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Blasphemous 2 Lesmes & Infanta Boss Guide

I adore Lesmes’s fight. Between enduring the three nail-baiting stages culminating in a final, Ornstein and Smough-esk battle against the religious cyborg zombie and his tinny doppelganger, Lesmes was one of my favorite starts to Blasphemous 2.

lesmes bio Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

Even so, while I enjoyed learning his attack patterns and developing my own strategy for dealing with the metal man, the punishing guilt system that decreases our defense and fervor bar with each death can bankrupt us of all our tears of atonement if we die too often.

If we really want to survive Lemes’ pillars of fire and their younger sidekicks’ onslaught of arrows, we’ll need to come into this fight decked out with wicked Figurines and violent Veredicto, ready to rampage some robots.

In this Blasphemous 2 Lesmes & Infanta Boss guide, I’ll review how to find and defeat the Orstein and Smough wannabees to earn the final piece of the Miracle’s sacred regret and access the Elevated Temple. As a bonus, I’ll detail how to knock out Lesmes’s sidekick Sleeping Infanta, so we can more readily fight the duo in his third stage.

Bottom Line Up Front

Take a right from the City of the Blessed Name to reach Grilles and Ruins, where we can follow the path that leads upwards to get to the Choir of Thorns.

After following the upper road of the Choir of Thorns to the Crown of Towers and taking the second vertical passage upwards, we can leverage Veredicto’s flaming attack on Lesmes and concentrate on taking out Sleeping Infanta to end the fight quickly.

The Religious Cyborg Zombie

Blasphemous 2 lesmes robot
Image by JT Hussey

A clockwork penitent with a corpse beneath his armor, compelled to fight us against his own will, Lesmes is a brutal warrior who wields a giant metal coffin and pillars of flames against us in combat.

While Lesmes is easy enough on his own, partway through the fight, his small doppelganger, Sleeping Infanta, joins the fray with a host of quick ranged attacks, forcing us to fight both targets simultaneously.

This fight is reminiscent of the beloved Ornstein and Smough battle from Dark Souls 1, where we’re forced to fight a slow-moving warrior, Lesmes, and a quicker, smaller fiend, Infanta, both at once.

While this Blasphemous 2 duo fight is less harrowing than its Dark Souls 1 equivalent, it’s still a challenging battle that remained one of my more memorable fights throughout the game.

How to Reach Lesmes

path to lesmes finished Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
“R.A. “stands for Ruego Al Alba, and the “X” is Lesmes’s location. Image by JT Hussey

Unlike the other two bosses guarding the Miracle’s Sacred Regret, we’ll have to traverse one extra zone, in this case, the Choir of Thorns, to reach Lesmes. While Lesmes’ area is less challenging than the Palace of Embroideries, it’s packed with a few challenging puzzles that can leave you stumped on progressing.

Just ensure we’ve already obtained the wall jump ability from Profundo Lamento and Veredicto from the Sacred Entombements before heading down this path.

Step 1 Gnarly Grilles

exiting the city Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Farewell, Merchant friend, we’ll see you up ahead! Image by JT Hussey

To begin, we’ll start heading rightwards from the City of the Blessed Name until we reach the Grilles and Ruin. Much of this first section will mirror our path towards Orospina until the last third, where we’ll head upwards into the Choir of Thorns instead of downwards into the Palace of Embroideries.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes grills switch
Image by JT Hussey

After entering the Grilles and Ruin, we’ll want to stick to the upper levels to activate a switch that temporarily opens the door ahead, forcing us to slide under it to open the door permanently. As we enter the next room, we’ll find two boxes, one with a suspicious blue glow and the other with an enemy that pops us out to ambush us.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes jumping upwards towards choir of thorns
Instead of taking a right towards Orospina, we’ll want to head up the breakable platforms to a different section of the Grilles and Ruins. Image by JT Hussey

Using the switch activates a platform we can ride to the top. However, instead of taking a right towards the Palace of Embroideries, follow the breakable platforms upwards and head leftwards to enter a new section of Grilles and Ruin.

breakable wall to ladder Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

After passing through a small horizontal room brimming with enemies and a floating baby at the end, we’ll find mirrors leading to a challenge room and a breakable floor to jump to a ladder that transitions into the Choir of Thorns.

Step 2: The Freaky Forest

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes nice view
What a lovely, mysterious view! I wish more lakes had fake cities reflected in the water. Image by JT Hussey

As we enter the Choir of Thorn’s, we’ll observe a scenic view of a city reflected in the nearby lake before we reach a prie dieu. After a brief rest, continuing into the next room reveals a strange set of enemies native to this area.

Firstly, we’ll fight against specter foes summoned by a nearby corpse we can destroy to disperse the apparition. And second, a witch that summons magic crows to rip us to shreds. Even if we can dodge past, I recommend dealing with the specter and witch at every juncture, as they can knock us into the spiked pits for extra damage.

more cave system Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

Regardless, as we continue past this path, we’ll find ourselves in a cave system with ravens with people’s heads and spiked babies patrolling the walls that we can eliminate with Veredicto. Take the first vertical passage up, then take an immediate right to the cave system to lead us back out into the forest.

Step 3 Heart of the Forest

spikey witches Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

As we proceed into the forest, we’ll find a set of witches occupying ledges surrounded by thorns. I advise waiting for them to send their magical avian, then jumping over the bird and spamming Veredicto to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

So long as we avoid the spikes and persevere, we’ll soon find ourselves in the cave system swarming with rolling enemies. Before activating the nearby switch, which temporarily opens a door at the very end, I recommend dealing with the spike enemies first, as the window of time for opening the door is highly limited, and these enemies can derail our attempt.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes choir of thorns inside
Image by JT Hussey

After enough attempts, we’ll enter the last section of the forest before the Tower of Crowns, with several witches, specters, rolling foes, and a towering door creature blocking our path to the next room. While we can jump past the witch and rolling enemies, I recommend dealing with the specter enemy to prevent the ghost from harassing us as we battle the door enemy.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes door enemy
Image by JT Hussey

Once we’ve cleared a path and reached the end, we can battle the door enemy by cautiously slashing it with Veredicto before jumping backward to avoid the floor of flame. After repeating this process a few times, the door enemy perishes or is stunned, allowing us to perform a wicked execution and enter the next room before the Tower of Crowns.

Step 4 Tower of Terror

crown of towers Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

After exiting the Forest, we’ll find ourselves in a richly built system of castles with fine, bright architecture and a host of platform puzzles.

We’ll rest at the nearby Prie Dieu, then head into the next room to find a momentarily inaccessible lift before heading onwards to find our first batch of enemies. These foes consist of spector enemies with a simple slash attack and birds that fire homing arrows.

bird enemy dodge Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

I recommend dodging past the two bird enemies and continuing rightwards past a few rooms swarming with enemies.

After dashing through the rooms, we’ll reach a drop-down into an area with a prie dieu on the left and two torch-bearing enemies guarding the entrance to the Ruego Al Alba, a sword that destroys wooden roots if we perform a plunging attack from a high enough height.

ruego al alba Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

If we already picked the Ruego Al Alba as a starting weapon, we’ll find the Punished One Figurine, which increases Ruego Al Alba’s damage. Otherwise, we’ll have to purchase the Figurine for 12000 tears of atonement from the Merchant in the top left of the Streets of Wakes.

Regardless, now we can return to the previous room and head up one level to encounter our first branch, blocking the way forward. To break the branch, we’ll have to jump off the wall onto the nearby platform and then use the height of a jump from the platform to descend with Ruego Al Alba’s Weight of Sin to break the barrier.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes weight of sin descend
Image by JT Hussey

If the wall doesn’t budge, we’ll have to jump from a higher height before performing a descending dive. After destroying the wall, we can climb up the narrow vertical passage and interact with the switch to the right to make the platforms above move across.

platform jump Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

After activating the switch, jump up the first platform and wait for the second platform to reach the center before jumping for it and taking the lefthand opening out of the room. We’ll encounter a torch-bearing enemy, an electro foe, and another switch we can use to bring the platform down so we can reach the upper ledge where we’ll find a large elevator we can take down into the last stretch of the Crown of Towers.

Step 5 The Terror of Towers

merchant friend returns Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Even if we’re happy to see him, our Merchant friend still doesn’t have any Figurines or Prayers worth a single tear. Image by JT Hussey

After a brief descent, listening to the Penitent One’s favorite elevator music, we arrive back in a previous chamber with a shortcut to open up using the Weight of Sin on the branch below.

Though we can rest at the prie dieu if needed, we’ll head onwards to find the merchant in the next room telling us how this structure was a product of the Miracle’s creation, yet no one has seen it.

Upon perusing his stock, which contains a few less noteworthy items, we find a room burst with electro enemies and Spector foes we can slide past to make it to the other side. Proceeding into the next room presents another switch that opens the door at the very end of the chamber.

While we could deal with the three enemies ahead, I recommend sliding past them as fighting the torch-bearing enemy can risk health we might need for later, and it’s faster to jump over and dash past them.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes switch slide
Image by JT Hussey

Following our entrance into the next vertical area, we’ll find three electro-enemies surrounding several platforms. After giving those foes a proper thwacking with Veredicto, we can climb upwards and use the switch to bring the nearby platform in range of the wooden barrier beneath us.

After the platform is positioned to reach the wall to our right, we can use a downward plunge of Ruego Al Alba to destroy it with a Weight of Sin attack and break the switch behind it. With the button broken, the lift above begins to function, taking us to the top of the tower and allowing us to activate the nearby elevator as a shortcut back to the bottom.

wooden wall break Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

Following that shortcut, we can proceed leftwards to find a slight descent downwards that takes us into a horizontal room with a few rolling bird enemies we can effortlessly dodge past. With this, we’ll reach our last puzzle section, a small chamber where we can use the switch in front of us to adjust a platform above.

First, we should lower the platform enough to wall jump off the left side to reach it. Next, we’ll position the platform in a spot where we can get to the wall’s right side and perform a Weight of Sin attack with Ruego Al Alba to destroy the wall to our left.

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes last weight of sin
Image by JT Hussey

To be clear, we’re landing on the ground beneath us, not the platform, as the range of Weight of Sin is still far enough to break apart the wooden barrier. With this, we can activate the switch one last time, bringing it to its maximum height and using the passage we opened to our left to reach the top.

Congratulations, Penitent one! We’ve reached the top of the Tower of Crowns! From here, we can take the nearby elevator down to the bottom floor and head into the next room to find a prie dieu before the fight with Lesmes.

prie dieu Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

After resting and refilling our bile flasks, we can run into the rightward passage to fight Lesmes. Time to slay a religious zombie cyborg and his tiny underage sidekick!

Preparation for Fighting Lesmes

I found Lesmes to be the most challenging out of the first bosses we encountered. As such, we should spend more time preparing for him with the appropriate Figures and weapon build.

Weapon of Choice: Veredicto

A high-damage bell weapon with excellent range and an impressive fire mode, Veredicto is crucial for quickly taking out Sleeping Infanta during the third stage of the fight, so we only have to focus on Lesmes.

While the weapon’s long time to perform a swing can leave us vulnerable to the boss’s attacks, Lesmes’s slow attacks are relatively easy to predict and dodge away from and Sleeping Infanta can be destroyed in mere seconds if we play the attack off properly.

If we didn’t choose Veredicto as our starting weapon, we can find it in the upper left section of the map of the Sacred Entombments that we can reach following the upper left side of the City of the Blessed Name into the Aqueduct of the Costales.

After acquiring Veredicto from the left-hand side of the Sacred Entombments, we can return to the Crown of Towers through a hand teleporter door in the area’s center.


Upon reaching Lesmes, we should prioritize Figurines that increase Veredicto’s damage so we can put a swift end to Sleeping Infanta and only focus on fighting Lesmes.

Though we can just as readily confront Lesmes with two Figurines, I recommend having 3-4 so that we can take advantage of Gregal’s Favor Synergy and maximize Veredicto’s damage boost to get to over 40%.

The Anointed One: Increases Veredicto’s damage by 15%; I highly recommend the Anointed One Figurine for making it easier to deal with both Lesmes and Sleeping Infanta simultaneously.

However, while I recommend this Figurine over the rest, we shouldn’t pursue it if we didn’t pick Veredicto as our starting weapon, as we’ll have to wait until much later to purchase it from the Merchant at the Street of Wakes for over 12000 tears of atonement.

The Scribe – Boosts the amount of Fervor we gain with each hit by 5%; the Scribe is a descent enough Figurine that’s great for building to Veredicto’s fire mode.

Frankly, the Scribe’s most significant benefit comes with its early availability; we can purchase it from the Merchant in the City of the Blessed Name for a low price, and its synergy with the Anointed One increases its damage. I highly recommend the Scribe if we already have the Anointed One.

The Purified One: Raises our fire damage by 15%; the Purified One is a decent enough Figurine that only comes into play when we employ Veredicto’s Fire Mode. Though this Figurine is fantastic for increasing our overall damage, I recommend the other Figurines if we can’t find space for it or if our guilt level reduces our total fervor.

The Traitor – Increases all of our weapons’ physical damage by 10%; the Traitor is a decent enough Figurine for boosting our total damage. While its lack of immediate synergies makes it less attractive, it’s still a versatile Figurine for maximizing our damage. I recommend using the Traitor if we have space for a fourth Figurine for this fight.

Synergy: Gregal’s Favor

Anointed One + the Scribe

One of the better earlier Figurine synergies, Gregal’s favor, increases Veredicto’s damage if we wear the Anointed One and the Scribe figurines in the same two slot. Though later synergies outclass Gregal’s Favor, like Alchemical Time with Nacimiento and the Ecstatic Novice, which allows us to pause time with each bile flask, the increase in weapon damage is welcome in allowing us to wipe the floors with earlier foes.

Lesmes Fight

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes he lives
Image by JT Hussey

After entering the boss door, Lesmes gives us a brief warning stating how he can feel other forces controlling his will and that he is dead inside his metal body. Even so, without another word, Lesmes wields his coffin and launches into battle.

Stage 1: Lesmes, Incorrupt Sacristan

Consisting of just Lesmes, stage 1 is an easy enough fight so long as we can dodge his pillars of fire and anticipate his coffin bash. While Lesmes is quite tanky, he leaves himself vulnerable during a few of his attacks, particularly the flaming set of pillars, allowing us to capitalize on the openings below.

Pillars of Fire

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes pillars of fire
Image by JT Hussey

Lesmes gathers his strength and sends a barrage of fiery pillars from the ground. Though this might look challenging to dodge, we can spy where the pillars are about to emerge and anticipate their arrival. I advise trying to stand as close to Lesmes as possible and take the time during this attack to lay on some flaming Veredicto hits of our own.

Downward Dive

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes falling pillars of fire
Image by JT Hussey

In one of Lesmes’s more annoying attacks, the metal warrior rises into the sky and dives down towards us, sending a pillar of fire in each area.

While this attack is easy to anticipate, we can accidentally push ourselves into a corner, giving us no room to dodge away. I advise grabbing a single hit on Lesmes during this attack, then dashing out to avoid his pillars of fire.

Coffin Bash

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes coffin bash
Image by JT Hussey

Lesmes’ quickest and most unpredictable attack, the metal warrior charges forward with his coffin weapon for a massive dump of damage. To avoid this attack, I recommend dashing behind him before he initiates it and leveraging the Veredicto’s high range to give us a little space to dodge the attacks.

Furious Fireballs

fireball attack Blasphemous 2 Lesmes
Image by JT Hussey

Lesmes occupies his coffin, summoning six fireballs that orbit the coffin clockwise as he goes from side to side. After returning to his original position, Lesmes descends into a pillar of fire to punish us for trying to hide in the eye of his firestorm.

I recommend looking for the best window to jump between each fireball to avoid the fire damage. If we can sneak a few hits in during the final section of this attack when the fireballs retreat, we can deal some massive damage.

2nd Stage: Sleeping Infanta

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes sleeping infanta
Image by JT Hussey

After defeating Lesmes, a small agile creature emerges from his box named Sleeping Infanta. This creature has much less health than Lesmess; I advise setting our Veredicto alight to push through this phase.

While it’s unclear whether this being is Lesme’s child, a sibling, or a creature puppeting Lesmes, it fights us regardless, forcing us to learn a whole new set of attacks below:

Spiked Assault

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes spiked assault
Image by JT Hussey

The infant grows several spikes on its body, sending homing arrows toward us. I advise moving around Sleeping Infanta to confuse the spike’s direction and have them follow a different trajectory.

Even if the arrows hit us, they deal a minuscule amount of damage, so we can endure a few of these if it means dealing a full set of flaming Veredicto attacks.

Pointy Pandamonium

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes spinning spikes
Image by JT Hussey

Infanta spins into a wheel shape and charges our position with this dangerous move that can send us flying. While this attack is easy to jump over or dodge, getting greedy and attacking Infanta with Veredicto can take away the time we could have spent dodging this attack.

I advise caution with this attack and moving toward the other side of the arena so we can start attacking Infanta once they come to a stop.

Stage 3: Lesmes & Infanta

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes together again
Image by JT Hussey

The final stage doesn’t introduce a new enemy but instead forces us to fight Lesmes and Sleeping Infanta simultaneously. Even if we handled both of them quickly enough, they make a challenging team and won’t hesitate to play unfairly, giving us no room to dodge some attacks.

To beat this stage, I recommend concentrating our attacks on Sleeping Infanta with a flaming Veredicto so we can focus on fighting Lesmes toward the fight’s end. Even if this stage seems brutal at its start, especially if we’re out of bile flasks, it’s just a repeat of the first stage once we manage to take out Sleeping Infanta.

Lesmes Victory

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes victory painting
Image by JT Hussey

After defeating Lesmes and entering the Dreams of Incense, we’ll find Lesmes’s body being held by giant hands in a painting. Despite his strange predicament, Lesmes thanks us for making him whole again so he can feel pain again and his soul can finally be at peace.

With that, Lesmes shows off the last piece of the Miracle’s sacred regret, revealing the truth behind its deformed child’s inception. Following the reveal, Lesmes’s soul passes beyond the black gates of the Miracle, and the Elevated Temple is lowered to the ground, allowing us to confront the Miracle’s Child.

Lesmes Rewards


• Ruego Al Alba


• The Punished One


• 2000 Tears of Atonement


• Mask of the Son

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes & Infanta Boss: FAQs

Question: Where do I find Lesmes?

Answer: You can find Lesmes in the Tower of Crowns after proceeding rightwards from the City of the Blessed Name and up and leftwards from the Grilles and Ruin into the Choir of Thorns.

Following the upper path of the Choir of Thorns takes us to the Crown of Towers, where we can find Lesmes in the top left after acquiring Ruego Al Alba and using its special weight of sin attack to destroy the roots.

Question: How Do I Defeat Lemes?

Answer: For the first two stages, we can defeat Lesmes and Sleeping Infant by attacking them after they perform an attack (i.e. when Sleeping Infanta runs out of spikes or when Lesmes slams his coffin into the ground).

For Lesmes’s third stage, we should prioritize knocking our Sleeping Infanta with a flaming Veredicto for extra damage so we only have to worry about dodging Lesmes for the rest of the battle.

Question: How do I break Blasphemous 2’s wooden barriers?

Answer: After obtaining Ruego Al Alba in the Crown of Towers or from the start of the game, we can destroy wooden barriers with the sword by performing a Weight of Sin downward dive from a high height.

The Weight of Sin works for vertical and horizontal obstacles; however, we’ll have to fall from a high enough altitude for Ruego Al Alba to destroy these barriers.

Lesmes Final Thoughts

Blasphemous 2 Lesmes conclusion
Image by JT Hussey

All-in-all, I walked away from Lesmes’ fight eminently satisfied. Between the challenge of the battle and Lesmes profusely thanking us for putting his soul at peace, it was a rare moment to feel like saving a tortured innocent rather than condemning a kind NPC to eternal suffering.

Whether Lesmes’s fight reminded me of my beloved Ornstein and Smough battle from Dark Souls 1 or battling a religious zombie cyborg sounds fantastic, Lesmes remains one of my favorite bosses in Blasphemous 2.

Though I wish they expanded on his lore so I could know who that Sleeping Infanta character was, I thought Blasphemous 2’s vague and unexplained religious imagery is part of its charm.

Whatever the case, with potentially the last ability in our arsenal and the Elevated Temple finally lowered, we can explore more of the forgotten religious realm and save more cherub babies!

Whether we intend to descend into the Mothers of Mothers and fight the Sentinel of the Emery for the double jump ability or explore the descended version temple from on high, the Miracle’s reckoning is finally at hand!

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