Sea Of Stars Documentary Now Available Via The Escapist

If you are someone that still gets a blast of nostalgia when you see anything relating to retro JRPGs like Secrets of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy, then you’ll probably already be aware of the upcoming indie RPG epic, Sea of Stars.

However, you might not be aware of the behind-the-scenes documentary detailing their developmental cycle that is available to watch right now!

In a collaboration between gaming outlet, The Escapist, and Sea of Stars developer Sabotage Studios, admirers of the upcoming RPG can look behind the scenes of this modern meets retro JRPG and intimately get to know the people behind this ambitious project. 

Here is a trailer showcasing just a snippet of what the full documentary will have to offer: 

Peeking Behind The Curtain

The Escapist have a habit of putting together intimate documentaries showcasing the developmental process of promising indies. Many will probably remember their similar video covering Thunder Lotus’ cozy resource management sim about dying, Spiritfarer. 

Sea of Stars Launches August 29th, Free Demo Out Today

However, we would perhaps argue that this one is going to be even more special considering how novel it is to see a traditional JRPG in the modern age of gaming, and watching how Sabotage Studio revamps this tired formula is a sight to behold. 

For those who are Patreon subscribers to The Escapist, you will be able to dive into this content right now, as this is available for members five days ahead of the common rabble. Whereas the release of this content for general viewers will be on the 15th of August, 2023. 

The Sea of Stars Story

For those unaware, Sea of Stars began life as a far-flung idea in the form of a Kickstarter campaign promising a retro RPG that was aiming to ‘convey the nostalgic golden age of the 90’s’. 

The campaign was posted with the goal of achieving $133,000 to aid in development costs, marketing, and all the other aspects of launching an indie game from scratch.

This was a pretty sizable goal, but not only did Sea of Stars hit their target. The game is now backed by a whopping 25,589 backers and has raised a total of $1,628,126. If you want to see for yourself, look here. 

Thanks to this widespread appeal for this new indie RPG, the game is now all but complete, and recently, it was also announced that this game would also be a surprise day-one release on both Playstation Extra, and Xbox Game Pass, meaning most console players can dive into this one right from the moment it launches! 

If you are extremely antsy and want to play this title right this second, then you can partially in the form of the demo that was released on the 11th of July, 2023. This redacts a lot of the key spoilers, while still giving you a flavor of what the combat, puzzles, exploration, and RPG mechanics feel like. 

I played the demo myself, and if this small portion is anything to go by, Sea of Stars promises to be one of the best traditional turned-based RPGs in recent memory. For all upcoming news and guides on Sea of Stars, stick with us on IGC! 

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