Little Nightmares 3 Announced for 2024


Fans of the hit horror series Little Nightmares can look forward to evading monstrously sized people with a friend in Little Nightmares 3 in 2024.

Following the misadventures of two mouse-sized kids, Low and Alone, Gameinformer details how Little Nightmares 3 forces us to solve puzzles while evading giant-sized enemies and a particularly unsettling behemoth baby on the prowl.



As for its location, Rock Paper Shotgun adds how Little Nightmares 3 has us explore much broader environments this time, including haunting deserts, industrial wastelands, and creepy circuses to cater to everyone’s innate fear of clowns.


While it promises to be much of the same horror as the original in terms of running and hiding from giant-sized people determined to serve you for supper, the addition of two-player coop promises to add some fun to braving the dread of this nightmarish realm and figuring out its wicked puzzles.

Little Nightmares 3 Announced With Co-Op Support

Between working together to solve puzzles or screaming in horror as your best buddy becomes a gourmet appetizer, conquering these horrors together may be just the push you need if the previous games gave you too much of a scare. 


Even as the second game followed two characters on their frightening journey, Rock Paper Shotgun adds how Little Nightmares 3 forces us to use each character’s particular ability to solve puzzles, from shooting an object to breaking floorboards together, and will likely be more involved this time.



So whether we’re still reeling after Little Nightmares 2’s heartbreaking ending or want to brave the oversized horrors with a friend, we can look forward to Little Nightmares 3 later next year!


Can I Play Little Nightmares 3 Alone?


Little Nightmares 3 Announced, Coming in 2024 - IGN

Besides requiring more courage, yes, you can still play Little Nightmares 3 alone. However, many puzzles require working with your AI partner to get the right solution, and you’re likely to struggle a bit more trying to figure out the answer to some puzzles on your own.

For example, Gameinformer details how “Alone must rotate a mechanism to extend a bridge while Low runs across and shoots the counterweight with his bow to lock the bridge in place.”


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