Thank Goodness You’re Here Coming In 2024


Fans of quirky adventures and silly escapades can look forward to Thank Goodness You’re Here, a wacky action-adventure following a miniature-traveling salesman passing through the comically rendered town of Barnsworth.



After its announcement at Gamescom the other night, Eurogamer details Thank Goodness You’re Here opening with one of the goofiest trailers imaginable, showing a laughingly tiny yellow character being hurled through a weird world of immature people all to the tune of Lily the Pink. 

Thank Goodness You're Here Is a New Game by Studio Behind Untitled Goose  Game - IGN


With lovingly hand-drawn characters and settings in a style reminiscent of cartoons like Chowder and Flapjack you might’ve seen as a kid, Thank Goodness You’re Here looks to be a silly escape into the mythical land of Northern England.

Even the developers describe making the game, Eurogamer adds, as a love letter to their British hometown that inspired the bizarre characters and quirky setting.


For our part, we’re tasked with performing absurd quests by the townsfolk, which devolve into ever silly shenanigans of us breaking through stands, crawling through pipes, and being packed into small boxes and sent elsewhere.

Thank Goodness You're Here!


Indeed, as Nintendo Life details, the game calls itself a Slapformer with outlandish platforming that sends us crashing into wells, fishing under the sea, and hurtling into people’s kitchens in a bright red box.


Even beyond that, the game’s impressive open world is brimming with visual charm and character animations, from someone inspecting a garden hose with their eyeball to being able to give a buttock hanging out of a store window a proper slap.


Comedy slapformer' adventure game Thank Goodness You're Here! announced for  PS5, Switch, and PC - Gematsu

Whether you’re a fan of sillier entries like Untitled Goose Game or want a more humorous, cozier take on Little Nightmares, Thank Goodness You’re Here looks to be an excellent time for wacky agents of chaos or little salespeople looking for revenge!


When does Thank Goodness You’re Here Come Out?


While its exact date is still unconfirmed, Eurogamer details Thank Goodness You’re Here coming out sometime in 2024 to all consoles.

Even still, you can visit the authentic town it was based on in Northern England if you want the genuine experience, though I doubt anyone will stick you in a red box as your primary source of transportation…probably.


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