Tormented Souls 2 Announced for 2024 Release

If you’re a big indie horror fan, you might have heard of the well-received Tormented Souls, released on all platforms in 2021. Well, developer Dual Effect has revealed the creatively named Tormented Souls 2 at Gamescom 2023.

With almost 4,000 positive Steam reviews, the original Tormented Souls has become a cult hit of indie horror, already having gained a reputation for being a faithful tribute to classic Resident Evil. Tormented Souls 2 promises to return to that style again.

What’s New with Tormented Souls 2?

For starters, unfortunately, we got a pretty short cinematic trailer that doesn’t show anything in the way of gameplay. This trailer primarily serves to establish the setting and style of Tormented Souls II, so most information about the game is written in other places.

The Steam page for the sequel tells us the protagonist will once again be Caroline Walker, and the game’s premise is trying to rescue her cursed sister, Anna, by exploring crypts and dangerous, monster-filled hallways, using makeshift weapons to get the job done.

Image from Dual Effect.

Tormented Souls II occurs directly after the end of the first game in the hospital. Caroline once again returns to the world of the supernatural after conventional medicine fails to heal her sister of a strange affliction she’s been given.

The game takes place in Puerto Miller, a secluded South American, incredibly religious town filled to the brim with untold horrors sealed off from the rest of the world. Besides the unsettling religious imagery in the trailer, this is all we know of the setting.

Image from Dual Effect.

In terms of gameplay details, we’ve seen very little at the moment. The makeshift weapons are described as “Ingenious,” but given that they’ve said they’re makeshift every time they talk about the weapons, I assume you’ll be able to make them yourself.

The only other gameplay detail we’ve seen are some details on the puzzles, which will be environmental puzzles where you have to take clues from your surroundings and use them to solve anything blocking progress. The game also features resource management that has you combining resources for specific puzzles.

When Can you play Tormented Souls 2?

There isn’t much to go off of for what the game might be like other than just being the sequel to the first game in vaguely the same genre. I wouldn’t expect much more information for a while since they don’t seem to have much to show.

Overall, the details on Tormented Souls II are pretty hazy, but one thing is for sure: the game will be released in 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. There’s no sign of a Nintendo Switch release despite that being one of the more popular releases of the first game.

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