of the Figures that took me the longest to find because The Elevated Temples exploration is a mess.

the demented Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Nacimiento Figure

To get to this place, you need to open a shortcut from the Aqueduct of the Costales to The Ravine of the High Stones with the Ruego Al Alba. Once you reach The Ravine, you’ll see a ladder shortcut waiting to be operated.

At the bottom of this ladder, there’s a wooden floor that can be destroyed with a downward strike from Ruego Al Alba. Climb the ladder, jump from the top, and open a new path. The Nacimiento Figure is located along this path.

nacimiento Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Cástula & Trifón Figure

Cástula and Trifón are two co-dependent Figures. You’ll find a room in The Palace of the Embroideries where two older people dine. They alternate who is active every time you enter the room.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations castula
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

There’s a sidequest for both of them, but you can only accomplish one. Depending on whom you help, you’ll receive a Remembrance to deliver to the Sculptor in exchange for their Figure. I did Trifón’s quest, so I’ll guide you through it.

First, you have to obtain the Cloth of the Old Woman item in Sacred Entombments. In the initial part of the map, there’s a bell you can ring.

When you do, platforms to the right will appear. Progress along these platforms to hit another bell halfway through, and continue on the second set of platforms until you reach a ledge with the Cloth of the Old Woman.

trifon Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Next, return to The Palace of the Embroideries and reenter the room until Trifón is the one dining. Give him the item, and he will give you the Remembrance of Cástula in exchange. Or you can do Cástula’s quest and receive the Remembrance of Trifón instead.

Regardless of your choice, the Remembrance you’re missing can be found in Casto’s shop in the Forlorn Patio.

Jaloque Figure

Jaloque is one of the four Figures needed for Ending A.

This is one of the most elusive Figures in Blasphemous 2 because it relies on your wealth and propensity to spend Tears of Atonement. The first time you visit the City of the Blessed Name, you’ll encounter Medardo and Escolástico’s Shop, traveling salesmen.

Every time you deplete their stock, they move to another location. Technically, they will always be one step ahead of you, appearing on a map you’ll eventually need to go through for the main quest. However, this only happens if you buy all their items. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose track of them.

I’ll list the order of Medardo and Escolástico’s appearances each time you buy all the available items: City of the Blessed Name -> Crown of Towers -> City of the Blessed Name -> Choir of Thorns -> Sunken Cathedral -> Repose of the Silent One -> Crimson Rains.

In the Crimson Rains map, Medardo will sell the Jaloque Figure for 6000 Tears of Atonement. How they managed to get there without dying along the way is a mystery we’ll never have the answer to.

jaloque Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Purified One Figure

This is one of the first Figures and easily discoverable. In the Aqueduct of the Costales, a golden chest is enclosed behind a gate until you defeat a powerful enemy. Defeat it, and the gate will open, granting you The Purified One.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations purified
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Tempest Figure

While exploring The Palace of Embroideries, just after acquiring Sarmiento & Centella – or not if you started with it – you’ll come across a statue and two mirrors. Interacting with the statue will bring down the second mirror, which will go back up after a while.

The golden chest is also up. You have to call the mirror and wait for it to slowly move up while repeatedly striking it and teleporting until you reach the chest and The Tempest Figure.

tempest Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Alchemist Figure

Use my map screenshot for guidance. In that spot, a breakable living wood wall can be destroyed with Ruego Al Alba. Behind this wall is a room with a wave of monster challenges. After you triumph, you’ll earn The Alchemist Figure as a reward.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations alchemist
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Guide Figure

This one is quite tricky, but I’ll guide you through it. After you acquire the aerial dash in the Crown of Towers, go to the upper right side of the map until you come across a sealed gate on the right and an aerial dash breakable obstacle on the left.

After passing through this obstacle, you’ll see a statue. Interact with it to temporarily open the gate to the right, so be quick. When you enter the next room, you’ll need to use Ruego Al Alba to destroy several wooden walls until you reach an upgrade for this weapon.

Next to the upgrade, there’s an open floor. Descend onto it, and you’ll reach an area with three high platforms, various statues, and yet another wooden wall. Destroy the wall, and aim for the statues on the left side. They can move the platforms. Adjust the platforms to help you climb to the golden chest above.

When you interact with the statue below, the gate will open properly. If you align the platforms in a favorable position, it should be easy to climb the walls, jump on the platforms, and reach the top to finally obtain The Guide Figure, whose effect doesn’t warrant all this effort.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations the guide
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Choirmaster Figure

You acquire this Figure from Medardo and Escolástico’s Shop the first time you visit the City of the Blessed Name. It’s super effortless and will naturally come if you’re looking to acquire the Jaloque Figure.

The Woman of the Stolen Face Figure

There’s a mini sidequest involving this Figure, but it’s resolved within the surrounding areas. It starts in the Labyrinth of Tides after you find Régula at my screenshot’s marked location.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations the woman of the stolen face
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The next step is navigating through a maze-like area and finding the spot in the following screenshot. There’ll be a breakable wall inside the room that reveals a new room after destruction. In this room, you’ll notice that your naughtiness has caused rocks to bury Régula and kill her. Oopsie.

regula Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Now, return to the room where Régula is and pick up the item Regula’s Cloth. With this item in hand, return to the room where you broke the wall and give it to the saint. The saint will speak some enigmatic nonsense and give you the Remembrance of Régula. Give this memento to the Sculptor and receive The Woman of the Stolen Face Figure.

rememberance of regula Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Selfless Father Figure

This one is quite complicated. To acquire The Selfless Father Figure, you must complete a sidequest involving collecting six Wax Seeds and giving them to Cesáreo, an NPC in The Severed Tower. First, I’ll let you know where to find the Wax Seeds, and then I’ll point out where Cesáreo is.

Keep in mind that this Figure is not necessary for Ending A. So, if you don’t want to go through the whole process and don’t care about achievements, feel free to skip it.

Wax Seed #1 – City of the Blessed Name

Regina, the shop in the City of the Blessed Name, sells the first Wax Seed for 12000 Tears of Atonement. I thought it was an important item and was my first purchase after hoarding Tears.

city of the blessed name Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Wax Seed #2 – Repose of the Silent One

The second Wax Seed is also found in a shop, but from Medardo and Escolástico when they are in Repose of the Silent One. If you can’t find this NPC anywhere, I wrote about their route in the Jaloque Figure section. It’s priced at 6000 Tears of Atonement.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations wax seed 2
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Wax Seed #3 – Aqueduct of the Costales

You need the Scions’ Protection ability to collect this Wax Seed, which allows you to hang from hoops. Go to the Aqueduct of the Costales based on my map screenshot, search for the little angels, and find the Wax Seed after climbing them.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations wax seed 3
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Wax Seed #4 – Grilles and Ruin

With Scions’ Protection, go to the Prie Dieu in Streets of Wake and ascend the platforms until you see the enticing hoops. Jump through them to reach a previously locked section in Grilles and Ruin. You’ll find the fourth Wax Seed near the latch that opens the gate.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations wax seed 4
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Wax Seed #5 – Labyrinth of Tides

It seems the Scions really want to help you collect the Wax Seeds. In the upper part of Labyrinth of Tides, you’ll find a trap-filled floor that can only be traversed by hanging hoops. Once you reach the other side, you’ll find the fifth Wax Seed next to a mirror that leads to the exit.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations wax seed 5
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Wax Seed #6 – Two Moons

No secrets here. The last Wax Seed will practically be in your path as you progress through the game. When you’re on the upside-down side of Two Moons, near the Prie Dieu below, you’ll naturally go towards a latch that opens a shortcut. The Wax Seed is near the gate, highly unlikely to be missed.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations two moons

Cesáreo’s Location

With the Wax Seeds in hand, you must deliver them to Cesáreo. The NPC is located in The Severed Tower. Right after acquiring Scions’ Protection, the room next door will have a statue that opens a gate above. You’ll need to use the newly acquired ability to reach the upper room, which serves as a great puzzle tutorial. Climb quickly, and you’ll find Cesáreo doing… his… stuff.

Give the Wax Seeds to him, and he will reward you with the Remembrance of Cesáreo. Finally, trade this memento with the Sculptor for The Selfless Father Figure.

cesareo Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Cierzo Figure

Cierzo is one of the four Figures needed for Ending A.

As a prominent Figure, it requires a long, extensive, and challenging process. In this case, it’s the Procession of Shadows sidequest.

However, I’ve already explained step by step how to complete this sidequest in the Cobijada Locations guide. So go there and check out “How to Complete the Procession of Shadows Sidequest,” where, in the final step, you’ll find a golden chest waiting for you with the Cierzo Figure.

The Confessor Figure

To be honest, I’m not sure if we get this simply by playing or if we need to die a certain number of times. Do you remember the Confessor in the City of the Blessed Name? The more frequently you visit him, the more he deteriorates.

In the final stage, the man will be possessed by some bizarre entity and give you the Remembrance of the Confessor, which should be given to the Sculptor in exchange for The Confessor Figure. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm if dying is necessary for him to corrupt or if it happens naturally over time.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations confessor
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The Traitor Figure

I’ve included this for the sake of completion, as no guide is needed. The Traitor is the first Figure you acquire as soon as you speak to the Sculptor.

How to Unlock Blasphemous 2 Ending A

As I mentioned during the guide, there are four Figures necessary to unlock Ending A: Gregal, Cierzo, Lebeche, and Jaloque. These are allegedly the most challenging ones to acquire and provide some of the best solo bonuses. However, don’t get too attached to them.

If you notice, these Figures have a hint of gold in their sculpture, usually a band. But if you place them in a certain position on the Altarpiece of Favours menu, they will turn golden in color. I attribute my discovery to serendipity and a touch of attention.

Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations altarpiece of favours
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

The ideal position is if all four Figures point towards themselves, assuming a golden hue. Check the screenshot to see how they should look. Next, with all of them equipped, head to the Chapel of the Five Doves and interact with the door to the right of the cradle where the doves were released. The door will open.

Interact with the brazier inside the room to obtain the Incense of the Envoys item. However, all four Figures will be burned in the process, rendering them useless. But now you can go face the final boss, and the game will prompt you if you want to use the Incense of the Envoys. Use it, defeat the final boss, and achieve Ending A.

elevated temples Blasphemous 2 Figure Locations
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.


Question: What are the Figures in Blasphemous 2?

Answer: Figures are a feature introduced in this sequel, serving as a kind of equipment. Each provides a bonus to The Penitent One, significantly increasing their strength and combat ability. As you progress the Altarpiece of Favours with the Sculptor, you can equip up to eight Figures simultaneously.

Question: What is Figure Resonance in Blasphemous 2?

Answer: Some of the Figures can be paired up with others to create a Resonance, which is an even greater effect beyond the bonus effects.

This can drastically change gameplay, as some Resonances alter the element of your main weapon, for example. Experiment with different combinations and watch your Blasphemous 2 gameplay shift with every turn.

Question: Do I need every Figure to unlock Ending A in Blasphemous 2?

Answer: No. You need four: Jaloque, Lebeche, Gregal, and Cierzo. However, the process of acquiring each one is quite extensive. You can check out a step-by-step process for obtaining all four in this guide. But, as I mentioned, don’t get too attached to them since their sacrifice is necessary for unlocking Ending A.

Figures Galore

It’s quite an effort to find all the Figures, but it’s worth it in the end, especially if you’re aiming for Ending A. The most fun part is discovering the Resonances between them and creating different builds, expanding your gameplay immensely.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Blasphemous 2 is a fantastic game, but it can get quite frustrating when you’re wandering around and can’t find that secret treasure. Be sure to check out our other Blasphemous 2 guides to achieve that coveted 100%.

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