Silly Fighting Game SpiderHeck Gets New “Scroll of Heck” Update

You may not have heard of it before, but there’s a game where you play as a bunch of spiders and fight your friends with laser swords, called SpiderHeck.

This game was released a year ago and has been slowly receiving updates to polish up the experience, and today we got 1.3, the “Scroll of Heck” update.

This update, among other things, adds a bunch of new levels, some much-appreciated dedicated servers, some more options for map creators, a bunch of presets to make online play more varied, and the titular Scroll of Heck, which is like a quick list of every cosmetic for completionists.

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New Features in Spiderheck

There isn’t all too much on the content side of the update; it’s primarily bug fixes and patches to make the game a bit better all around. Still, quite a few new things are coming to SpiderHeck today that are worth noting, namely:

  • The Scroll of Heck essentially gives you a list of the unlockable spider colors and helps you get all of them if you’re a completionist. Once you’ve finished it, you unlock even more colors.
  • Presets that allow you to quickly hop into specific modes online, among these are BladeMaster, which is just swords only, and One Shot (which has nothing to do with the game of the same name) which means you get a single insta-kill shot.
  • 7 New Levels have been added, all bringing unique and new objects to interact with, namely swinging lasers, hornets, and breakable platforms on chains.
  • Dedicated Servers are precisely what they sound like, servers made so you don’t have to host the game locally anymore.
  • Limited Time Challenges will appear in the Tiers of Heck, coming around occasionally and giving you a new challenge to do and a new cosmetic to unlock.
  • New Achievements have been added to Steam, so you must work harder for that blue ribbon.
  • New Objects for the Map Editor for all you crafty folk who like making your levels are presumably the same ones added to the new levels.
Image from TinyBuild

The Fixes

Most of this update is bug fixes since this game isn’t about bugs, just arachnids. I’ll spare you the details on everything, and just note some of the more significant changes this update has brought with it that you might want to know about.

Firstly, the Lobby has been completely reworked, and now Islands should be easier to find.

Web will now disconnect properly if the surface it’s attached to is broken, and the auto shotgun has gotten a ton of fixes, like more recoil and correctly counting the shots.

There are many more fixes, like making map editing a smoother experience, and a few more changes to local multiplayer. If you want to know every difference made in this update, the full changelog is listed on the Steam page.

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