Vampire Survivors Introduces 4-Player Couch Co-op Update


Fans of the hit vampire slaying adventure no longer have to fight the undead alone, with the release of the Vampire Survivors’ 4-player couch co-op today! 



Boasting a host of weapons and achievements to earn, PC Gamer details how “four local players can leverage a single shared screen” to beat back hordes of the undead while turning their characters into overpowered monsters themselves. 


Frankly, for players that felt more than a little overwhelmed by the millions of undead closing in from every direction, playing with friends is sure to over some greater crow control and technical strategy to the absurd madness each game devolves into. 

A Deeper Dive into Vampire Survivors' New Couch Co-op Mode - Xbox Wire


Especially with gameplay additions like the Friendship Amulet, Gamespot adds, which ranks up a random weapon for each player at the cost of a rank-up for themselves, players can knowingly burden themselves to help their friends or sabotage the team to keep themselves alive.


In terms of gameplay adjustments, players that die turn into a coffin that surviving comrades can later revive you from, and everyone now shares a single level-up screen, forcing your team to fight over who gets the whip or garlic for a given rank.


Here's an up-close look at Vampire Survivors' chaotic couch co-op mode, set  to arrive in August | PC Gamer

Unfortunately, as the developers note, the update won’t support the addition of PVP or online play, so players will have to wait a little longer if they want to play with friends online.

However, players can workaround this hurdle with Steam Remote Play, allowing online play for PC players using controllers if your shared bandwidth is strong enough.


Even if players are less thrilled about the lack of an online component to the multiplayer update, tomorrow also marks the release of Vampire Survivors on the Switch, so every console can enjoy vampires swarming you from every angle!


Is an Online Multiplayer Release Coming?


Vampire Survivors is set to receive local co-op for up to four players -  Gadget Advisor

Yes! The developers note that they still plan on adding online coop and PVP eventually. Luckily, they detail that players on the “new-engine branch” can “test couch co-op before the official release” if they just can’t wait to start hunting the undead with faraway friends.


Whatever the case, Vampire Survivors can genuinely live up to “survivors” in its name as you conquer the undead with a team of worthy allies. What do millions of vampires, ghouls, and mummies have on four plucky heroes, after all?


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